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Universal Calibration Lattice® (UCL)
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The EMF Balancing Technique® Personal Growth Training 
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Phase XIII - The Way of the Evolutionary

Receiving Phase XIII will set a resonance which will allow you to continue with any set of sessions/Phases - modules.

For example you may start with Phases IX - XII (9 - 12 - Freedom in the Energy of Love) if those appeal to your most or

start with V- VIII (5 - 8: Master in Practice) or

with Phase I - IV (1 - 4 - Evolutionary Foundations).

However, once you have started a set of four Phases (see below), you need to finish all four Phases before you can move on to other Phases.

Evolutionary Foundations
In Phases I-IV, you learned about the Universal Calibration Lattice. In Phase I, your energy calibrated to balance your wisdom and your emotions. In Phase II, your energy calibrated to integrate the wisdom of your history. In Phase III you focused upon your Core Energy and being present in now time. In Phase IV, you gave conscious intent as you calibrated your potential.

Master in Practice
In Phases V-VIII, you made conscious choices to practice the noble attributes of mastery in your daily life. Those choices created new energy patterns that continue to support you in your evolution.

Freedom! In The Energy of Love
In Phases IX-XII, you will further develop your ability to use the Third Lattice to manifest the energy of freedom within your being and your life. The dynamics of fission and fusion are used repeatedly to create a unique and powerful energy of evolution....(see below)

The session (1 1/2 hours)

You will view a video explaining the Universal Calibration Lattice and the Fibers of Light and Energy. You will also be show a video explaining Phaes X - XII.

We will talk about how emotions are creating energy charges and observing with your heart and mind effects your reality. Where do you choose to place your energy?

We will do a short 'Radiating your Core Energy' exercise, including a hand posture.

We will work with the Master in Practice Master attribute cards and work with the symbol of wholeness: You will write your goal, what you are offering to get it, what wisdom you have gained from the past that will help you and what you will need to receive to achieve your goals. Then you will choose up to six master attributes that will assist with achieving each step towards your goal(s). You will be surprised what your heart choses as master attributes (might not be the obvious for your on a conscious level).

This sets a powerful, almost on auto-pilot process in motion I found which you will work with for months to come.

In the Phase XIII session you will be connected to all Phases - all Phases will be touched on in the 13 points of focus during the actual energy session. You will be guided to feel, sense, imagine or think about certain parts of your UCL and body.

It's all about wholeness, greater freedom and you taking responsibility for your energy charges to affect your reality - your thoughts, words emotions - the totality of your behaviour.

You are also asked to place your hands for example on your solar plexus, heart, as well as bringing your hands in a fingertips touching positon at your heart, or asked to hold both hands palm up like the two sides of a scale to perceive energy charges..

Client comments:Phase XIII

"I feel good, I went very high and deep at the same time.
I saw a lot of animals passing in front of me: ducks, eagles and dragons." Fatima

"Felt a lot stronger than the Reiki energy. Felt shivery and achy, hot and cold at the same time.
I felt the energy flow even before we sat down and the energy increased 10fold. Couldn't feel the ground, suspended, not even on the chair - very briefly I felt this. Feel very heavy now and want to lie down." Ritu

"I feel grounded, more whole, solid. I feel like a solid, silent tree." Elisabeth

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