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This system of Numerology has only been available since 1980 and was channelled by the soul of Moses to Frank Alper of the Arizona Metaphysical Society. It is based upon the twenty two characters of the Hebrew Alphabet and the six-pointed star which has become known as the "Star of David". It incorporates many elements of the Kaballah, Tarot and astrology.

The purpose of the Numerology is to help mankind understand incarnated life under the influence of these energies. The six triangles which make up the Star, represent the six spiritual aspects of creation. The influence of each of these aspects enables the soul to incarnate and undertake its growth and learning.

The Star consists of two basic triangles. The one pointing downwards represents physcial energies and the one pointing upwards, spiritual energies. The combination of both sets of energies enables us to search for Our Universal truth. The six points of the Star relates to the six major areas of incarnate life:

1) Physical Karma

2) Spiritual Karma
3) Physical Attributes
4) Spiritual Attributes
5) Physical Goals
6) Spiritual Goals

The sum total of all these six vibrations produces the seventh aspect, the soul destiny, which is placed in the centre of the Star.

Each letter of the English Alphabet has a corresponding one in the Hebrew alphabet as well as a numerical value. We take the birth name and allocate the numbers in the name around the aspect of the Star in a clockwise expanding spiral starting at position 1), etc.

The birth charts remains as the dominant vibration of this current lifetime (it's like a cake). The effect of a name change through marriage, adoption, etc.(only to be seen as the icing on the cake) is examined in terms of an overlay of the new energies on the birth chart. Overlays are also used in understanding relationships.

There are channelled symbols associated with each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and these can also be seen on the charts.