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What happens in a Health Kinesiology session?

In your first session I ask you to fill out a "Client Personal Information and Goals" sheet.

In the client sheet I will ask you to describe your concerns, goals, and emotional and medical history. We will then talk briefly about what you would like to achieve or change. (I will use your sheet to muscle test what we will address in this session energetically).

I usually also explain how Health Kinesiology works and that I will explain more as we go along so that you will always know what we are doing (no secrets - HK law). I will always ask for energy permission from your body (as well as your conscious permission) to do the energy work and will only proceed when permission is given.

You will lie fully clothed on a treatment couch and I will first of all tune in with your energy for a few moments which will allow your energy system to become familiar with mine. I will then check if you are in balance (through muscle-testing) and if necessary either balance you the Health Kinesiology way (holding acupuncture points) or with Reiki (hands on healing, aura cleansing, with Reiki symbols).

We both need to be in balance (a specific balance for Health Kinesiology) in order to proceed with verbal questions. I will then ask your body verbally (monitoring your muscle's response) for energy permission to work together. If your body is giving me a "yes", I will then work out the concerns we are addressing in this session (going through your sheet).

I offer my energy library of corrections to your body and your body then picks out which energy correction will bring up your stresses that we are addressing in the best way. Having identified the corrections, I will then work them out in more detail.

I will check if the stress is highlighted correctly by your putting your palm over your navel (this is where we can check for stress on all your organs). If your arm that we are using to muscle test shows a weak response this will mean that we have highlighted the stress correctly and we can then hold the relevant acupuncture points or put cosmic batteries (energetic tubes) on your body to release the highlighted stress out of your body, cells, meridians and your aura completely (depending on which level the correction is working).

This will temporarily unbalance your energy system. Once I feel the energy is balanced again I will double-check this by you putting your palm over your navel again. It should now give a strong response, which means that the previously highlighted stress no longer exists and can no longer stress your energy system.

You will be able to relate to a lot of the stresses we work out and release, although some may be unconscious such as those from past lives or early childhood.

Many people experience energy sensations during the corrections,
such as waves of energy going through their body, deep relaxation (sometimes sounds like snoring), stomach rumbling, yawning, some see colours, forgotten memories may briefly come up, cold (when stress is being released), tingling and sometimes pain (when energy is pushed through to clear blockages). These sensations usually only last during the correction.

Each energy correction might feel totally different to you as they work differently in your body and therefore release stress in a different way.

Sometimes your body might bring up important "Adjunctives"
which are recommended changes of lifestyle, etc.

Examples of Adjunctives that have come up for clients include:
Move your bed to a different position, wear a certain colour, eat food of a specific colour for a short period, introduce certain colours into your home (paint a wall, hang pictures, etc), put a little indoor water-fountain, Feng Shui, clear clutter, exercise, holidays, rest, sleep, play, diet, an affirmation, meditation, cleansing process or homeopathic remedies, Bachflower or other essences (to wear or to take), life transformers, crystals, geopathic stress protection and many more.

It could be anything. Usually they are things you will enjoy implementing and that have a beneficial
effect on some area of your life.

Sometimes your body needs to communicate what it is not tolerating. This could be food intolerances or the way we eat (eating while walking or watching TV - some bodies are OK with this thoughas it is very individual) wearing a battery watch, mobile phone that was worn near the heart, having electrical equipment in your bedroom, sleeping with a closed window at night, etc.

For example, I worked out for a little girl with severe learning difficulties who was constantly falling over her own feet that she was highly allergic to the material used in the mattress she had been sleeping on for years. This poor girl was under extreme stress every night for years. Sometimes I get permission to correct the allergy or intolerance but in her case she just needed a different mattress. Once this was put in place she was a different child having a good night's sleep again.

These are things I do not intellectually work out for you. Your body usually expresses a keen interest to reveal these to you. I only help with the communication between your body and yourself.

After the session I may test or intuitively feel whether HK is still the best way to move forward and how long we need to wait before you have processed the energy work and could come again. It is intirely up to you to make another appointment. Your body is your own responsibility and you decide how you want to go about.

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