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Phase I
   Phase II   Phase III   Phase IV
Universal Calibration Lattice® (UCL)
Templates for Phases I - VIII
Phases V - VIII

Phases IX - XII
Phase XIII
The EMF Balancing Technique® Personal Growth Training 
Photo Gallery - Training

Sandra's EMF Profile
Accredited Practitioner Internship (after Personal Growth Training)


Single sessions:
Phases I - IV: £ 45 each
Phases V - VIII: £ 45 each
Phases IX - XII: £ 45 each
Phase XIII: £45 each

Combination sessions
(only available for Phases I - IV):

Phases I and II combined: £65
Phases III and IV combined: £65

Phases I and IV combined: £65

I also offer distance sessions for Phases I-IV,
single and combined at the above cost.

For the EMF Balancing Technique® Personal Growth Training, cost and dates, please visit the above link.