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HK - A Truly Holistic Therapy

Who started it?

There are several different branches of kinesiology, all of which owe their origin to George Goodheart, a chiropractor, who discovered the idea of muscle testing and developed it into a system he called Applied Kinesiology. Health Kinesiology was originated and developed by Dr. Jimmy Scott. Dr. Scott earned his Ph.D. in Physiologtical Psychology at the University of North Carolina in 1966. In about 1978, while using Kinesiology in his practice, he realised its enormous potential and set out to expand on existing techniques. He soon discovered new and powerful procedures and by about 1982 most of the system of HK was complete.

How does it work?

Our bodies derive physical energy from the food we eat and oxygen we breathe. Underlying the physical body is a subtle energy system which includes the acupuncture meridians identified by the Chinese thousands of years ago. These meridians form an energy "blueprint" which powers and organises the entire physical body. Just as the physical body makes constant small adjustments to stay balanced, so the meridian system constantly adjusts to changes in our inner and outer environment to maintain energy balance. The ideal is for us to regain energy balance in the face of any experience, but some stresses create long-term or repeated imbalance. Many things can stress us in this way: negative thoughts, unpleasant feelings, allergies, physical injury, overwork, and so on. Disturbance to the subtle energy systems may be a precursor to physical or psychological problems or may inhibit physical repair. Corrections to the energy system can produce physical or psychological benefit.

Goerge Goodheart recognised that stresses to a particular part of the meridian energy system will alter the response of specific muscles, so muscle testing can be used to locate the stress. In HK, muscle testing is used to ask "yes/no" questions, which by-pass the subject's conscious awareness, to gain access to the information the body has about what should be done to help.

In an HK session, a person's meridian system is first temporarily balanced, then deliberately unbalanced by a specific stress. The system is then rebalanced in the presence of that stressor by holding reflex and/or acupuncture points. This is an HK Energy Correction. No needles are used in HK. Muscle testing is used to decide exactly what to do and when to stop. The stressor may be an allergen, or it may be thinking a key word or phrase or making a certain movement. It may involve the use of magnets, crystals, homeopathics, colour, essential oils, or essences.

No two sessions are the same, even for people with similar symptoms, because the person is treated as a unique individual.

The limit to what may be done in any particular session is determined by your body - a health kinesiologist will not override this.

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