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About the Practitioner

I started up the Alexandria Healing Centre in September 2000 together with some other qualified and experienced alternative practitioners.

In 1996 I left Germany and came to the UK to study Health Kinesiology. At first my interest was to pursue my own self healing rather than intending to become a practitioner. However, since finishing my training and qualifying as a Practitioner of Health Kinesiology my main focus has become to also help other people to overcome patterns in their lives and to give them hope, self empowerment and to assist them on their spiritual path, helping them to trust in life and find clarity.

Health Kinesiology is a way of finding stresses through muscle testing, highlighting the stresses and releasing them out of the body and cells for good. Layers of stresses are removed - like peeling an onion to get to the essence of the person. Health Kinesiololgy was my first tool to heal myself. I went through years of self-healing and self-discovery. I have always been interested in human emotions and how to address them and can say that I have had insight into all possible emotions. I chose to take full responsibility for my own well-being and I am now feeling very calm and light.

I now practice quite a few other modalities that you can see on the HOME page and the Alexandria Healing Centre has also now a Crystal & Artshop attached to the Healing Centre.

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