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A person does not have to be ill to benefit from Health Kinesiology.

HK Sessions may assist you with:

Changing pattens in your lives · Improving relationships Becoming calmer and more positive
Overcome worries Become more focused IImproving Health and Well Being
Realising you Potential ·· Developing your abilities Increasing confidence and self-esteem
Finding direction in life

Client Comments:

Energy Levels (comments after one HK session)
"I found an instant boost to my energy and body aches which had been around for some time just disappeared after one session and has remained so. I felt fresher and more calm, my spirits raised and, although still open to some negativity, I am able to forget about a stressful situation after a while, rather than let it take me over." Brenda

"After one session of Health Kinesiology there was a huge improvement in the frequency of my migraine headaches. In the following week I woke up on only one morning with a migraine whereas on the previous 50 days only four had been migraine-free." Louise

Allergy (after one HK session)
Sandra Herrmann, a practitioner in London, gave a session to a bee keeper who had become severely allergic to bee stings: he would initially become short of breath and then start to choke and have to be hospitalised. After one HK session he was stung again and developed severe breathing problems, but this time he found that by the time he reached the hospital his breathing had returned to normal and he had no need of any further treatment.

Nail biting (after one HK session)
"I bit my nails for as long as I can remember. All fingers. Now (after one session) I just bite thumbs. Very pleased as I tried many forms of therapy without success". Glen H.

Depression/Addiction to Alcohol (client comments after two sessions)
"Depression virtually gone- still very quick tempered, resentful, bitter, impatient when provoked but despite oppressive outward circumstances generally cheerful, active but a bit hyper-active and interested in too many things at once. Occasional beer or wine but no self-medication with spirits, confirming the negation and contradiction of two psychiatrists, one psychologist and one addiction specialist and my GP's statement "You're an alcoholic and that's that!". I find Sandra's presence very reassuring and relaxing and always feel calm, happy and re-vitalized after HK which seems to be having a long-term effect. I have much to be grateful for to HK and Sandra. Thanks" Joe S.

Depression is anger turned inward. After the session suppressed anger was released and this usually feels good when it happens as the body experi
ences a relief.

Improving Relationships
"When I came to Sandra I was going through a lot of personal problems which were becoming detrimental to my physical health, headaches, anxiety attacks and so on. My relationship with my husband was quickly approaching rock bottom, and I felt he was using our son as a pawn to attack me, which strained my relationship with my son. Resulting in me being very strict with him. Once I heard about the opportunity for healing I was very open, once there I gave myself over. I had not realised how much frustration I was carrying, and was on the verge of tears whilst I was filling in the examination sheet. During the session I received 3 different types of cleansing. Kinesiology, Reiki and Light Therapy. Throughout each you released the various channels, which were blocked, and there were many, but it kept coming back to the throat chakra. During the session there was a tremendous pressure on my throat to the point I could not breathe and I started to cough. I went through various sensations, which left me feeling very light to the point of floating. Since that session situation was I would have kept shut about, I now speak up so much so that I feel I have totally changed. Anyone over stepping the boundaries regarding my children (something I used to take from my in-laws and most things regarding my husband). I now speak up about. Even my relationship with my son has improved a 100 fold and my friend commented on how my son had changed since her last visit. She said he is like a different child. I now have a stronger, closer and more affectionate relationship with my son, and I am now able to converse with my husband even when he is angry, ranting and raving. I am able to get my point across without feeling that I am being bullied and manipulated as I am now able to see clearer that he is projecting his inadequacies turning them inside out and blaming me when in fact he is talking about himself. Now that I tell him that as quickly as the argument starts it ends. So far I feel that the cleansing was very beneficial to my spiritual growth when re-acting with my children I visualise first which makes me calmer and I feel has brought all of us closer. Thank you very much for showing me the light to the end of the tunnel where before there was only darkness." H.G.

My client only came for this one session and a Reiki I Attunement Course a month later. When I met her on the street by accident, she told me how pleased she was with the Reiki and what a wonderful tool it is to heal herself and her family.

Helping Voice of a Singer (HK/Reiki/Homeopathy combined in one session)
"I would like to share an experience I had yesterday on the 14.11.00 in the Health Kinesiology Centre Ealing at a session with my friend Sandra Herrmann. I was very upset and angry with myself or more precisely with my body. I felt symptoms of a cold coming up. No, not again, I thought, the last one was just 4 weeks ago. Well, Sandra felt that I was not ok and offered me a HK session, which we did followed by a Reiki treatment. I must say, I could not believe what I was experiencing. While she was doing the Reiki, I felt an enormous pain in my upper chest and almost couldn't breathe. It was very uncomfortable. I was so shocked to actually experience physical pain. After the treatment my chest felt really sore. Before going to bed, I asked if she could give me something, some remedy to soothe the pain. And she did! Well, now it was homeopathy. Calendula! And guess what, it worked! Next day when I stared singing, I could feel that my chest was wide and open. The sound was incredibly beautiful! What a great friend I have!" Alexandra

Anxiety/Panic Attack
"I went out and stayed up all night and drunk half a bottle of vodka. When I came home in the morning I had a pain in my heart, palpitations and I found it difficult to breathe. I could not sleep during the day and experienced a panic attack. In the evening I went out again to a concert. That night I could sleep but when I woke up this morning I experienced the same symptoms just as bad as they were the day before. That evening I had a Health Kinesiology session with Sandra Herrmann. During the session I experienced slight pain in my forehead and occasionally a tingly feeling in my feet and hands. Sandra worked out that I needed to wear a purple shirt that night. Funny enough my girlfriend had lent me a top to wear in the night before and it was purple. Straight after the session I felt lighter emotionally and the pain had moved somewhere below my heart. That night I slept well. I woke up with a slight stomach pain that ceased shortly after. I had no more heart pain or palpitations and the symptoms have not come back since". F.T.

Working on animals is also possible. Sandra Herrmann worked on her rabbit, Benny, who sometimes had fits of anger and aggression. Sandra's flatmate was frightened of Benny, and he even attacked some builders who walked through the garden. Sandra started her HK training and decided to see if she could help Benny, as he was becoming a bit of a problem. Sandra told me: "Normally when he senses that I am up to something, he runs away but this time he stayed, obviously waiting for something. I worked out only one psychological correction "I am important". I thought the words for him. When the correction was done Benny left again. Right that evening, my flatmate commented on the change of behaviour in Benny. Since then he has not tried to bite anyone any more. He has
become just as affectionate as the other rabbit.

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