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The Usui/Tibetan style of Reiki,
a combination of Japanese and Western Reiki methods.

One-day Usui Reiki II Course with Sandra Ditta Herrmann

Reiki II provides great tools for those who want to take responsibility for their lives enabling them to heal themselves and situations
How they feel, what situations they choose to be in and heal and how they feel about people and themselves.

You can go a very long way in your own healing process with the Reiki II material if your goal is to work towards harmony and peace.

In Reiki II three symbols are taught that have specific uses.
The main uses are for:

Energetic space clearing
Sealing a room in love and light
Using the Reiki symbols in a treatment for increased healing power
Mental/Emotional cleansing

Distant Healing

In the Reiki II Attunement Course you will learn Distant Healing for Situations
PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE. For example:

PAST: Whenever you feel fear, hurt, blame, anger, co-dependency or any emotion that is not love, you can now acknowledge that you feel this emotion as you have the tool to clear it. These feelings might sometimes stem from past situation or even past lives. With the distant healing you can send energy back in time into a past situation or past life for healing (perhaps repeatedly over days or weeks). This can have a great effect on how you feel in the present.

PRESENT: You can also, for example, program some healing for yourself on certain issues so that you feel balanced, energized and confident throughout the day.

FUTURE: If you have, for example, a meeting with someone and you are afraid that it might not be a harmonious one, but you wish it to be for the sake of both of you, you can send loving energy into this future meeting with the Distant Healing:

Reiki II is a great tool when it comes to relationships. As you can't make someone change, you can work on yourself and see what happens. In most cases, if a part of you feels balanced and healed, you will find that people also react more positively, not reacting to, or matching, the unhealed part in you.

The biggest opportunity we get to heal ourselves is from the interaction with other people and their feedback. Whenever we have an uncomfortable feeling in the heart area, it will be our issue as well as the person we are interacting with. We can only rely on feedback from others and our own body responses to show us what needs healing in ourselves.

If, for example, someone brings up a certain insecurity in you, then your own insecurity is what you need to work on. Once you have healed this you will perhaps react differently to the same situation now your buttons (unhealed parts) are not being pushed anymore. Of course, there might be many layers of insecurity that you need to work on and clear bit by bit, but if your aim is to clear this then you will !

There are many ways to use "Distant Healing" and the above situations are just some of the many possible uses.

You will learn how to send healing energy/healing to people in need - Distant Healing for emotional, mental and physical problems ( or concerns).

Another tool which you will learn is the Mental/Emotional cleansing process.

This has proved to be especially useful for people who find it very hard to stop thinking, causing the head to feel overloaded (this is due to worry, confusion, etc, which are mental stresses that cause unpleasant emotions). This mental/emotional cleansing process usually only takes 15 minutes and can clear the head, leaving the person more positive, often light-headed and emotionally calm with a relaxed mind. You can do this process on yourself as well as on others. If you work on others you will need to ask for energy permission.

Specific Course information:
In the course you will receive one attunement. There will be plenty of practice with the
symbols including a one-hour treatment exchange.

A manual will be given out at the end of the course.

Next Course Date:
Please ring for dates, 10 am - 7.30 pm
£120, non-refundable deposit £40

Repeats are at a reduced price, please call me.

Please ring Sandra to book alternative dates on 07752168159 (text) or 020 8579 7230.

Courses will take place at the Alexandria Healing Centre
39 Alexandria Road, West Ealing, London, W13 ONR.

To book your place please ring the Alexandria Healing Centre on

020 8579 7230 or email info@alexandriahealing.co.uk

Client comments:

“I really enjoyed the day and I'm feeling very light and slightly care free today, which is exactly what my soul has been crying out for." Sonia

"It was a powerful one day workshop, allowing me to re-discover some forgotten, but deeply rooted issues from my past. Sandra has gently guided me to face them, which helped me to free myself from constrains, holding me back to be ‘my full self’. To me, Reiki II is like a ‘practical tool kit’, enabling me to tackle day to day life and empowering me to cleanse, protect and heal my own past, present and future. Apart from personal growth, I can now spread the channelled healing powers to my friends, family and clients independently from where they are. I am still feeling filled with radiant energy, content and at peace. Sandra, thank you so much for your dedication, patience and loving care. I appreciate it a lot and I would recommend you as a wonderful teacher to anyone, who would like to grow on every level.” Eva

"After completing my Reiki 2 with Sandra at The Alexandria Healing Centre, I noticed the effects immediately. Things that had been emotionally confusing me and draining me beforehand, all evaporated. It was almost like this new found internal strength took over my whole being. I became energetically stronger, more positive and events in my life began flowing with such synchronicity. Since focusing positive Reiki energy on the things which I felt were negative aspects in my life, in the space of 3 weeks, positive like minded people have been drawn into my life and have assisted me in my own personal development. I am so thankful to have completed my Reiki 2 and feel blessed to have had this knowledge passed on to me. I hope to share Reiki energy with many others who cross my path and look forward to seeing and hearing the positive elements Reiki can be achieve in others as well." Yara

" I just wanted to say thank you again for the reiki II on Sunday. It feels really good to be in your presence and in your home - I really appreciate that. I feel so great since the course, as though there is new level of calm and ease developed in me. I feel also very aware of my thoughts and how incessant they can be as well since the course and it is really f*ing irritating!! haha. I have done the M/E cleansing procedure a couple of times and I have to say... wow. Seriously I am in awe of how effective this is. I keep laughing thinking about the energy assessment you did, that was super fun!" James

"Everything was very well explained without any room for doubt. Also we learned things at just the right pace. Many thanks for a great introduction and I am looking forward to feeling a lot lighter in the near future." Noel

"I believe the 1st week was the one I felt more happiness around everything, I was so calm with myself. During those 21st days I had at least 3 very difficult days, I suddenly felt angry with everything, I even remember thinking I haven't felt like that for a long time, like if everything was going wrong with my life...I think I was releasing a kind of pain I had deeply on me that I didn't know about. But the feeling now is marvelous... When I'm doing Reiki I feel the energy now as I've never felt before. It's so much stronger and it goes much deeper. Sometimes it seems my hands are so so hot like if they were under the sun in a very warm beach. The feeling inside of my body is also much stronger, like if I had a warm wind going around my organs. I've been cleaning my room with the 2 symbols and it's right after that I feel like a cup of tea and doing reiki. Such a short time since this big step and I feel already such a big difference...I wanna thank you for everything you've done, I'm so grateful to the Universe for
bringing you to me. Love" Helena

”I want to thank you for the Reiki II Attunement which I received last Sunday and for all your teaching, support and patience.   What a wonderful experience it was.  It has certainly changed the energy levels and I feel such peace, joy and happiness – I was even singing as I did the housework on Monday!! 
It is great to be able to use the Distant Healing symbol for different people and their situations as well as feeling a greater energy when channelling Reiki to others. I am much more positive about my future path now. Once again many thanks for everything.
Peace, joy and love to you”. Thelma

"Feeling very light and serene which makes a massive difference to my emotional state the day before. I am now floating." Susana

"I had a really enjoyable day and I'm leaving feeling lighter, brighter and definitely more serene. I'm looking forward to using Reiki on myself and others!" Ravinder

"Thank you Sandra for another eye-opening relaxing and inspiring day. I am looking foward to practising the new techniques you taught us today, which I know will be beneficial to me and my new baby. I feel much lighter and more balanced than I did this morning - wonderful energy." Jo

"Thank you Sandra for a wonderful relaxing day. It's great to be attuned to Reiki II so that I can enhance my channelling abilities when praqctising on family and friends. I feel relaxed and energised having experienced peaceful energies all day. I look forward to seeing you for Reiki Master course. With love and light." Anil

"A great day! I feel Reiki II has given me much more and will help me on my spiritual path. Thank you." Ricardo

"I found the group very friendly and we did a lot of exchanging of ideas throughout the day. Enjoyed learning the symbols and they feel empowering. I intend to practive more with level II. Thank you, Sandra and everyone else for the healing and learning." Maria

"This course lighened me up what the Reiki really is (she had not done Reiki I with me). I feel much more confident and calmer. I have more space in my body and mind. Thank you very much". Urzula

"The course was informative and taught me much more about energy and the way it works. I would recommened it to anyone interested in energy work. Fun and life changing" Rachel

"Just brilliant, nervous at the start but this quickly disappeared with Sandra's help. Sandra's teaching is so precise and thorough - she made sure we got the symbols spot-on and gave us a lot of space to practice. The attunement was very powerful and I feel really connected with myself and Reiki today. The treatment was so powerful though I have had little practice and Sandra was so encouraging and supportive. Fantastic day and food! Will even go for the masters. Lots of love Angela".

"Thank you for the space I needed to find myself. Since Reiki I my life has changed and now after today I feel anything is possible - it was wonderful being just the two of us as I felt a great warmth and I feel really so peaceful and ready. I am very excited and looking forward to coming to this very special place again. Deborah"

"I thoroughly enjoyed this - it was a very relaxed day. Learning to use the Reiki symbols will make a big difference to my use of Reiki - as well as using distant healing. I am now feeling calm and clear and ready to face the world again!" Jill

"I really enjoyed the experiences I had during the course. Lots of deep clearing took place and I feel ready to move forward with my life and the work I have accepted joyfully. Thank you Sandra Light, love and greatness to you. Jo"

"This has been a good day. I came feeling drained and tired and feel envigorated and refreshed now. I found the mental and emotional healing very helpful and grounding for me. I also feel that my healing energy has increased through using the symbols. Thanks so much, Sandra, for all your time and commitment. Looking forward to the Masters!" Mary

"I found the course to be very enlightening and beneficial. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and had great confidence in Sandra. I feel completely confident now to be a Reiki practitioner and when the times right to become a Reiki master. I also feel that I can now move forward in my life as a stronger, more positive being. Thank you. Blessed be" Eddie

"Thank you for the Reiki II, the mental and emotional cleansing has already helped and learning distance healing has reinforced and strenthened my belief to take control of my life." Shani

"Thank you so much, it has been a fantastic experience. I know that all the energy comes from the universe and the universe is here to help if we are open to listen and change. I feel that this is my time to take the energy from the universe and use it in the most positive way. This is the Era of change." Adriana

"Felt more integrated, raised confidence. Sandra was very patient and a well up knowledge. The day after she emails: Just a quick thank you for yesterday, as always very uplifting.  I woke up today feeling confident and more positive about myself, life etc. Surprised myself by really remembering all symbols and names, have already used the space clearing in my living room - feels good." Ruth
"An amazing experience, which has made me feel more energised and grounded.I  feel confident in my ability." Thank you! Amanda (name changed)

"Today Reiki Second Degree course was amazing with Sandra. I felt very nice energy. I never felt this before, lots of light and love." Fatema

"I took Reiki I with Sandra last year and today I completed Reiki II. She is very knowlegable, compassionate and such a lovely teacher to be around with. Thank you so much for sharing these teachings and for encouraging to make a difference in this world. Thank you Sandra for being such an inspiration. Love and light." Angela

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