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Explanation Ascension/our evolution



“I have recently experienced with Sandra a session called  EIP (Eliminating Interference Patterns of DNA) as I had a pattern in my life that I wanted to address and have cleared.
This was truly amazing particularly because Sandra has found through that technique all the topics I have been working on in my life for the last 3-4 years. This was absolutely spot on and frightening as I really wondered how she managed to do it!
I discovered things about myself during some workshops beginning of the year that Sandra did not know and again in this one session she was able to point them all out and to clear them! It is early days and I do feel more settled in my body...I trust Sandra's work and believe that this pattern has now been cleared out. I truly recommend this experience”. N

About 6 months later she comments (not having done any more work together):
"I had an amazing transformative session with Sandra. We worked on "Trust" and the "Lack of Trust" I had towards my partner in general. I always used to have a strong physical reaction which made me angry and sad at the same time. Through the EIP Sandra addressed the source of this "Lack of Trust" and unease in my body. She found the "key" to unblock this strong stuck emotion. Her treatment changed and transformed me completely and I do not feel that negative feeling in my body at all. I now feel I can trust my partner which is a wonderful feeling. Thank you so so much, Sandra. I highly recommend EIP if you want to shift something stuck and shift your life." N

“I felt greatly expanded and peaceful during the process. Immediately following the process I feel light, released and more present. I am optimistic and excited about this process.” Ruth

EIP DNA Activation
”I feel like the person I want to be: relaxed, centered, connected and contented. It’s a wonderful feeling. I also started the session with pain in my head, neck and shoulders and that has lifted. Thank you! “Emma
10 days later Emma writes:
I still feel more relaxed, more positive and I am enjoying life more. My boyfriend also stated after my first session: “I don’t know what Sandra did , but you are certainly more relaxed.”

EIP DNA Activation
”A wonderful session which induced a lovely sensation of relaxation and peacefulness. An enlightening experience and Sandra is fabulous.” Neela

EIP DNA Activation and Reiki
”When I arrived, I felt lethargic and unmotivated. During the session I began to feel lighter and the dullness in my thighs disappeared. Now I feel completely energized and ready to enjoy the day.”  Chantal

”A very interesting session.  I was surprised at how accurately the numbers correlated with the issues and beliefs I have held. Not only that, but the relevant chakras also came up which was shocking as all I did was say random numbers. It was a very fascinating experience as it helped me have a deeper insight into how I have lived my life with certain beliefs and how I can now change that.  It made me realise that I had been using those beliefs subconsciously to hinder my progress and limit my life experience.” Sukhi 

"Thank you for a wonderful EIP session. As you were working on clearing DNA patterns from me I could physically feel my body reacting to the process. The feedback you gave me really resonated with me. There was not one detail out of place. Thank you so much!" Dennis

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Explanation Ascension/our evolution