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Kombucha Mushrooms

Mushrooms are available from

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You may email the Alexandria Healing Centre for information on how to brew the tea (not for a mushroom itself - only if you are an existing customer of the Centre do we give out mushrooms here)



Extracts from the book "Kombucha - Miracle Fungus"
(ISBN 1-85860-042-1)

Every morning we start the day with a refreshing tea-drink.
Nothing unusual about that you might think, except that our tea is no ordinary brewed beverage. It is Kombucha, the revitalising and delicious drink which has deservedly earned itself the reputation of 'miracle elixir'.

Kombucha is an ancient, fungus-like living organism which, when brewed with sweetened tea, produces a wonderful, health-enhancing drink. We were introduced to this immune-boosting treatment through a cousin in California, the sole survivor in a family who had all contracted cancer through a polluted public water supply.

Kombucha encourages sharing, for it reporduces an offspring every week, and one finds someone to give it to. We brought ours back to Britain in June 1994, and have since given away hundreds to our publishing colleagues, authors, family and friends and through The Kombucha Network. Most have adopted it successfully, reporting definite and individual improvements to their wellbeing and health. Its use quickly becomes a way of life, enabling us to do something practical at home for our good health and for our family, costing virtually nothing. We then have the added pleasure of passing Kombucha on to our friends and neighbours, also for their good health, happiness and wellbeing. It is easy to understand why its production and consumption in rural Russia is a way of life, and is passed on from one generation to another.

Making Kombucha is simple and regarded by many as a sacred ritual, by others as a focused time when they put care and consideration into this wonderful living drink. We have now heard that the Aids community in California is taking Kombucha as an antidote to the side-effects of AZT, and its fame has rapidly grown as a marvellous health drink. The British media have noted its rising popularity in the UK.

At a time when the amount of pollution in our environments has grown alarmingly, our immmune systems are going to need all the help they can get.

What could be better than a natural source of immune enhancement with a 2,500 year pedigree of healing - and no bad press at all!!!

This book has an interesting history. It was first published in Australia in 1994 and circulated initially for the German speaking community there. Since then it has taken the Australian, British and American health markets by storm. The first edition in English has sold more than 100,000 copies and is now in its sixth printing. In the new edition there is more information on how to produce the Kombucha drink, advice on varying the taste and adding herbs for improving the therapeutic effect.

Anecdotal evidence of how Kombucha therapy has helped people continues to mount and surprise us daily. It would be misleading to call it a panacea for all ills, but many individuals have told us how they have received specific help from drinking, often in ways they didn't anticipate. This very informative and practical book covers all the interesting and relevant points you are likely to want to know. Knowledge is important and empowering, giving confidence and clarity to the brewing and sharing of this potent and remarkable beverage.

What is Kombucha?
Kombucha is composed of a number of bacteria and special yeast cultures (different to those affecting candida suffers) in a symbiotic relationship. This living organism ferments sweetened tea to become the Kombucha beverage. The refreshing taste gives one a feeling of wellbeing. The amount of living yeast it contains gives the Kombucha beverage an active life which continues after it is decanted into bottles. Kombucha has become increasingly highly regarded as an aid to preventing many illnesses.

What can Kombucha help you with?
• clearly lengthens the lifespan
detoxifies the body and enhances the immune system
reduces the formation of wrinkles
discourages the formation of cancer
prevents adverse menopausal symptoms
restores visual acuity
strenghens leg muscles
is a health remedy against chickenpox and shingles
heals arthritis
enhances sexual drive heals sweaty feet, constipation, joint and back pains
heals abscesses
heals blocked arteries and diabetes
strengthens kidneys
heals cataracts and heart disease
restores the appetite and heals sleeping disorders
reduces the chance of gall stones and liver problems
reduces obesity and stops diarrhoea
heals haemorrhoids
helps restore colour to grey hair and improves baldness
cleanses the blood and acts as a general tonic and energy restorer
improves the function of liver, gall bladder & digestion
works wonders with eczema and other skin problems
reduces the suffering of Chronic Fatique Syndrome (ME)