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   Sandra Ditta Herrmann

  Soul Contract Reading

Would you like to:

  • Understand your experiences, dreams and difficulties in life?
  • Understand and work through your challenges?
  • Engage with your soul’s purpose?
  • Understand your relationships?

A Soul Contract Reading is an accurate, in depth,
channelled system of spiritual interpretation, which will enable you to understand, manage and overcome
the current challenges in your life.


When the soul decides to incarnate in this reality, it goes to the Karmic Board and receives a set of optimal life possibilities for its next step in growth. This then becomes the Soul Contract.

It is literally the set of experiences at a physical and spiritual level that a soul sets out to experience in a lifetime.

When a soul embodies, the Soul Contract is translated into Karmic Matrix. This is a fine cobwebby structure that sits on the surface of our body and in our fields. It radiates out to the reality to create the experiences encoded in it. In this way the contract will be experienced.

So in choosing a name, the soul will chose the frequencies that will create a Soul Contract it sets out to experience. This name is usually telepathed to the mother and perhaps the father to create the life.

The system of numerology is based on Ancient Hebrew. In Hebrew, letters and numbers are the same. Hebrew is one of the 5 Sacred Languages from which all of this reality emanated. So the numbers were created as an out-breath of God, in total purity. This system was used in ancient times but was lost.

This is an invitation to become empowered to work consciously with your Soul Contract
on a day to day basis to.

  • Achieve greater awareness of your lessons, talents and goals in life
  • Manifest more of your potential
  • To learn to flow with each moment
I will do this through:
  • An overview of your birth name energies so you understand the energies available to you
  • Strategies for living your Soul Contract
  • Become initiated into the power of the Soul Contract symbols as gateways for learning, healing and awakening
  • Understanding how to harness the energies of each day
  • Recommendations for manifestation of your Soul Contract energies will be provided


Please call Sandra at the Centre on
020 8579 7230.

A session costs £90
(£45 for 1 hour preparation, £45 for 1 hour delivery.)

You will receive your chart and a recording of the reading as it is advised to listen to it at least 5 times to absorb all the information.

Should you feel drawn to become a reader yourself, here are my Teachers contact details: Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire and Nicolas David Ngan 0870 165 1476.

Mainpage | Origin, what happens in the Reading and Chart example
Client comments | Price/Contact