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LIGHTARIAN REIKI™   (only for Reiki masters, recommended after KARUNA REIKI®)
(for anyone, intense)

LIGHTARIAN RAYS™ (for anyone, usually done before the Lightarian Clearing)
LIGHTARIAN CLEARING™ (for anyone, it is recommended to have done the Lightarian Rays

LIGHTARIAN PURIFICATION RINGS™ (best done after the Angellinks)
LIGHTARIAN ANGELLINKS™ (for anyone, gentle)

(advanced level: after Lightarian Reiki or Ascension Bands AND Angellinks and Purification Rings)

Below you will find all the information on the Lightarian Clearing


 Lightarian Clearing™

In depth, multi-level clearing techniques for supporting you in having the full force of Light in your Life. Over the last ten years, a series of unique etheric clearing techniques have been developed by Christopher Jelm, cofounder of the Lightarian Institute, through the process of intuition and channeling of the energies of an aspect of Ascended Master El Morya. Christopher's personal research and the extensive application of these clearing methods on himself and others have allowed this divinely inspired system for clearing to be effectively anchored into this plane.

The general principles of "simplicity, accuracy and effectiveness" have always been present as a foundation for these clearing methods.

With the founding of the Lightarian Institute in 1997, this body of clearing work was organized into a system called the Lightarian Clearing Program. Further refinements lead to the introduction of the Clearing Ray which is offered as part of the Lightarian Rays connections.

Difference between
• Lightarian Clearing Program and
• Lightarian Ray

The Lightarian Clearing Program remains as an extended, comprehensive program for clearing while the Clearing Ray offers a simpler, less technical approach to the clearing process.

Course Information

You do not need to be attuned to Reiki or any of the Lightarian courses to receive the Clearing Program.

Clearing, healing, activation and manifestation
are the four general areas of personal development. The clearing of our energy fields is a vital part of our personal transformation and ascension process.

The Lightarian Clearing™ Program provides unique, effective methods for the complete releasing of undesired programming, limiting belief structures and adverse mental- emotional-physical stored energy patterns. Lightarian Clearing™ Program is a series of six unique, simple and effective energetic activations, divinely inspired by Ascended Master El Morya.

It is designed to dramatically create an extraordinary acceleration along your spiritual path, as you prepare yourself for higher levels of service for the coming times.

Level 1 Lightarian Path Clearing
Each individual comes into this incarnation with his own unique " limiting path construct" that defines the boundaries and obstacles for the incarnation experience. This "construct" provides the framework for the challenging life scenarios needed to be experienced.Within this "construct we generate an extraordinarily complex interwoven fabric of limiting programs, restrictive belief structures and their associated adverse mental, emotional and physical stored energies. The vast majority of all of our adverse etheric pattern are stored in the interwoven fabric or "tapestry" within our chakras and subtle bodies. To facilitate our clearing work , we use thr term "shadow Tapestry" to define all the adverse energetic elements that blocks us as we move along our spiritual path. So as we clear the path via our Level 1 - Lightarian Path Clearing, we are simply releasing the "Shadow Tapestry" !

"I felt so much freedom during the session, it was as if I was a bird or just a spirit body and I could fly around without obstacles and totally free. I felt so happy all the time. BUT the weird thing is this, I woke up to go to the toilet in the night and couldn’t open my bedroom door!!! A screw has come loose and fallen out of place in the door handle mechanism and across the gap and into a hole in the architrave door frame. This locked me firmly in our bedroom. Luckily my husband was still awake and came when I called him. We tried for ages at 2.00am to undo the handle/take the door off its hinges/cut through the screw but I was 100% locked in as a prisoner and not free at all!! Luckily we have a door on to a balcony which goes into another room which my husband to open, otherwise I would have been stuck on the third floor with no phone as a prisoner. Really weird and interesting. I’m not sure what it means yet, can you tune in and give me some advice on this clear message from Spirit?? I feel a bit freaked out to be honest." Love and thanks Sarah xxxx

Level 2 Birth-Pattern Removal
When a person is born, it carries along with it four mini chakras and the beginning of the four lower subtle bodies a physical etheric body with its energy center of the 1st chakra, an emotional body with 2nd chakra, a mental body with 3rd chakra, the 4th subtle body and 4th chakra where fetal belief structures are stored

These etheric energies fields bring forward into the new life a variety of strong, deeply ingrained patterns, both of a "positive " and an " adverse" nature. These patterns have been acquired from many sources the physical lineage, genetics, tribal belief structures, mass -consciousness emotional and mental pattern,etc. Adverse residues of the earliest of birth-patterns remain in the individual's lower vibrational fields and are removed with Level 2 clearing work.

Level 3 - Template Clearing
As adverse etheric patterning is progressively lifted from the individual's energy fields via the level 1 and level 2 clearing work, a strong level of natural healing will be taking place in the physical body.
These patterns require additional special attention to affect a complete clearing, thereby allowing further healing to take place.

Level 3 work focuses on the clearing of these deepest of adverse patterns stored in the form of very subtle, yet powerful energies intimately linked to the physical body.
We call it the "Etheric template for the physical Body".These energies from the etheric "double" of the physical body and basically could be viewed as the sum total of all the tiny auric field of every cell of the physical body.

Lightarian Template clearing releases the adverse pattern from this etheric "body double".

Level 4 - Attachement Removal
After futher clearing has taken place for the individual, we are able to access the next level of very subtle, thread-like etheric energies to be cleared. These energies appear to spread out from the outermost boundaries of each of our subtle bodies, linking and attaching themselves to the various external physical and etheric patterns and forms that we have interacted with over the years.For simplicity we call them "attachement" energies!

In general , for individuals who have not done a lot of clearing work , these attachement energies can range from thin etheric cords all the way to thick cable-like tentacles. For others, especially those who have done substantial clearing work, they can look like a delicate, residual layer of physical and etheric planes.
Through Level 4 work, these energies are removed.

Level 5 - Lineage Clearing
At this advanced level , we are able to access a very unusual very subtle higher vibrational pattern which seems to pervade throughout our field, even to the highest levels of our spiritual connection back to source energies. It's as though all levels of our energies have a very subtle distortion or out-of balance condition which "colors" their energetic structure.This "distortion is best discribed as an adverse belief structure that is held at all of our levels of self and "colors" our experiences in a particular way.
A special Lightarian level 5 attunement is used to clear this type of adverse energy.

Level 6-Veil Removal
As we anchor into this plane and create our lives here, each of us has" a point of conscious awareness " that serves as a " witnessing" into this plane of experience .A part of you is in a "witnessing" mode. Watching your life unfold-both etherically and physically.

We find that, methaphorically speaking, this "watcher" aspect of you acquires a pair of "rose -colored glasses!" You could refer to it as the "veil"! It's a little bit of distortion that is present that represents a "veil" over the witness point-like a contact lens with a little distortion or imbalance to it, that creates a lack of claritiy as you "see your life".
Through our veil removal technique , we assist in clearing the energy imbalance and enabling you to create a higher level of clarity.

For each level you will receive a printed manual sent by post, one distance connection and a printed certificate.

You will also be registered with the Lightarian Institute as a facilitator and will be able to order your own manuals and teach and attune others.

Please note you will have to start with level one and work through the attunements in order.

The Benefit
of receiving the
Lightarian Clearing Attunements

The highest expression of your Divine Self powerfully comes forth as enhanced clearing stimulate s the healing of all of your subtle bodies and the physical body as well!

You begin to create a day-to-day experience of more and more conscious choice and one of less and less "automatic" behavior patterns, addictions, doubts, fears and pain!

Higher vibrational energies can flow more freely into your energy fields, allowing the chakras and subtle bodies to "anchor in more Light!"

Gifts and talents that were dormant may start to surface and your ability to create joy, clarity and abundance in your life will be expanded!

Teaching Materials

For each teacher level a complete manual is mailed out, the attunement is passed distantly

A certificate is mailed to you for each completed level (as a student, not as a client)

You will be registered as a Teacher at the Lightarian Institute and will be able to purchase your own manuals to use for your own student (prices below)

For students not wishing to be able to teach others you can receive the Clearing Program for your own personal benefit......

Receiving the Clearing Program as a client....

You are able to receive the Clearing Program as a client for your own personal development and benefit. You will not be able to teach and attune others or receive a certificate or manual...you will receive emailed instructions on how to receive your attunement and a distance connection.

Course costs for the client level – each connection is £20.00 or receive all 6 for £100.00. Attunements have to be received in the correct order.

COST: £20.00 One Client attunement

Prices for students - being able to teach others below.

Lightarian Clearing Package

Path Clearing

Birth Pattern Removal

Template Clearing

Attachment Removal

Lineage Clearing

Veil Removal

Client comments:

Ligtharian Clearing Level I:
"The attunement was great. During the attunement I saw AM El Morya and AA Raziel standing next to me. Raziel did lots of clearing on my third eye. He was collecting a black sticky gunge,  which was coming out from there. I have also received a few presents from AM El Morya: a sword, a heart and keys and from AA Raziel a few crystals. He explained to me what they are for. Before the attunement, I asked them to fix my shoulder and the relationship and they have done it! I am feeling fine, but at the same time I feel that I am going through a very slow process of clearing. I am not surprised that your legs and feet were paralyzed. I didn't feel that way, but I presume it relates to me moving forward and the legs are moving us forward. As I remember it did a lot of work on my feet and legs lately. Love and blessings" Natalia

"A negative energy that I was carrying just expanded more and more and then it seemed to start to fade away and disintegrate (hours after the attunement it is now leaving me). Felt very uncomfortable but I am used to this intensity. It felt like quite a big and deep work."W.

"My attunement was strong, there was a strong tingling on my crown chakra and my fingers were heavy, also my knees were bent but by the end they began to spiral, also with my eyes closed I saw a light in the shape of a sword. Really felt great after the experience and have been very positive and clear headed since, my sleeping has also improved a lot, thank you!"

" I felt a strong clearing of fear-based negativity that seemed to accumulate over the last few days with immediate effect after the attunement. I feel like a new person with a burdensome layer shed. I started to feel the effect of the energy before the official start time. In my mind's eye I saw us both as butterflies soaring and I physically felt the extension of my energy field. I also saw a lot of light, both white and yellow. My body was vibrating strongly and I did feel a couple of physical shifts. I have had issues with both my legs and ears so I'm glad to know that they were worked on. The peace I now feel is very welcome. Thank you!" Junko
A few days later she comments:" My left ear is blocked today, which is an old symptom. My colon is behaving a little strangeley, tool. A patch of eczema I've had for weeks has disappeared overnight!" Junko

"Hey Sandra, thanks for the attunement today. I have just woken up as I fell asleep at some point. I felt shifts starting to happen throughout the day and there was a lighter feeling in my heart - I was much more able to feel high vibrations of love compared to recent times of feeling tension in my chest and "closed heartedness". I felt some deep work in the third eye and that is all I remember honestly. I had a dream where I was very fearful, and woke up feeling the awareness of some really deep seated fears within me. I am being reminded to hold the feeling of being between life in physical form within my awareness as this feeling brings me a lot of strength. I can't fully explain the feeling but it is one of extreme peace and expansion, and it is an energetic reminder that all is well and to pull me through fears that have any attachment to physical form.
" James

" I felt a lot of energy surrounding me and the connection came through my solar plexus. All of the head area, temples, eyes and ears feel very sensitive. The ears particularly have for a long time been very dry and itchy so it makes sense if that is what you picked up. I also felt the intense energy in both legs. Feeling a bit out of sorts at the moment but will just ride through it and see how it pans out over the next few days. Love" Mini xxxx

Lightarian Clearing Level 2
"I would totally agree about the birth patterns really affection me. It has only been in the last 3 to 4 months that I realized this. I am just so grateful that something can be done about it. I laid in bed and was just aware of my crown chakra being activated. I could feel the energy in my head. It was a heavy feeling there yet my body was relaxed. Got up feeling quite heady and then went to Williamso's Park and walked up the staircase at the memorial. I haven't been up there in a long time. The view was awesome. Then I went for a drive through Bowland and it was awesome, too. I had forgotten how beautiful it was." W

"I felt a very strong energy going through me. At the beginning I felt some pain in my throat (even now I am having a bit of pain in the left side of my throat). There were some prickly and pinchy feelings around my soles of my feet and heels which faded away. In the middle of the attunement, I became very happy, content and light. I saw different colours that were flashing in front of my eyes. Now I am feeling very calm, I will keep an eye on my throat and body in general." Natalia

" I had few physical sensations this time but I saw clearing and expansion in my meditation. It was quite powerful for a good 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, I relaxed and felt quite serene. I've been feeling strong and positive all day.  I imagine more will come in the following days." Junko 

"The experience was very different this time, I was a little scared at the beginning as my heart began be beat very hard and very very fast for at least  5-10 mins, then I asked for support and it slowed down, anxiety was still there though and felt emotional, the legs and feet felt very tingling throughout and waves fluttered through my stomach, my sinus felt blocked at one stage then cleared again. I felt slight pain in my chest today and yest and a little nausea is this common? Feel it is opening up a lot though and I've been a lot more tired than I normally am."  Lisa

"I felt the attunement really powerful today, there was energy in my hands and into my heart, and then a little in the feet, the two fronts of the head on either side, and the crown. There was like circular pattern moving inward infinitely (like a spiral) in my head- it felt very soothing. My arms were locked at the end and my hands- didn't want to move at all, very nice thank you." James

"Thank you so much for the attunement, it was lovely! I felt a lot of tingling around my head and when we started 3 sharp pains on left side of jaw/tooth! I then had a lovely vision of a big female wolf!" Sarah

Lightarian Clearing Level 3

" I too felt incredibly tired in the morning. Like the tiredness of 100 years... I usually find I feel things before (sometimes more than after) a clearing of this kind. During the attunement I felt a lot of shifts and energy all over my body, starting with right shoulder, right groin, then, left lower back and up to the head. At head level it went very deep and then into the energetic field. I felt much better after the attunement (ie the tiredness was gone) and this morning I feel quite energetic despite not many hours of sleep. Thanks again for al your work and love." Junko

"I felt the energy working on my head straight away. It felt numb and exhausted. Then I felt a huge shift from my crown down to my sacral for a few minutes. The focus then went on to my sacral and my stomach was gurgling quite a bit as if something was being shifted. I felt that there was pure numbness from my knees down to my feet, it felt as if they were not part of my body. After the clearing was complete I felt exhausted and my physical body ached but that did not last for too long. A few hours later I felt quite energised although my head still felt a bit sore. Today I feel great and rearing to go." Mini

"The attunement process was very calming this time - I felt the body buzz all over, like a very relaxing wave over my body. My mind was a bit busy, and I was distracted at times, but felt strong energy in the hands and especially in the thumbs (I feel like this is a certain part of the brain that this relates to, with the thumbs. Sometimes when I am analysing and thinking a lot, my thumbs will hurt, especially right thumb, which I feel is left brain). Felt some energy in legs and feet too. In the days since and on the day, I felt quite remorseful, like a very guilty feeling and like I was a bit embarrassed of myself for a few things, which was unusual. I am sure it is all processing. I had a bit of a cry today as well, as a strong feeling came over me of love (feels like a little girl I have a lot of love for was with me) and may be some past life stuff I was thinking. Generally, eating a lot more than usual, and a bit "not all there", a bit lost since the attunement. I feel like all will be good when I move in to the new place and can settle down again (everything is up in the air at the moment)" James....see below...

6 days later he adds...."Thought I would add some more to the clearing comments as I have a lot of positive stuff from it since. the attunement has cleared a lot for me (and still working). I feel more artistic, more balanced, digestion is better (no more pain in abdomen after eating), see the beauty in people's eyes, their aura and in colours and shapes and everything! Generally feel my artistic vision has returned to my childhood state. Had many childhood memories and feelings coming up (stuff that was repressed and not dealt with), so been healing and working with these feelings. Interested in sports again, juggling, magic tricks and being and physical brain skills (all stuff I used to love when I was little and lost touch with). My muscles feel like they can grow now. My face looks different (more even and symmetrical) and my eyes are bigger and clearer. Generally feel I am looking better. Skin feels better. My head feels more relaxed and my body has a general calmness to it, like more blood is going to it and soothing and relaxing it. General feeling more innocence and child like, very easy to laugh at silly jokes like a child would and want to generally play. Getting stronger feelings from listening to music, playing music feels better. Feeling a natural high (endocannabinoids working)." James

"It was the strongest one yet! I felt very light headed and I felt it flowing everywhere." Sarah S.

"It was really, really strong! I heard a voice say to put my hands by my side (they were resting on my stomach) and then I felt a lot of different beings around me, just like I was having an operation!! WEIRD!!!! And not very relaxing! The next day I was exhausted but today have felt much lighter and light-hearted, too." Sarah R.

Lightarian Clearing Level 4
"I could feel it in the sacral and heart also.. went into a deep meditation at one point and saw images as if it were letting go of past attachments.. this morning my spine felt stretched and open, so could be the chakras were balancing during the session.
Will of course continue to integrate over the coming days..
" Anil

"It was really, really strong! I heard a voice say to put my hands by my side (they were resting on my stomach) and then I felt a lot of different beings around me, just like I was having an operation!! WEIRD!!!! And not very relaxing! Saturday I was exhausted but today have felt much lighter and light-hearted too." Sarah R.

" I have felt a lots of energy around my heart  chakra. I am feeling some pain around the chakra at the moment. The energy was very light and pleasant so after the session I felt great. 
The stiffness in my neck has gone." Natalia

"The attunement was lovely..... I just felt energy flowing through my crown chakra and through my body. I focused on the heart and was in a lovely space. Also my hands were full of energy and it all felt quite powerful. Today... my ankles did feel a bit sore and hadn t connected it to the healing. No change in energy levels but maybe there might be a difference in a few days." thanks Wendy

"I felt it working in my physical body on my shoulders and deep inside my head. At one point I saw bright yellow/golden flashes and a hand offering to help me up. I know I received various messages but I don't have an immediate recollection except a voice saying "Thank you Junko"!! All very interesting. I feel very mellow and still now." Junko

"I felt intense energy around the solar plexus and sacral and really felt a lot of stuff shifting. I also felt the feet and legs and also the head area releasing a lot of stuff. Afterwards I felt great relief around me and within me." Mini

Lightarian Clearing Level 5
"During the actual attunement I felt quite knocked out. Towards the end I needed to rest in a lying position because my right leg was very painful. Afterwards I did feel like after a chiropractic manipulation, more balanced. I've had more energy and flow in my life, which is very welcome. And I feel the tension in the right side if my body is starting to ease. I'm sure the attunement in conjunction to the healing session I had with you has contributed greatly. Thank you very much Sandra! "

"Thank you very much for the great attunement. For the last three days I was very unwell. I presume that this was a part of clearing process. Now. I am back to normal!! Hey!! During the attunement I felt a very strong energy working through my heart chakra, the stomach and my ankles. Also I saw a very bright light above my head . After the attunement I felt very peaceful but I a bit tired. So I went to bed straight after that. During my sleep I had very weird dreams like I was fighting with two black creatures male gender. . One of them was sitting on my chest and pushing me. It didn't feel that they were very strong. So eventually I managed to get rid of them. I didn't see the picture when it happened but I felt that way.
i would appreciate if you could give me some inside about the dream.
Thank you very much Love and blessings" Natalia XXXXX

"I experienced the level 5 nearly like level 4. Firstly, I observed energy moving in my head and my body felt like it was filling up with energy and vibrating with energy. I felt energised after and my head was wide awake until 1:30 am when I eventually fell asleep. It was a nice experience." Wendy

"Yes, I also felt it start well before the preparation time and you have just confirmed the same. Yes, there was a great deal going on from my head and the left side, in fact I felt I was completely knocked out for a good few minutes. I also heard singing and there was a lot of gurgling from the solar plexus and above. I really did feel there was a huge amount of clearing that happened. It is unusual that it started earlier than our set time. I wonder what that was about. I have got up today feeling very rejuvenated and fresh." Mini

"Hey it was a tired one, I was falling asleep alot and coming to and my body was moving around. Been headachey just before the attunement and after was ok, and yea I didn't come around until 4.30 so was asleep kind of for a while. As for the energies, it's quite amazing, I am seeing almost instantly now how people are creating their reality with everything they say, it is like almost instantaneous now, including myself, things are happening quicker all the time, it's a crazy place now haha. much love." James

" It was very gentle. It felt more like energy in my aura and beyond was being cleansed. I slept deeply but very intense dreams. Today I am feeling really calm and peaceful and loving...very powerful!!!" Sarah R.

Lightarian Clearing Level 6

"I felt energies all over my body. I felt tingling on my face and there was a lot of gurgling going on in my solar plexus. I felt beautiful pure white light all over my energy field and felt very at peace and in harmony. At the end I felt like a blueprint had been lifted off my entire being and I now feel I am showing my truth and who I really am, not only to myself but to all the world. Thank you Sandra, these Lightarian Clearings have truly transformed me in a very positive way. Lots of Love" Mini xxxxx

"I was feeling out of sorts before. Felt the attunement in the head and in the heart. It was quite strong and my body was completely numbed afterwards. I felt good afterwards and again today. Had a pain up my left arm and in the right leg briefly as well. It was quite painful for a second. Thanks for it!!" James

"To be honest, I remember very little because it knocked me out, too. I did feel some distinct pain in the middle of my back. I slept well and feel good today with more energy and clarity." Junko

"Thank you so much for the energy. It felt very peaceful to begin with, but then pain came up and out around my neck, jaw and shoulders! I also felt a lot of work in my legs. Am feeling quite tired now, but much more relaxed too!" Sarah S.

"Thank you for the clearing. I am so tired right now, that I fell asleep again!!! However, this morning I feel much lighter and quite joyful too which is wonderful. Long may it last." Sarah R.

MAINPAGE LIGHTARIAN PROGRAMS - Lightarian Insitute for Global Human Transformation

LIGHTARIAN REIKI™   (only for Reiki masters, recommended after KARUNA REIKI®)
(for anyone, intense)

LIGHTARIAN RAYS™ (for anyone, usually done before the Lightarian Clearing)
LIGHTARIAN CLEARING™ (for anyone, it is recommended to have done the Lightarian Rays

LIGHTARIAN PURIFICATION RINGS™ (best done after the Angellinks)
LIGHTARIAN ANGELLINKS™ (for anyone, gentle)

(advanced level: after Lightarian Reiki or Ascension Bands AND Angellinks and Purification Rings)