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   Health Kinesiology

    Sandra Ditta Herrmann
   Practitioner of Health Kinesiology

What is Health Kinesiology? What does it do?

Health Kinesiology provides a simple method of releasing stresses that you may be aware of as well as those that are unconscious.

Stresses may be emotional, mental or physical in nature.

In Health Kinesiology we remove layers of stresses working in the body's priority. We always ask for energy permission from your body to do so and your body will decide how we will proceed and how fast.

Please see a description of a Health Kinesiology session under "session" as well as the concept of HK under "the therapy". You will find clients' experiences during and after a session under "client comments/benefits".

How would a Health Kinesiologist define stress?

A Health Kinesiologist would define stress as anything that brings your body out of balance.

"Stresses might have been with you for a long period of time so you think they are a part of you, but once they are released you will discover that they were only stresses locked up in your body and not the essence of your being!"

"These stresses may influence your perception of a situation and when released you might look at a situation differently. It will give you more clarity and understanding on what is reality and what was the stress."

Other people match your stresses

You know the saying that if a dog senses that you are frightened, it might bite you? Well in a way this can also be true for humans. Why?

"Fear is a stress and people sense your fears. Certain negative beliefs are also stresses and other people can also feel them and will react to them, matching your stresses as they feel compelled to do so."

HK can help you change any pattern in your life

Knowing this may empower you as this means if your fears are cleared, people will also feel this and match your new confidence.

"Sometimes you don't know why you are repeatedly getting into a certain situation etc. The Health Kinesiologist is concerned with helping you change a pattern, anything that is repeatedly happening to you that you want to change (could also be an emotional pattern: "I am always feeling this way when this happens"). We can look into any pattern you are truly wanting to address."

Common origins of stresses

Common origins of stresses could be past experiences, childhood conditioning, belief systems, shock, accidents, emotional trauma, mechanical trauma (lack of oxygen at birth), etc.

Every stress affects a certain organ or possibly several. For example, emotions or states of being such as anger, helplessness, resentment and unhappiness may stress your gall bladder and liver whereas regret, depression, false pride, guilt etc. might be affect your lungs more (Chinese Five Element Chart).

"So any lingering negative thoughts or emotions will stress your body and take your energy. If not addressed they may manifest on the physical level in the form of symptoms or disease."

It is a great relief for the energy system to have stresses cleared. The less stressed your organs are, the better you may feel emotionally and this may further encourage you to make the desired changes in your life.

"Removing these stresses will always free up energy and relax your organs. Your body may then use the extra energy for healing and restoring your whole being. The energy may also now flow to organs that need to be energized/healed most."

Addressing Physical Concerns

Sometimes people want to address high blood pressure, for example. In Health Kinesiology we would seek to find the root of the problem (if you body chooses to address this concern) on an energy level that is causing the physical symptoms (highlighting the stress related within an HK correction and holding acupuncture points at the same time to release the stress there and then. This frees up energy that can now be used for healing). We work on the imbalance on the body and we do not guarantee that your body chooses to sort out the symptom first, so a Health Kinesiologist will never tell you, yes, I do work on blood pressure, etc. - In HK we never diagonose and we never say we can fix or address this or that concern. We just work on energy levels and that might have a profound effect on your well-being and possibly your concerns. Your body wisdom will direct the energy released wherever most needed.

These might be emotional, or caused by circumstances, lifestyle, etc.
As trust is established we often get more and more insight into the unconscious issues as well.
Once these are released, your body may naturally return to health and balance (which is the natural state of being).

When already under Medication

The aim is to come off medication but a Health Kinesiologist does not diagnose nor would he/she ask you to stop or change your medication. The need for medication might change quickly when receiving Health Kinesiology sessions and we will suggest that you see your GP to monitor your perhaps already improved state of health which may require you to reduce medication.


How effective the treatment is may also depend on the openness of the client, the trust between the Health Kinesiologist and the client and whether it is the right time to address certain issues. Sometimes the body's priority differs from your conscious priority. A Health Kinesiologist will never override your body's choices.

In some cases a person's life circumstances or attitudes need to change and the client will need to do this themselves (rather than receiving sessions) in order to improve conditions.

It is your personal path and a therapist only assists you. We facilitate your own body''s healing abilities - your body is then able to heal itself more easily.

"When your body shows symptoms or disease, or you are not feeling well emotionally, etc, it is a way for your body to communicate to you that something is not right, something needs changing!"

Through medication the symptoms might go away but will often shift to another symptom, usually to a more vital organ as it still wants you to "listen to what it has to say".

An example is eczema (skin rash - skin is the mirror of the soul). If suppressed by drugs (often steroid creams are prescribed), the symptoms will often shift to the lungs, the more vital organ, and the person may experiences asthma or chest problems instead.

Emotions Training: Once you are up-to-date with your emotions you might actually begin to feel any emotion without pain. Kinesiologists call this emotions training. For example, if you watch a sad film or listen to music that makes you feel sad, you feel this emotion without analysing why you are feeling it (not involving your mind/judging), you just naturally experience the emotion of sadness. This is emotions training and often feels like a welcome release.

So why not listen to your body on an ongoing basis? Some call it being tuned in with your body. When you are under stress, you often find it hard to listen to their body. If you are already not feeling well you might find yourself, for example, wanting to eat food that you know is not beneficial. If you are feeling well you might feel that you want to eat healthily.

Book Recommendations
Sandra recommends the best-seller "Awaken the Giant Within" by Anthony Robbins which can give significant insight into how our mind is affecting our emotions. It gives tips on how to make your mind work in your favour to improve overall well-being. If this self-help information were to be revealed to our children right from the start it would help a lot. We need to educate ourselves to heal so we can teach our children values and insights for them to master their mind and emotions from early age.

Another recommended book is "Indigo Children" by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober (website www.amazon.co.uk) or "Children are from Heaven" by John Gray.

Booking a Health Kinesiology session

A session usually lasts one hour and costs £45.

For appointments or inquiries, please call the Alexandria Healing Centre

on 020 8579 7230 or
send an email to info@alexandriahealing.co.uk

Alexandria Healing Centre,
39 Alexandria Road, London W13 ONR (West Ealing)

For more case histories, information about courses, books, self-help products, etc. visit www.hk4health.com

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