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“I was amazed at the accuracy of my soul contract reading. Sandra was thorough and insightful and I am truly inspired by what I have learned. The details about my past were incredible and it was amazing to know that hard times have all been for a reason and I look to the future with joy and optimism. Many thanks! Michelle R.

”I must say that your Soul Contract Reading surprised me a lot. It’s not that I do not believe in those things but it touched me and it was quite accurate... scary! It covered many aspect of my life which somehow I know, but to hear it from somebody who does not know me and does not know my history is quiet a shock.
On the other hand it was a nice kick and it gives me energy to think more about the changes in my life (or rather learn not to think). And it gave me a hope and confidence that it can be done. Great. Also, I realized that some of my negatives are actually not negatives, I change my view on it.
I need to definitely hear the recording a few more times and go through those papers that  you gave me to absorb them even more.
I am really glad you did the reading for me, thank you, it fits me and I hope it already helps me and will help me in the future!” Kateria

“The Soul Contract reading highlighted some information and knowing that I stored at a great depth, and rarely verbalised. It is interesting to acknowledge these challenges, talents and purposes and I feel more prepared now to work with these key issues directly. Sandra as always, conducting the experience sensitively and with foresight and care. And I feel a great sense of trust in her abilities to deliver this advancement to all others.” Katherine

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the experience of my Soul Contract Reading on 24 February 2011.  It was fantastic and on the whole amazingly accurate.  It certainly gave me lots to think about, and continues to do so.  In fact, some of the things which arose which did not resonate with me at the time I have since reconsidered and seen how they do gel.  It was very interesting to hear what areas of my soul contract I have already actioned in my life and the things that still need to be done.  The ideas in the Management part are very helpful and I look forward with anticipation to processing those. I realise that although there are things that I have never considered doing that they are part of my contract and in due course I will get there.  It’s just a matter of working through my Karma on both spiritual and personal levels.  As you know I found my channelling quite emotional but it gave me great encouragement to go forward and develop spiritually and personally. Also, your kindness, support, advice and wisdom, and the time you spent with me, are as always much appreciated. Love and blessings" Thelma

"A big thank you and hug for the wonderfully inspiring soul contract reading. I am so in gratitude to you for putting it together for me and so accurately. I was reading the notes you gave me on Saturday night, and looking forward to listening to my reading again when it arrives in the post." Anil
Thank you also for your beautiful energy and words of wisdom regarding my current life path... I have such strong emotion, passion and intention for the changes I am now ready for, that I have trust and faith that all will unfold perfectly in right timing.
Love & hugs” Anil xxx

" Having listened to the recording you made for me I can honestly say  that I feel the soul contract reading is spot on. You did find me with the name Junko Maria Furugori, which is great  because it's given me the 100% confidence I wanted to go ahead with  re-integrating my first name into my life. (NB It felt really great  to hear myself say that I'm quite happy to stick to my name and keep  my intense life journey when you offered the possibility to change it  to make it easier!!).
The reading has been a fantastic gift at the perfect time as since  the end of last year I've been preparing to embrace changes to boost  my spiritual growth. The reading itself has provided me with a  beautiful blueprint of my soul's purpose in this life. It feels super empowering to have this.
It is also so encouraging to know that I'm on the right path and that  I've been working exactly on the issues that correspond to my karma.  There were plenty of "aha" and "oh, now I understand" moments as the reading explained so much of my life experience as well as my natural gifts/tendencies. I really like the fact that the management tools are so practical.
As you said, receiving the reading was an energetic experience. As  usual, you held the space for me perfectly so it felt safe. I will  follow your recommendation to listen to the reading several times as  I can feel the activation taking place. The process feels like the  decompression of a file which when complete will provide a great deal  of clarity and direction so I can get on and work on fulfilling my  soul destiny.
Thank you so much. I really think you'll help a lot of people with  these readings. You were very clear in the reading itself and in  answering all my questions. And I think the £90 fee (if I remember  correctly) you had in mind is perfectly reasonable considering the  depth of the information you provide and the superb quality of the  recording. Thanks too for giving me a copy of the notes - it's really  great to be able to refer back to these. Lots of love," J Maria

“What makes this such a powerful experience is the sense of having a comprehensive life review, and this reading was spookily spot on in every single detail. Information about karma already dealt with gave a great sense of achievement, and also realisation that we don't have to remain stuck with our burdens and seemingly negative situations, but can work through them and overcome the karma we are born with. Many of the obstacles I've encountered over the years came up in the reading, and it felt good to have it confirmed that I have managed to face up to them and am over the worst. Various character traits I still deal with - for example, trying to save others when it's not really helping them or me; sacrificing my own needs by burying myself in another's and thus not getting on with my own path were really clear in this session, and confirmed that I still have work to do. But most positively was a sense of knowing my real life purpose, and clear awareness from the reading that, if I persist with my desired goals (as a musician) and continue to face up to problems and work on myself, real success is coming my way, which will bring lots of light. It is extremely helpful to have such an accurate life overview, particularly at this career crossroads point for me, and I'm so grateful to Sandra for helping me see my way more clearly.”  Zoe

“I found the soul contract reading to be immensely powerful and life changing. It has given me the direction in both, what I really need to work on and clear as well as highlighting my potential strengths and talents needed to move and transcend my lifes limitations. Having felt lost and drifting through life these last couple of years, I feel that I needed sound spiritual guidance. The Soul contract session offered this and more. By pinpointing my main purpose of existence in this life time, Armed with this knowledge has and will propel me onwards and upwards for my greater good.” Malcolm

”It was a wonderful experience. Real eye-opener to the real me. Inspirational, healing and empowering. I am glad we did this. Thank you Sandra.”
A week later she comments: I now feel more re-assured and stronger in all areas of my life.” Joana

"The Soul Contract Reading is truly like a roadmap to one's life! I had a lot of "aha" moments, when I felt that my gifts as well as my "opportunities to grow" were very well described. But not only that - they were also put into perspective and I was given "how to's" in order to overcome challenges due to my specific karmic situation. Some of them, I was already doing, other ones I was drawn to anyway, but there were also a lot of new ideas to enhance my life situation. It really felt as if Sandra was laying out to me the "bigger plan" for my life. A lot of times she confirmed knowledge I intuitively had, however I had not necessarily been able to put them so nicely into "concrete" words. This Soul Contract Reading was really inspiring. As Sandra kindly records each session, I was able to listen to it afterwards. It is a nice reminder for me of what my purpose in life is and where I am heading to. Especially if I feel down and overwhelmed, listening to the reading aligns me automatically to my inner truth (and also gives me ideas on how to enhance my situation!). I can highly recommend the Soul Contract Reading - it helped me to better understand "my truth" and therefore encourages me to follow my heart (now with a deeper understanding of my "longings").” Simone

"My Soul contract reading was spot-on. Very accurate and revealing. It was in tune with what I already know, and her rest was a lesson for myself to help me and my mentality to embrace the future with confidence and sound direction. I recommend this to anyone who wishes to have a deeper understanding of their soul and their purpse in life; a great revelation to anyone who wants to understand their life on planet Earth. Many thanks Sandra." Anthony

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