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Pictures from my holiday in the Philippines Oct/Nov 2012.

Flew to Manilla, then with bus to Luzon in the North, then flew to the Island Busuanga (great for diving, I saw the most amazing fish), Palawan and Bohol, then Cebu.

Chapel on the 9th floor of a 5 star hotel in Manilla and the view from my accomodation in the north of the Philippines, area Luzon
Tabacco Tricicles
Jeepney buses landslide
rice fields  
walking in rice fields, I loved it.  
I was inside the jeepney, don't have to do everything.... Sadly I woke him up shortly after...he was not happy
church in middle of ricefield  
coffins in the entrance of a cave (rich people used to pay for that) fabulous cave, no shoes policy
water inside cave white and back chocolate
natural springs  
  Corron Island
cocked and raw eggs can't remember name of this animal...was very smelly, that I remember..
  Christmas tree in garage
Christmas tree on Island  
  Ice cream
Just voted the 6th world wonder - unterwater sea of 3 km length! Water of colour very special as salt and sea water meet here. Traditional halu halu icecream with beans and fruit
  oldest church, had hundreds of birds nesting INSIDE. Very noisy with bird singing!! Amazing though!
Wall of church  
Python, eats a 50 kg pig once a month...glad she did not move at all...  

Bohol Island - famous chocolate hills (normally more brown)
When land was under water there, hills for formed from coral! Very special!

Real flower, looked and felt like plastic boat restaurant
seaweed (I did try it but I can say it's not my thing...)  
Coron Island  
  Christmas Tree in preparation
close up of Christmas tree Sweet Stick animals on my arm, they feel like a stick, too.
I did this. The first 10 meters were very steep...might not do it again now..  


Seaweed, save to take a picture of... Transvestite was pretending to sing with emotions.
Then even tried a bit of pole dancing on the house whilst singing. It came as an unexpected surprise in the zoo with the snake and other animals. We cracked up frankly (me and about another 10 Chinese tourist which could not get over it...)
The one and only Tasiers - mix between bat (ears) and rat (tale). Blind during the day but going off into the jungle during the night, can jump 5 meters from tree to tree.  
  The can turn the head 180 degrees!! (see photo)
Chrysalis Like plant was painted on..
I have off course another 200 pictures but those have hopefully given you an idea of the Philippines.

People are lovely there. Tourist were mainly Philippinos. I had a great holiday.