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Anthony's comment on SRT

"My soul contract reading was spot-on. Very accurate and revealing It was in tune with what I already know, and the rest was a lesson for myself to help me and my mentality to embrace the future with confidence and sound direction. I recommend this to anyone who wishes to have a deeper understanding of their soul and their purpose in life; a great revelation to anyone who wants to understand their life on planet Earth. Many thanks."

Maria's comment on SRT directly after the session

"I was surprised to experience the session in a very physical/energetic way (intrigued by concepts behind the technique). I felt a lot in my solar plexus and heart areas in the earlier part of the session and later on in my head area. There were sensation of movement (eg expansion), soreness and tingling. The very last clearing was on my skin. It was amazing how I felt very strong tingling on the surface of my facial skin. Also, the freeing of the soul was very powerful, feeling a release from my heart upward, almost like it wanted to exit through my mouth, which I related to my work. Overall a very powerful clearing session, leaving me in a calm state and feeling the flow of energy throughout my body."

Sue's comments (name changed)
"We have cleared an old belief that I have to get an 8 hours' sleep to feel fine, which was getting in the way of my life, really. I have stopped counting the hours of sleep I got, and now I feel free to do whatever I want, and feel energetic and happy in the mornings. Also, working on goals has become more natural and free since we've cleared the beliefs with regards to that. I am painting with more joy and energy. And, I am more sensual and open, after we've cleared some blocks I had on sensuality and sexuality. After the session I felt fine, energized and clear, doing the homework and filling in the client sheet definitely worked well. Thank you, Sandra!

Thelma's comments on her SRT session
"I am feeling fantastic after the Spiritual Response Therapy, so much lighter and my head is so much clearer like its had a good spring clean!  Also, I feel very calm and peaceful and the love I feel is amazing. Previously when doing Reiki on myself I experienced lots of dark colours when on crown and brow, as if there was a thick mud there, but it is totally different now."

Eva's comments on her SRT session
“When I read about the SRT therapy on the Alexandria healing webpage, I was intrigued and curious to find out, how I would respond to it. The disclosed information helped me to familiarize myself with the technique. I felt, that I had some blockages, feeling stagnated with some behaviour patterns and I decided to book an appointment.
Prior to the treatment I was slightly nervous, but equally excited to learn how this subtle technique could shift my life for better, which it did! I feel like a new person – indifferent is probably the most descriptive word. I feel ‘wiped out’ of all negative energies, which were holding me back. I feel without judgments and attachments. It is a completely new feeling, as if I was a blank canvas, ready to be filled with colourful brushstrokes of this life’s potential...
I would like to use this opportunity to thank Sandra for her commitment, loving and caring nature, guiding me on this journey. I specially responded to her pragmatic, down to earth approach in a charmingly friendly healing space.”

Susanne's comments 3 days after SRT session of one hour

"I was confident and my self-esteem was restored. I had been trying to
address these issues for a very long time and SRT did this for me. SRT also
addressed my health which I am looking forward to see the results."

Mini's comments one month after session:

“After we had finished both sessions of the SRT, I felt a huge weight had been lifted off me.  All the issues that I had with members of my family for many years were suddenly no more, I felt that I had been given another chance, a clean slate to start this life again.  It made me realise how much time I had wasted by feeling so angry and upset.  My attitude and view now is that I feel no animosity or grudge with any of them and when I do hear that something has been said about me in a negative manner it bounces off me and I actually feel love towards that person or situation.  The week following the sessions I had quite a headache on and off for a few days and that is very unusual for me as I rarely suffer form headaches, so I knew that there was some huge clearing going on.  I feel so much more happier with myself and actually value me more, where as before I always had a' ‘not good enough’ opinion of myself.  I feel I am showing my true self now and not what other people expect of me.  I am ME.
 Thank you Sandra for a truly wonderful experience which has completely changed my whole outlook on life.” Mini

Harinder's comment on SRT

"After the first session I felt completely exhausted. I went home
carrying what felt like a really heavy burden on my shoulders. I found
it difficult to stand up straight and had to go straight to bed. But,
the next day I woke up feeling very light, clear headed, happy and
energetic, as if something really big had been removed from me. This is
not how I usually feel in the mornings so I knew something had changed.

The next several sessions were very comfortable. The information that
was coming up for clearing was intriguing. I have learnt a lot about
myself. I could consciously relate to many of the discordant thinking
patterns that were being presented; some of these issues have been big
blocks for me. I knew that they were holding me back and now, with the
SRT, they have been cleared. I know because I feel different. A number
of irrational fears that I had seem to have disappeared. I have had
issues with a group of individuals which I could never quite
rationalise and this has perplexed me for some time. Through the SRT
Sandra shed some light on my relationship with these people (issues
from previous lifetimes), cleared the negative energy between us and
left me feeling at ease with them all.

I do believe that SRT is a very powerful therapy. By clearing blocks
from the past it releases people to move forward and grow into the
powerful, spiritual beings that we all are."

Simona's comments on her SRT session

"I had a SRT session with Sandra that lasted almost 2 hours, at the and I was exhausted but I couldn’t stop smiling, I felt lighter and I had the strong feeling that everything negative in my past was wiped out and I have now a blank slate to work on!!!"

Vibeke comments on her SRT session

"After the first session of the 'spiritual response therapy session' I did not feel tired - but noticed a subtle peace within - a feeling of calm and groundedness.

One of the issues that presented it self was startling as it referred to an early childhood fear that had been long forgotten.It also felt very positive to clear up ones relationships to the immediate family. I definately feel a change has taken placehopefully towards a more to positive livingexperience . It feels good to be able to clear out old attachments.

I am very glad to have experienced this method and look forward to the second part.
Thank you Sandra for your wonderful assistance as always. Love from Vibeke"

"Thank you Sandra for the second half of the Spiritual Response Therapy. It feels good to know that we have cleared discordant energies between ourselves and others such as family and people from our past. It is as though we can start afresh and not being held back by negativity in the air. My slate has been cleaned! Highly recommended."

Megan's comments on SRT
"Life has definitely changed. By bringing things in to my awareness I am more aware of things like 'addiction to suffering' and if I start to fall in to that pattern I seem to recognise it and just stop. However things feel different. I'm less drawn in to any difficult situations with my husband and have made some plans of my own for the rest of the year, without making it painful. More of "this is what I have to do next" .

Joanne on SRT
"I found the SRT treatment profound - it went into areas way beyond my conscious awareness into things that seem beyond belief . That said, it felt very right and appropriate for me. The effects that have manifested for me in my day to day life are being more aware of what I need to do to keep myself feeling centered and balanced. BeforeI would just feel tired and grumpy and not have an idea of how to really help myself. I now feel I have a higher viewpoint - so I see patterns of behaviour that lead to imbalance or feeling of upset. I have a clear connection, like I can now hear and feel what the little person in me needs. Overall it helps me to be calmer and to know that I can help myself no matter what happens on the outside" .

Isabelle comments on SRT
"Spiritual Response Therapy I found to be very profound powerful healing on all areas of my life. Working with Sandra, I feel comfortable and save, her attitude to working with me was really positive and uplifting. I can highly recommmend this therapy to help change your life. Thank you Sandra for your dedication and understanding".

Judy on SRT
"At the time of the session I felt my Heart open and was filled with a new happiness. My body however felt as though it had been physically beaten. I had pain in my lower pelvic area (it reminded me of period pain which is a very distant memory for me). Felt so tired and sleepy, durely slept for nearly 12 hours - my sleep was deep and I awoke feeling rested".

"For 2 weeks I felt very well. And then leading up to the 25th August (my 52rd Birthday), I was aware I started feeling very detached. I feel there were several things occuring simultaniously. - grieving for my father, - and the deepening of the SRT process within me.
- many of my old behaviour/belief patterns have presented themselves for examination. It has been difficult, but I am pleased with my progress".

Harminder on SRT
"I found the SRT to be a profound and deeply moving experience. Not only has it helped me to gain insight into long-standing issues in my life that I previously did not understand, it has been an empowering way of moving beyond thinking patterns to bring transformation. I have felt shifts occuring in my way of thinking and being at a very deep level. That, together with positive intent, has provided a real opportunity to move forward. I am deeply grateful for having had access to this profound healing. Thank you Sandra" Harminder

Amrita on SRT
"It was fantastic, I feel lighter happier and more in control of my life as well. I also feel that I can recognise emotional patterns on the surface level now and deal with them more effectively. I feel calmer and more in control of my life and life purpose and I'm in touch with my inner guidance and soul purpose. I am recommending it to all my families and friends and I feel it helps deal with very strong detrimental mental and physical patterns."

Sam on SRT
"Thanks again for the SRT the other day, I definitely feel better : Since December, when I first got in touch with my Akashic record keepers I've been constantly tuning in to when something is ready to be released from my records, and as a result of the SRT it feels like we have taken a giant broom and swept away a great swathe of stuff, whereas previously i'd been doing them one at a time. There is a great sense of space above me, and freedom from the akashic energy that was pinning me down in certain patterns.
My vitality is still terrible and i still have uncontrollable desires to eat but i feel that dimension is in great shape and i know it will have a beneficial effect in the long term so thank you.
I've also had a couple of small pieces of reality manifest themselves, in a quick turnaround from thought to existance, since we did the SRT. Just small things like i was listening to some old house music from 1994 and was thinking, I'd really like to listen to some more, and then the following day Iwas googling for something entirely unrelated when a page came up with links to loads of old singles from that era. Theres been a couple of those things in the last couple of days, so i am enjoying them and looking forward to the next level."

Zoe on SRT
”The first sensation I experienced when Sandra asked me about this clearing was absolute exhaustion. After the session I had to lie down for an hour, just to get through the rest of the day! Then I experienced powerful swirls and spirals of energy and have been seeing little purple and gold sparkles of light since. Also waves of bliss. I performed a concert (I’m a musician) last night (the day after the SRT) and felt that this was the most powerful performance I’ve ever given. I reckon the audience picked up on some of this energy. All this is just one clearing session and it’s still working strongly 48 hours later…" Zoe

Jake on SRT
1 week after his first SRT treatment he comments:

“My body and especially my back feels a lot lighter, whereas before my muscles would be sore and tense. The tightness in my chest area has gone and the mugginess I felt in my head is much less. Overall I am very happy with the shift I have felt so far and look forward to more changes I expect to feel in the coming weeks.” Jake

Katherine on SRT

“This SRT cleared a great deal and there were lots of odd occurrences and synchronicities afterwards. I feel it is important to repeat the process to continue/complete the work started here. I always know when it is a big shift when I get huge resistance to it. Sandra's abilities, breadth of knowledge and energy helps shift the sticky nature of some of these elements that I feel is best done with her help. I know her to be a pure and true channel and I trust her with the huge task of this kind of therapy.”  Katherine

Elisabeth on 1st SRT Clearing Session:"Felt a need to give flat a good clean and worked solidly on this in the afternoon following first session.  Three days after the first session I developed a 'cold' (exactly what Sandra said may happen - that the body is releasing) but it passed by the 6th/7th day.   For the first time felt free to be able to have the life I’ve wanted.   Feeling of having a good momentum going with my life now but worried that I had not mentioned all the people and issues I needed to clear and wanted to book another SRT session.”  Elisabeth on 2nd SRT Clearing Session:
"Feeling of freedom and relief.   Feel my energy field has a new lightness and clarity which feels really nice.  Feel freer and looser within my joints especially head, neck and shoulders - like a weight or burden has been lifted.   Did some Reiki on myself on Christmas Day and felt a jolt of energy throughout my whole body - it seemed like a whole different block or layer of old energy had been cleared away.   Business I work for has become unseasonably busy (we did some clearing on it as well).  Feel a real desire to be thorough with the SRT work."  
Elisabeth on 3rd & 4th SRT Clearing Sessions: "Feeling of refined energy, lightness and freedom continues.   Notice that good feelings and the energy of love is amplified when encountering kindred souls in day to day life and likewise greater intensity of challenge with souls that are catalysing personal growth within me.  Feels like burdens that have been with me for a very long time have been lifted permanently - that I would no longer need massages as regularly as before."  

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