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     Usui Reiki
     Master's Degree

      Sandra Ditta Herrmann
       Usui Reiki Master &
       Karuna Reiki® Master
         Member of the Reiki Federation

Usui Reiki Master's Degree
The Usui/Tibetan style of Reiki,a combination of Japanese
and Western Reiki methods.

You will receive attunements to the Master Symbols (Usui and Tibetan symbols) and you will be taught several further healing techniques such as psychic surgery, how to give healing attunements, how to initiate people to the three Reiki degrees.

You will also learn how to teach the courses in order for the student to best assimilate the course information and energy work. You will receive a comprehensive manual (also as a disc giving you info on all three degrees - including manuals for I, II and masters as well as certificate forms) with everything you need to go out and teach yourself!

The Reiki Master's course will run over three days.  Cost for the three-day Reiki Master's Course is £380.  

There is a link above for Sandra's Reiki lineage.

Next Course Dates (over 3 days):

Please ring or text Sandra to arrange for dates 07752168159.

10 am start until 7:30 pm (first day may finish a bit earlier)
Please ring Sandra on 020 8579 7230 to arrange other training days
then the above mentioned dates, especially the 3rd day can be taught on a week-end.

If you can't do any or all three dates above, please ring the Centre on 020 8579 7230 to arrange different dates. I am quite flexible - week-ends and during the week is both fine with me.

Comments from Reiki Master students:
"A fab three days. I faced and experienced all my insecurities and than was freed. I leave with my master certificate and a light heart, joy and excitement at the thoughts of moving forward. Sandra teaches in a relaxed caring way and creates an environment to enable you to experience the symbols in a free and loving manner. Thank you". Orla

"Magical 3 days of Reiki Master course. I literally forgot about the whole world (in a positive way off course).
Sandra is a natural teacher: very patient, supportive and respectful. I've learnt all 3 Reiki degrees with Sandra. In her classes you learn a lot and you have lots of fun, too. Reiki has been a life changing experience for me and those close to me. I know I set upon a journey that always leads to better things. Thank you Sandra once again for showing me this way of life. Lots of Love and Light." Karolina

”A very intensive and life changing three days. I feel old patterns and blockages moved and I feel empowered. Nice people to work with and I enjoyed it very much.” Ian

"The Reiki Masters course with Sandra was extremely detailed and well palnned. There was time for all of the attunements, processing and learning the practical side, and I experienced a definite shift in my own healing journey. Sandra is a caring soul and created a safe space for me to process everything with as much support as necessary. Thank you Sandra" Rehmat

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Masters Reiki course. I found it to be intense and an essential step on one's journey towards self fulfilment. Highly recommended." Marie

"It seems there is a new Helena emerging...it is amazing how much has changed. We were together for just 3 days for the course and a lot has happened, sometimes if feels like a miracle. I've been noticing that I am now genuine with my colleagues at work. Maybe I was too insecure before (and I didn't even know this)...I am now more me and not a person afraid of being alone. Now, I am not worried about the words I choose in communication. My words just come out from my heart and from what I am feeling to say in every given moment. This new way of being fills me with joy and happiness. I've always characterized myself as a happy person, but now it's different - without the annoying voice inside my head saying "If you say this you may sound supid" or "You better not go out with them as they will find out you are boring." How can we say automatic things like this toourselves, anyway...Reiki has changed me and it will change even more. Love" Helena
follow up comments from Helena: I'm so happy that everything is changing in my life...I've completed the
21 days. I guess I was expecting some explosive days like a sign that something is being healed (like happened after doing Reiki 1 and 2) but nothing like that happened.
I was the same calm and happy person almost everyday. I remember one day and another I felt insecure again but I've decided not to be too hard on myself as I am still healing and I still have the healing symbols with me for 2 more months from the healing attunement (Tibetan). But the overall picture is definitely a great change, I feel genuine, I feel confident and secure within myself. The best example is the relationship I have now with my boss, before I was too shy or insecure, I feel natural near her now and that is helping me to show that I do good work. She printed out a Student Dispensing Optician programme to apply through Boots, it's a University Degree sponsored by the company, she believes in my talent. Also I've noticed that a feel comfortable while talking to my dad on the phone, before I didn't know what to say to him and I think he also didn't know what to say to me...I guess we've always had "that" serious relation between dad and daughter...you know what I mean, and now we talk, talk..Like you say, when we feel great inside, we transform the outside world. I keep doing Reiki with the six symbols and I know now it's almost healed, I feel the Reiki takes much less time and is less intense. It's almost done. Sometimes I think...wow, something I've been trying to change for almost 20 years and suddenly it's almost gone. I remember when I was in high school, then in uni, then on my first jobs...how many times I've asked myself why am I like that, why am I afraid of social events....and then, it seems all is gone, all from other lives is gone and I can be free now!!!" Helena

”This was an amazing experience, opening up a whole new future of possibilities. The training was one-to-one and excellent. I feel prepared to take this new knowledge and skills forward. Thank you so much.” Tom

"Sandra, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gift of Reiki. I never expected to feel so light, so unburdened. I feel I am walking on air, on top of the world! The Masters course was a completely magical experience, one I will not forget. The Reiki Masters course is a natural continuation on the path of Reiki but at a much higher frequency. Sandra has the unique ability to teach this course with love, kindness, conpassion, generosity and patience, encouraging Masters-in-Training to be the best that they can be. Sandra also ensures that we are able to teach and attune others into Reiki wth confidence, knowledge and understanding, enabling us to be great teachers and advocates of Reiki.
The Reiki journey is life-changing - for the better! And the Masters course leaves you feeling light and able to deal with whatever life throws at you, but also confident to be able to heal others. I have found it to be utterly life-changing and I thank you, Sandra. With love and light." Tameeza

"Very thorough teaching by a wonderfully gifted healer who inspires perfection and truly cares how her students transform their own "issues" and then pass on this sacred knowledge to others. Something I have always known would be part of my journey and I am glad to have completed with Sandra, Om." Cassandra

“Sandra, I would like to thank you for these 3 days full of light you have given me. You have passed to me the best possible gift that anyone can have. I will use it wisely and cherish it. I am now feeling so complete with myself. Peace have found me as I needed to have Reiki in my life. I always thought that I would never be a Reiki Master and it has always been a dream. Finding you has made that possible and I am very grateful.” Francoise

"The 3 day Master’s was amazing.  I came with no expectations and I got blown away with the whole experience. It was fantastic, and I will always remember it. The energy shift and vibrational high is a must in itself." Jas

”I found the Masters Course provided a wonderful experience. The shift in energies was already very noticeable after the first two days. Sandra was very patient and calm throughout and her presence was very supportive. Thank you Sandra for everything.” Katharine

"A lot of learning but all to use for the rest of my life! Psychic surgery was amazing! Emotional three days but definitely a turning point in my journey. Thank you Sandra for being such a wonderful teacher - and friend. Lots of love," Ritu xx

"The Reiki Masters course was an incredibly powerful experience - intense, empowering, challenging and joyful all at the same time. I have found Reiki to have such a positive influence on my life and well-being and feel very priveledged to be able now to share it with others. I really feel it is helping me to move forward in my own life and make things possible. Thank you Sandra for sharing the gift of Reiki with us." Harminder

Two weeks after the first two days of her Usui Reiki Master’s course:
“I'm feeling amazing, people can't believe the difference. I'm so much more chilled and positive. I'm also not taking any more crap from anyone which is fantastic!” Michelle R....she continues her comments..... "Since I’ve become a Reiki Master my life has changed completely and I am so happy for this shift in my awareness. I am able to take true responsibility for myself and I am using my skills every day.
Sandra helped me considerably to clear the blocks I had struggled with and I can’t thank her enough for her patience and guidance on my journey. People are commenting on the changes in me every day and I look forward to my future and continued learning as a Reiki Master." Michelle R.

"Thank you Sandra for the amazing 3 days. The Reiki Master's course has left me feeling free, light with a tremendous clarity about my life. As you know I used to feel so tired all the time, well that tiredness has now disappeared! I have the motivation to look after my body more by exercising. Thank you, you teach with such love and compassion. I look forward to many other changes that are in the process of taking place because of this course. I will keep you posted! Love Light" Maliha

"Fantastic three days! A lot of clearing a lot of information to take in, but after all a great energising experience that boosted my confidence in my healing powers. Thank you Sandra!" Diana

"An incredible course! I feel as though I have been given life changing tools for self-improvement/empowerment. I shall continue to take these steps day by day in order to achieve full self mastery. Thank you, Sandra!" Wayne

Gina comments after only having been taught the first day of Usui Reiki Masters course (1 week after):

My healing was much more powerful - like an intense surge of electricity and heat. Things that had troubled me before in personal and work situations simply dissolved. I felt much more powerful, grounded and confident with less fear about following my soul's path. A very, very healing and empowering experience! Gina
At the end of the 3 day course Gina comments:
What an incredible three days! Feeling so much more empowered, centred and responsible. Feel the inner child within me which I've ignored for so long is back home safely, held and comforted. So much more aware that I have to be my own mother and father. That no one else can nurture me as well as I can myself.
I can do it and live my life. Feel very confident in my abilities now to teach Reiki. What a blessing!
Thank you, Sandra! Gina
More comments from Gina following the course..
. ..Just want to say a massive 'thank you' for the fabulous Masters course we just finished. It really has,
and I'm sure will continue to be, one of the most transformative experiences ever! Your teaching was not only informative but very thorough..
..another email from Gina:
Thanks so much! I feel so very different after the weekend: much more in my
power.. the blockages I've always felt in my throat have also gone which is
wonderful. I now feel more aligned to my soul's purpose and much more able
to speak My own truth..Love, Gina x

"I am very happy I came to do the masters with Sandra. She is a great healer and I learnt a lot in 3 days. She helped me with lots of issues in my past life and the present, too. I am very confident and more positive now. Thank you, Sandra. Lots of love and all the best for your healing and your life. With lots of love." Farimeh

"I have had three incredibly empowering and cleansing days. I feel as though I have shifted a lot of 'old' stuff as I feel lighter, calmer and much much more relaxed about everything. As always the Reiki energy has changed me, very profoundly, yet very subtly. I look forward to using all these newly learnt tools for my own personal development and for the health, happiness and well-being of my family and friends. It is always a pleasure to spend time with Sandra in the energy field of the healing centre.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you (to Sandra and the Universe)." Harinder

"I never expected to shift so much of my own stuff so quickly! A very moving and exiting process, getting more internal and fulfilling over the 3 days. Last day especially amazing. The advice "physician, heal thyself" is very real here. I feel I now have the tools to move forward myself as well as helping others to do the same. Thanks you Sandra, & Thank you Reiki.
PS: Animals are responding differently to me - more often friendly, including my own! Relationships dynamics amongst my friends are also altering. Woman are more relaxed around me and men move respectul of my space!" Tessa

"To express this change in words is to try to contain the universe in a cardboard box". Miezan

"I feel that I now have some of the most vital tools needed to realize my dreams and remain on my path. Joy, freedom and grace have come available to me. Thank you for the firm and gentle teachings Sandra, I feel prepared and peaceful. Light, love and greatness." Jo

"Thanks for a great course, have felt both good and bad. Like going to the library for the first time and realizing the amount of knowledge and exiting things 'that be but there . Well worth it. Thanks." Jayne

Jo and Miezan comment two weeks after the course:

"We've had a great week, rife with transformation and excitement. Thank you for an amazing Reiki masters course. It was and continues to be a wonderful gift, which I can't wait to share with as many people as possible. I have already invited many of my friends to receive Reki 1 and 2 attunements for free/donation/session swaps which I am looking forward to acting on in the near future. I have also been shown how to move forward dynamically with the manifestation of 'the school' I told you about... Miezan has also manifested more job security this week.I have also started drawing and painting, something which I have not done for a very long time, so the creativity is flowing again, which is really gorgeous. All in all, plenty of joy and a feeling of forward movement. Out of the mud at last! I hope your week has been as blessed.
Sending you lots of joy, light and love"

Since I have done Reiki Masters in January 2005 I have felt much calmer with regards to all situations. It is like having a 'chill pill' permanently! I feel more in control of my emotions generally, also I have a greater sense of inner peace and tranquility. Nothing seems to stress me out nowadays. I also have greater love and insight in all situations. I have given up meat which I had not planned to do either! I ate lots of meat and loved it all my life and now I don't even want it or miss it. My energy work has got even stronger and vibrationally things have changed a lot, too. Light, Angels, Blessing to you, Sandra" Janine

"Master Reiki is like a warm, white bubble floating over everything and sending down love and light, for everyone to enjoy. I have always wanted to do Reiki, once I did Reiki I, it was like being in a lovely seaside and the warm water touching my feet, Reiki II was like warm water, a beautiful feeling, and Master Reiki is like the whole of the ocean: warm, warm and beautiful. Thank you Sandra, for your help and patience". Luis

"An excellent 3 day course. The psychic surgery especially is very powerful and very flexible. It's a great way to integrate the healers knowledge and the intuition of the client. The Tibetan Master Symbol is very powerful and does a differnt job, and has different energy to the Usui Master and emotional symbol. A well recommended course. Following the 2nd day attunement I attended a channel. Afterwards I spoke to spirit about the various points raised in the channelling and asked for his help. Specifically help with healing myself. 5 minutes after asking for help, my hands started to work by themselves. My hands started performing psychic surgery on my self. They worked on my body and aura for 25 - 30 minutes. I had no control over them. Afterwards I felt a lot better and felt that the illness had been removed from my aura. I noticed the following day that my back had got straighter, I was walking taller. I measured myself and was amazed to discover that I was 3/4 inch taller." Tony

"The Reiki Master course left me with a whole new experience of Reiki, the attunements are powerful and had me feel my body as Reiki; in colours of spiraling energy. The psychic surgery is a new tool that I want to offer to my clients right away, as it was very effective on me. It provides a great way of including the clients in the healing process. Thanks!" Andrea

"A most enjoyable and memorable three days. The first week-end was very rewarding as well as relaxing. Sandra is an excellent teacher with an easy going style that is easy and good to absorb". Chris

"The power went up and I almost stopped smoking. Lots of vivid dreams, too!" Patrick

"I am now a master. Wow. I feel very strong. My power is very present in my body and mind. The master days had all different qualities to them. The attunements and especially the Tibetan were very special and intense. I have not felt anything like this before. The intellectual input was very good and well presented. I can use those as a good foundation for my own Reiki teaching. Thank you Sandra." Alexandra

"It has been a wonderful and enlightening three days spent with Sandra and co-student Katherine. I have felt energy cursing through my body, seen the most vibrant colours cascading around me - through the attunements and perhaps most precious of all is the feeling of tranquility of being able to let go and trust that I will be taken care of by a higher energy. Some day I woke up feeling I loved everyone in the universe, and would readily forgive the wrongs of the past. Other days sad feelings surfaced and had to be healed. Just so glad that I am able to heal myself and others who may need it. The path into the future is clear for me, a balance of career and inner self, not making long hours and constantly under stress. I am now free to be a loving human being, a healer and teacher of Reiki.
Thank you Sandra for having guided me through the three Reiki stages with loving care. Thank you Reiki for a wonderful healing gift. Mai"
A few weeks after the course she writes: "I wanted to learn the Master tools to help others and to take care of myself spiritually. The Reiki journey continues to be a healing experience for me. Many old hurts and fears came to the surface and I need to know how to manage these. I also need to re-balance myself after helping others as I seem to get very affected by their emotions. I felt a surge of energy during the 3 class days, sometimes overloading me. It took about a week for the energy to settle down. It seems there is a constant energy field around me, whenever I close my eyes for a minute, beautiful colours come cascading. I feel very loving and calmer than usual. I guess this is what its like in the Master level of Reiki consciousness." Mai

"It seems to be the aftercare that Sandra gives that is so crucial and impacting as I found this quite difficult (and still am). The course was so valulable and I learned a lot more than expected. Teaching by Sandra is totally relevant (materials, class size, subject and relaxation time) and powerful. Even in the sticky bits she helped bring me forward without judgement and helped me on the days of the course in every way since.
With my greatest thanks to my friend Sandra, you inspire and uplift me and have helped in a trillion ways. I wish you all the success and happiness and love that you are. Because you are all these things. Magical.
Love Kathrine."

"The Reiki Masters course was very powerful, intense and incredibly uplifting and empowering. I feel I have released many negative patterns and look forward to teaching others to be able to do the same for themselves. I would highly recommend anyone who has started on the path of Reiki to continue and do the Masters course." Reena

"Reiki Masters was exciting, challenging and highly rewarding. I very much enjoyed my time and look forward to working with others sharing more Reiki. Thank you." Natellie

"Thank you for a wonderful 3 day Reiki Master course and a big thank you for our healing day together. As you know, a lot of energy has started to shift with me now and I am starting to feel much lighter. Even more so now that I have completed all 3 days of the course. My apetite is resuming bit by bit, but still my body wants to do lots of physical exercise. I am just listening to my body and going with the flow. I feel I am still processing the Master energy, but know that I am feeling lighter and very much at peace with myself. Along with my diet changing, I've not been sleeping too well, but I feel it's my body's way of adjusting towards a lightbeing. Since applying the distant symbol, I've been having lots of dreams about my past ie. school days, childhood home etc, but all very positive.
It's difficult to put into words what I am experiencing because what I am feeling is alot of subtle energy and vibrational shifts. The shifts are also affecting me on the physical level, in that my diet has changed and I am no longer able to eat fatty foods and caffeine. In fact, I havn't had a sense of taste/smell with food since I started the course. My body seems to want to exercise all the time, so I have done quite alot of major working out with regards to my training! i'm not complaining, because physical activities are my passion and it's been great to have so much energy to work with. I did a 2 hour workout last week and felt so energised afterwards. I am also finding that I cannot tolerate lower vibration energy in that I get quite impatient with people who offload their problems onto me (there are not that many, but the few that have done so over the past week have irritatated me and I've had to detach myself for the time being. I feel that I am vibrating on a higher level, and know that I have moved on from lower energies).
I've also found that my dreamlife has been very strong and I am dreaming alot about my past experience ie. childhood, past relationships etc. I am also aware that I am continually drawing the Master Usui/Tibetan symbols in dreamstate, so alot of work is also going on with my spirit in the astral world.
I am enjoying my shift of energy and am feeling very liberated as a lightbeing. Long may it continue! I feel that the psychic surgery that I did with Sandra is still working into my energy system, so past life/past issues in this life will start surfacing. The Master energy is a great tool to work with and I know that I will be o.k. and will have the strength to work through all the challenges that come my way.
Thank you Sandra for being such a wonderful Reiki Master and for all your love, light and guidance. It was a real pleasure to spend 3 days with such an enlightened teacher such as you." With love & light, Anil x

"This has most definatley been the most powerful experience I have been through and still going through, everything in my body moved, from flu, period, the runs, not feeling ill with it but, everything pouring out, this is also happening emotionally, all thoughts pouring out, I would recommend anyone who is working full time to take a week off between the two weekends. It is a lot to cope with, and I felt that I should have done this to take in everything, and understand what was happening to me. I felt as if I had to take this Friday off, (a whole day for me) and I did and feel much better for it, between the two weekends I was high one minute and low the next, a very mixed week, also so much heat I thought at one stage I would explode, but when I came out on the following Sunday I did feel so much better, overall I feel strong and I feel complete within myself, their somehow doesn't seem to be a need to ask so many questions, and if I do ask the answer is OK, in regards to the course I really did enjoy it, meeting everyone I think we were all meant to meet for some rason, and your teaching is very relaxed but informative, and a pleasure, overall I cannot find anything that you need to change in regards to our group as it just flowed, you are a very talented teacher, and I am sure each class is different and you are well adjusted to suit all needs, once again thank yo for completting a journey for me. Love Helen".

"A very rewarding and emotional experience with so many changes. I felt as though a river of light had taken over me in life. I have become much more spiritual and have experienced a complete emotional change also. I find myself being more tolerant with people and becoming more sensitive of people. I feel that my "Third Eye" has opened along with all the sensitivity that comes with it. Felt very alive and very vibrant after the course. I felt I should have taken some time off work to experience all that was happening to me.
I find that at work people react differently to me. I presume this is due to different energy levels and changes in personality that have taken place in the last few weeks. I find myself drinking less, a complete change in lifestyle is taking place.
The teaching and course overall was of good quality and produced excellent results." Mark

“Since doing the Masters' course, I feel in some way as though I have progressed from driving a nice saloon car, to a turbo-charged sports variety! The effect on everything has been truly wonderful. Even simple "hands on" is quite a different and deep experience. I give myself an hour's session and find that the energy is literally coursing through my feet and legs and the whole feeling is so amazing I can hardly bring myself to stop! I especially love the psychic surgery, and use every opportunity I can to practice this on anyone I am treating. The colours and lights and energy that accompany this are so fantastic, and there are some wonderful psychic experiences which I have had afterwards as well.
I am feeling a very strong pull towards practising Rei-ki on a more serious level myself since having completed the course and have a very strong image of me being able to do this once we can move to Ghana as planned..

I also feel that it has changed me on a more subtle level too. I find that I have a particularly acute awareness now of my responsibilities to "live by example" and to demonstrate to others how this impact on one's life can change everything for the good. This is not some sort of moral crusade - I'm still smoking, drink the occasional bottle of wine, get stressed out with colleagues at work etc etc, but there is definitely a shift of some description taking place.” Nicola

"Wow! Fabulous three days with Sandra. I was expecting to move plenty of emotional baggage, but I certainly wasn't prepared for the amount that I ended up moving. Sandra taught at a comfortable and relaxed pace, and I didn't feel unable to stop her and ask for clarification if I was unsure. I really should have taken a couple of days off after the 1st weekend, just to allow the huge energy shifts to settle. I came on the course with a constant and mild ache/discomfort in my solar plexus region, which interestingly cleared on the final day of the course. I also experienced a nice and healthy emotional release that had been a long time coming. All in all, I would recommend to all Reiki Two's who are mentally debating whether or not they're ready, to just do it, and progress to your own next level...you are ready, you always have been. Enjoy your journey my fellow travellers. Love and light" Andrew

" Having been given the Usui Master symbol and having the soul reading from Sandra about an issue of obsession with a certain man - this issue was already 14 years old and I hadn't seen this person for 6 years in person - that night (after 1. day of the masters course) I engineered our meeting and we cleared the problem together for good. Without Sandra pointing out to me the inherent divinity in all human beings, this never would have happened.
Thank you, Sandra, for your teaching and our wonderful chats. All my love." Katie

"I have had great fun learning about becoming a Reiki master. It has been a privelege to be able to work one-to-one with Sandra and she has given me the confidence needed to go through the attunements and undertake the responsibilites and opportunities that go with the 'Masters'. I have been warned that the course could be tough going and difficult but this was misleading and totally untrue. Interestingly, I had a 'blockage' which manifested itself in choking. When it came back again, I was able to discuss it with relative ease and I knew that I could do it again. Sandra has been clear, concise and a brilliant teacher. As a teacher myself, I recognize the rare gift of being able to instantly "click" with your student and gauge optimum speed and approach for an enriching learning process to take place. The work I need to have to undertake on myself is not inconsiderable. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you, Sandra. Light and Love Saxon"

Gina comments after only having been taught the first day of Usui Reiki Masters course (1 week after):
My healing was much more powerful - like an intense surge of electricity and heat. Things that had troubled me before in personal and work situations simply dissolved. I felt much more powerful, grounded and confident with less fear about following my soul's path. A very, very healing and empowering experience! Gina
At the end of the 3 day course Gina comments:
What an incredible three days! Feeling so much more empowered, centred and responsible. Feel the inner child within me which I've ignored for so long is back home safely, held and comforted. So much more aware that I have to be my own mother and father. That no one else can nurture me as well as I can myself.
I can do it and live my life. Feel very confident in my abilities now to teach Reiki. What a blessing!
Thank you, Sandra!

"A fantastic three days. I have experienced so much on such a deep level.
On the first day, I was feeling spaced out and clear; as if a deep, cleansing process had just taken place.
By the second day felt very energetic, and on the third day had very complex feelings where I felt as
though my past was surfacing and it was being dealt with throughout the day. I have had the opportunity to
work with a great team and a fantastic teacher. Thank you Sandra for helping me get through my Masters."
Love Harvir

"I am very pleased with the course. It's been a wonderful experiencethat I'll never forget. Thanks for the way you have taught us, helpedus, and explained everything in such a professional and caring way. I am
really looking forward to put all the tools and techniques I've learned into practice. Thank you very much Sandra!"

"I found the training came at the right time and in the right way for me. I needed specific attention to detail and also firm, but compassionate, teaching. I felt the pace was just right for the master training.
It definitely needed 3 days! Thank you for the excellent teaching Sandra.
With Love" Naomi

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