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     Usui Reiki I

      Sandra Ditta Herrmann
       Usui Reiki Master &
       Karuna Reiki® Master
         Member of the Reiki Federation

Self -Treatment Through Reiki - The Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. The Reiki energy can be experienced by either ‘hands on’ or by distant healing.

A wonderful opportunity for everyone. When regularly used, Reiki can support you and give you the courage to take full responsibility for yourself on every level. It will increase your sense of worth and your ability to love yourself.

One-day Reiki course. In Reiki I you will receive attunements (symbols are placed in your crown, 3rd eye and palms) that will then enable you to channel this wonderful loving Reiki energy through your hands. All you need to do is place your hands on yourself with your loving intention and it can help.

centre you when you feel scattered
energise you when you feel drained
calm you when you feel afraid
focus your mind and help you find solutions
relieve pain
accelerate healing of wounds/injuries/infections
improve health, gradually clear up old illnesses
prevent development of disease
help release emotional wounds, limiting attitudes, fears and damaging behaviour patterns.

Further use of Reiki.
You will be able to use Reiki on animals and plants. I will also teach other areas of use such as applying Reiki on seeds (pre-germination), food/water, bathing, infusing gifts or presents or letters with the positive energy allowing you to pass on that loving feeling.

Further course info. The Reiki I one-day course includes practical parts such as self-treatments, treating each other (going through the most important hand positions), working on plants already using powerfully the Reiki energy. We will also cover rules and regulations, how to prepare a treatment room, possible experiences during the treatment, etc.

45 min of Self treatment in the morning.

Giving a one hour session to a fellow student (after full demonstration by me, your manual with all hand positions can also be kept handy).

Cost for Reiki I course.
  £ 100, (manual included, group up to six people), tea and biscuits will be provided, £40 non-refundable deposit.

Next Course Dates for Usui Reiki I (1 day course):

Sun, 18th October 2020

Please call to arrange course date other course date if needed.
10 am - 7:30 pm
Please ring for alternative dates. 

£100 (£40 non-refundable deposit).
Repeats at a reduce price, please call Sandra.              

For bookings, please call the Alexandria Healing Centre on 077521 68159 (text) or 020 8579 7230.

Sunday courses:
(West Ealing Station closed, go to Ealing Broadway tube or Northfields tube)

Client Comments:

“Thank you all for making the day yesterday so delightful! It was amazing and I feel really great and very "clean and pure" today. It was totally wonderful. Sandra - you were amazing - totally authentic and just yourself and it was amazing. Girls - you were all great! Thank you! Briony

"I had a great experience spending a day with Sandra - learning and practicing Reiki I. She is very knowledgable, compassionate, empathetic and very friendly. I felt very at ease and comfortable to be in her class, especially as we had to obey the social distancing rules and do things accordingly because of the Covid 19 guidelines. Her course is very thorough, and concise but also very professional and full of great insight. Having done Reiki I with another teacher many years ago I was not ready at the time to go through the process but I can also say that Sandra's ways or teachings have helped me to make the connection I needed. I enjoyed the course very mcuh and I am looking forward to taking other courses with her in the future. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience." Angela

“It was such a pleasure to meet you! I had the most wonderful day with you and the group...I have been practising Reiki on my family and also I did 1hr on myself yesterday. I feel so healed.... Thank you again..!!! When I woke up this morning I was so surprised it looked like I had walked out of a Spa!! My face was vibrant, glowing and my eyes were sparkly....”  Raj

"Enjoyable and enlightening experience. Quite intense in terms of the
energy levels but a real eye-opener. The Reiki with the plants was pretty
amazing. Thoroughly enjoyable." Geetha

Comments a few weeks after Reiki I course:
"I have now come to realise that the Reiki course is the best gift that I got myself this year. Since being on the course and practising the 21 days healing (21 day cleansing process), I am getting to know myself more. I am listening more to my intuition and I am listening to signs that my body gives me. What I find amazing is when direct healing to a source of pain, that the pain actually disappears instantly. I think this is the evidence I needed to trust in the unseen forces. This gives me a feeling of deep peace now, knowing that I am connecting to the divine and living a magical and enchanted life. My life now has new meaning. I wake early everyday and routinely, tune into the divine to give myself reiki healing, what I am finding now is that time flies by and I don't even notice. The time I spend healing is getting longer everyday and I feel amazing each day. My mind is with less noise and I am now able to think positively, letting go of all worries because I know deep within me that all things will be exactly as designed to be, in its own appointed time. I now trust completely in the Universe and this gives me a sense of power and exhilaration. I am experiencing new things about myself. I am been through soul searching and I now know what I need to do with regards my life's purpose and I am moving towards that. There is healing in my future, communication in my future and a lot of fun with music coming up. I am grateful to Universe for all my blessings and thankful for my path taking me towards Sandra. I guess we could say it was destined and was always in the plan, however, it must be said that Sandra has been a catalyst to transformation taking place in my life and I am truly grateful for this." Abi

Comments one week after Reiki I course: “I have practised Reiki on myself every day. There were some frustrations with chatty mind but it's much easier to dispel now, it quietens more readily and rapidly. Still lots of interferences though. I feel emotionally more stable and calmer. I have had some creative ideas that I have felt inspired to act on, which is brilliant as I lost my creative output some years ago and have never regained the heart to try. I gave my Mum a Reiki session on Sunday. She is not a well person and I wondered what the effect would be. She responded so brilliantly, it was tremendously encouraging. I'm going to start giving her weekly sessions. I also was able to get my 4yr old nephew to calm enough to sleep by giving him Reiki on the forehead. Having experimented I find I like to practice last thing at night as a tribute to the day. The music I play has become less full of melody, more static and calm. I have been thanking the Reiki guides and the Universe and begun dreaming again. My symptoms are clearing. I feel like it's possible to start enjoying life again. Love and thanks” Isabel

"The course was fantastic and I really enjoyed the day. I will be using Reiki on myself every day as well as on friends and family. This is the start of a very exciting journey. Thanks a bunch hugs" Monyka

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Saturday with you and the others at the Reiki 1 Attunement Course. It was a fantastic experience and I am certainly intent on continuing to use this wonderful energy. I feel very relaxed, positive and peaceful. Many thanks for your teaching and kindness in providing support and encouragement throughout Saturday.  Love and blessings"  Thelma

"Thank you Sandra for a wonderful Reiki healing session and for your kindness, love, and consideration. You are a terrific person, I am so grateful. Love and light" Mick "I came this morning for the Reiki course like a Rhino. But I am leaving as a Dove flying towards the rainbow. Thanks." Gulianne

"Really great vibe - had a thoroughly enjoyable day - it was great. Thank you very much Sandra and to everyone else for being so supportive!" Emma

"Very relaxed atmosphere, lovely down-to-Earth teacher, great group and I can't wait to practice Reiki on myself for the benefits." Joanna

"Thanks for the wonderful day shifting to a higher state of being "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish he eats for life." Liam "When I walked through the door I felt very tense now I am leaving I feel in touch with harmony, I feel joyful, happy and loved." Charmayne

"I first had a Reiki treatment 3 yrs ago and have embraced it in my life ever since. This one day Reiki I course has further enlightened me, and Sandra is a perfect spiritual teacher. I feel warmth in my hands and a certainty that I am on the right path. Knowing that I will heal myself further and other people, animals, etc. fills me with a sense of well being. I was guided toward this course with Sandra, and I am so very happy that I trusted my instincts. This group and Sandra were wonderful." Tami

"Very good open experience. I learned a lot and was really impressed by Reiki and the teaching." Edward

"Very good course. Sandra gave us 100% care and attention and did everything to look after us. She will give us continued support if necessary. I did not think I would feel as strong and content as I do now. Thank you." Rosalind

"I had a very good session with Sandra. Felt great, very relaxed and confident after Reiki I. Would love to do Reiki II at some point. Will definately come again for Reiki II. Sandra is a very helpful and friendly person, a very good Reiki teacher. It was really a very different and uplifting experience. Felt like in a different world." Vish

"Today was a very joyous, exiting, exilerating and peaceful day. Thanks you Sandra for starting me off on my new journey. With love and light." Izzy

"I really enjoyed today. Reiki is very relaxing. I felt so good and happy. I am going to do Reiki on my friends and family. Thanks Sandra." Hasina

“Wonderful to feel the energy flowing so powerfully”. Steve

“Provided a greater understanding of the positive use of energy from the universe. Relaxing and enjoyable.”Mike

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. Your love and joy and energy and whole 'oneness' with us yesterday on the Reiki course - beyong anything I'm sure we expected. The time - 11 hours - and caring and consideration and sharing of your life with us and your patience and kindnes will be with us for life and hopefully we will be able to pass at least some of it, in the future in our own lives, to others. We met as strangesrs and through your wisdom, joy of life and guidance, we left - changed forever, in a positive way and as friends. Many thanks for a wonderful life-changing day. If you ever need me, call me, Sincerely" Maron H. (Maron had sent this wonderful message as a card a day after the course, made me cry).

"Thank you Sandra for helping me find my light. I feel a real shift has taken place and it is now time to move forward". Nancy

"After the course I felt sensitivity in my solar plexus and right thigh as if I had been overexercising. Experienced feelings of irritation, anger, resentment, rebellion and frustration as if I was in a pressure cooker but these passed within the 21 day clearing timeframe. Been practising Reiki on myself regularly and enjoying the feelings of comfort and nurturing and an improvement in quality of sleep. Feel really pleased I did the course - it has been so valuable and empowering." Elisabeth

“Enligtening, extremely relaxing. I know I have connected with teachings I know from the past”. Christine

"By the end of the day's course, I felt as if a week's treatment had been condensed into a day. It's wonderful knowing how to use and apply the energy for self healing and healing others." Kathryn
A week later Kathryn writes: "So far with the Reiki, I have been flowing, in the moment, thinking with my heart so much. I am truly amazed at how in the moment, and flowing and content I am. I have never felt like this before. Something happened!!" Kathryn

"I didn't know what Reiki was and what its going to be. But as soon as we started I felt calmer and by the end of the courseI felt I was so relaxed, like I had two weeks holiday. Thank you Sandra"

"Very relaxing deep session. Sandra has a deep understanding of universal energies. Hopefully this is the beginning of a healing path, to help the world and all its occupants!" Kelvin

"Thank you SO much for Sunday. I really feel so different and amazingly I've had a lot of clients give me amazing feed back about my 'hot tingly hands!' I feel like a weight has slipped from my shoulders and I can't wait to keep on progressing. Many thanks again!" Michelle

"A totally new and different experience. Very relaxing. Many thanks, Sandra!” Helen

Here is a client story that is very touching - overcoming drugs and alcohol:
"I got married 3 years ago to my boyfriend of 6 years, after marriage he would constantly stay out overnight and then finally confessed to me he had been doing a class a drug for the last 5/6 years. Ofcourse I was shocked and then during the next 3 years I believed him everytime he told me he had stopped, being asian and living with inlaws did not help the situation at all. I had support from my family but I would try and avoid them as no-one was living my miserable life, I even stopped working but stayed out from morning until late at night. In turn I kept turning to cannibas and in July 2003 I began to drink heavily as me and my husband were becoming 2 strangers in the same house, by august I was drinking 5 and more double vodkas everyday and smoking, it became more obsessive when I suspected my husband had cheated on me. I went abroad to get away as I seperated from my husband for 5 months but the problem didn't go away. I was now drinking and smoking like crazy, I knew it had to stop but it felt like my only escape. In February 2004 my sister had researched reiki she also being a depressive person from a young age needed to find peace, after her level 1 she told me how she felt, it sounded good to me as I was before my problems quite a spiritual person. In April me and my husband gave our relationship another chance, within one of being back I found out for a fact that he had cheated on me in his high state of mind. Ofcourse this shattered me but this time I didn't leave, I cried and cried and thought it was completely over but then suddenly I saw it as a sign that maybe all this came out now so that we could shut this door and open another, and start anew. Through hypnotherapy he had given up the drugs during our seperation. But my drinking still continued it was my way of once again handling the truth. After many lengthy talks with my sister I booked in for the level 1 reiki course, I had already thought in my head that this would be the only way I could give up the drink and smoke. In between the booking of the course and actually doing it my relationship was taking its toll as my drink had become an issue. My parents became aware of me smoking which made things worse. I couldn't wait for the course. Sure enough after my level 1 reiki I have not touched alcohol or cigarettes again, it has now been 4 months and I feel much happier in my life and my world, I have a job that I thought I was never capable of having, im in the process of buying a new house, starting a family in the new year and considering taking up a diploma course in hypnotherapy to help others. After a month I took up the level 2 reiki course as I felt that I needed the extra healing to help overcome certain thoughts and help myself At the moment I don't look at reiki to become a master worker but more to help myself as it is not easy to forget the past, and even now sometimes my mind does overtime in the thinking department but I recognise this and then turn towards my reiki. Reiki has changed my life and bought my belief in god back to me. I hope this does help people turn towards reiki and hopefully one day the whole world will be naturally healed. Finally I want to say thank you to you sandra for helping and teaching me the art of reiki and also for giving me the odd reality check. If it hadn't been for you I wouldn't have found this self healing skill for peace and had it not been for my sister I would not have found your healing centre."

"I feel honoured and blessed to have experienced the healing and love given by Sandra and the group. Reiki on. Thank you". Anthia

"I have had a very enlightening day and throughly enjoyed working with the whole group, I feel peaceful and balanced. Thank you for your guidence". Holly

"A very enjoyable day - thank you Sandra for welcoming the group into your wonderful healing centre and home, and for giving us such wonderful skills to use. With love." Rosie

"I have had an uplifting and spiritual experience here today. Thank you. With love". Gwen

"Wonderful to open my chakras so quicky and to reach such a high level of spiritual awareness! Enjoyed giving the treatment as much as I did receiving it. Thanks". Melanie

"What a wonderful experience! I enjoyed the day - learning lots and I feel I have grown. Good company, good food and spiritual development, too!" Kirstie

"Amazing experience, very intense but leading to an impressive feeling of well being and total calm. To be offered to everyone in search of love and balance." Subirana

" A very rejuvenating day, peace and contentment was found, very friendly and professional." Myrna. "Thanks Sandra - I am glad to have been introduced to this "healing hands" therapy. Just lovely." Briony

"A very informative and completely relaxing. I look forward to level II". Karina " I received Reiki I attunement for a second time today as I was accompanying my daughter. It was a great experience and Rebecca was a great healer! I'd recommend it to other mothers - it is a very special experience. Thank you, Sandra!" Deborah and daughter Rebecca (8 years of age)

"That was a very pleasant experience you've got a nice way of introducing us to a new universe in which all of us can benefit. Thank you for being here!" Marcia

"Thank you Sandra for a great day and for being such a lovely teacher. I've been looking forward to Reiki and I can see so well how it will help me in the future. Lots of Love". Gilly

"I would like to thank Sandra, for introducint the experience of Reiki in to my every day life. The day was a fantastic mind opening experience, very relaxed and peaceful. It will be a day that I will be recommending to my friends." Alan

"A very wonderful experience. Very knowledgeable and very relaxing at the same time. Feel like a shift has started in terms of my spiritual journey. Thank you very much." Anita

"Had a very interesting day....very relaxing. Wasn't sure what to expect at first. My mind was completely relaxed by the end of the day and Ifelt quite calm and in balance." Jodie

"Before coming, I didn't know what to expect. Sandra is a great teacher with a lot of patience and a good sense of humour, so thank you. My hands are still throbbing, the experience was surreal. I hope now that I can only bring goodness to myself and others. I will definately be coming back to Sandra for my level 2." Harjeet

"Before doing Reiki I I would wake up with a constant headache. I would feel it on the left hand side of my head only. Since doing the course my headaches have disappeared. I no longer feel that heavy burden. Amazing!!! I hope I can continue to see changes in myself and my healing and hopefully be able to pass it onto others. Thank you Sandra" Christine

"I am feeling very energetic relaxed. I liked the session with Sandra. It was very informative and I wish her good luck." Chandni (one-to-one course)

"Thanks for an enlightening and healing day. Since then, as you said would haplpen much emotional stuff has been coming to the surface, leaving me wondering why Ididn't do this reiki course sooner ans save myself dealing with all this at once!" Sarah "A wonderful day, I felt nervous at the beginning but felt really reassured very quickly. Was very moved by the attunements and could feel the effect of them, lunch was fantastic. The atmosphere was really safe and loving and I look forward to the growth taking place and the Reiki II." Angela

"Thanks for a great leaning experience. I hope to combine Reiki with the massage and I know it will bring about huge benefits for both myself and my clients. The size of the class was perfect, lunch was lovely and there was a wonderful calming atmosphere. Thanks very much." Helen

"Wonderful, a real eye opener. Looking forward to where this new path will lead me. I liked the attunements, lunch was great, in fact the whole atmosphere and environment was calming. A day well spent." Khadijah

"Thank you Sandra for an amazingly relaxing day. Self-treatment and treatment on each other was a very loving/enriching experience. Thanks again for all your help." Roxana

"Feeling quite tired but very peaceful and light - thank you for a really special day - looking forward to more." Deborah

"The healing centre wasn't at all what I expected, it exceeded my expectations..of course! From the moment I sat down in the kitchen with a cup of tea I felt immediately relaxed and very welcome, already aware of Sandra's energy. The course itself was an incredibly healing experience and Ieft me feeling much lighter. Before the course I was worried about self-conscious feelings but they melted away. I enjoyed Sandra's style of teaching through warm conversation and honesty. The lunch was also fabulous! Anna

"A very rewarding day - calming and relaxing. I left in a very positive frame of mind, eager to read up more on Reiki and looking forward to further learning. Sandra is a very effective teacher - not only because of her technical know-how, but also because of her laid back and open personality. Many thanks. Love Dan"

"It was a very amazing experience - invigorating and relaxing at the same time! It will certainly open a new chapter in my life! Can't wait to apply Reiki to my daily life and experience self-healing and self-love. I do feel lighter, loving and giving after this one day! Thanks a lot for this life-changing experience! It was a pleasure and priviledge to meet you! Love Simone"

"I started doing Reiki with Sandra about three months ago and have benefitted enormously. Sandra is a great teacher - and now I can easily do healing on myself and learn a little bit more every time I see her. I particularly enjoyed the Reiki I course which I feel gave me a bit head start. I have been very ill but have found great peace through healing". Jill

"A really wonderful day. Thank you very much Sandra. Your treatments have been really helping with my recovery from candida albicans overgrowth and emotional well-being." Katie "A very relaxing and enjoyable day. I don't think you have had another person relax so much that they have fallen asleepl!" Keela

"Thank you. It has been an important day on my path towards healing and love. I enjoyed everything about it and your support and love was precious." Karen

"I did Reiki I with you in May and the cahanges in my life have been so dramatic that I am really keen on continueing. The reason I first became interestsed in Reiki was that a friend recommened it to me because I had suffered from fertility problems and an imbalance of hormones. After three years of trying, I still hadn't conceived. After the Reiki one course with you, I actualy felt terrible for quite a long time - I know about the 21 day process, but couldn'lt quite understand why I was feeling so run down, tired and emotionally drained for more than this period. Then 4 weeks ago, I discovered I wa pregnant - I fell pregnant almost immediately after the attunements! So anyway, that's my story - I'd like to give you my heartfelt thanks for such a wonderful introduction to Reiki, and I look forward to hearing from you aboutthe Reiki 2." Jo

"It has been an amazing day, I have never experienced such relaxation before. I now feel empowered to change my life and hopefully bring some healing to other people. My Reiki treatment to the pot of flowers was truly amazing. Thank you very much for a great day." Rosmary "Lovely day - very relaxing and insightful. Changes are already beginning to happen and I look forward to Reiki II." Jane

"Came with mixed expectations. The 1st cleansing of the mind from Sandra was much more than I ever expected to feel. It was nothing short of amazing. The smile after the process was as wide as a cheshire cat. Throughout the next few hours I was so relaxed, I fell asleep (during the treatment exchange). It was a fantastic experience and I look forward to healing friends and family." Augustin

"I found the Reiki I energy to be extremely loving and nurturing energy. I certainly felt connected to the whole web os creation by tuning into the life force of a plant and feeling its need to be rejuvernated. Sandra was great, very caring, compassionate and observant." Robina

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