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Our Mission

Change and healing are often facilitated when a person's wish to heal is supported by the warm intent of a skilled practitioner. At the Alexandria Healing Centre we provide skilled practitioners in energy work to assist you in your personal development and wellbeing.

Our goal is to support you with the permanent changes you are seeking in your life, we help and encourage you to heal yourself.

Many people find that different therapies are helpful at different times. The process of self-development can be similar to polishing a diamond from different angles to create overall balance, harmony and beauty in your life. To meet your individual needs, we offer a wide range of energy therapies.


Our Practitioners
Junko Maria Furugori Foot Reflexology
    Facial Reflexology
Okido Yoga
Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation™
Sandra Herrmann   Usui Reiki (treatments and courses)

Sabda Reiki with Reiki Tuning Forks
Karuna Reiki® (treatments and courses)
Lightarian Reiki™
Lightarian Ascension Bands™
Lightarian Angel Links™
Lightarian Rays™
Lightarian Clearing™
Lightarian Purification Rings™
Lightarian Gateway™
EMF Balancing Technique® sessions and
EMF Balancing Technique Personal Growth Training®
Reflections Session
Manifestation attunements
Multi Level Prosperity Reiki (attunements)
SRT - Spirital Response Therapy®
Lightbody Energy Integration
Soul Contract Reading
Divine Healing Master Key for Ascension
Feng Shui course and Clutter Clearing Service
EIP of DNA (Eliminating Interference Patterns)
Kundalini Yoga - Mondays and Tuesdays
Gong Baths
Gong Therapy - one-to-one
Yoga for younger children and teenagers
Kundalini Reiki, Purple Reiki, Gold Reiki.
Munay-Ki Training
Unicorn Magic Attunement



David Home   Acupuncture
Erika Villareal   Reconnecive HealingĀ®
Usui Reiki
Angel Cards Readings







      Directions     [click here for map of the local area]

We are opposite Waitrose, West Ealing, 2-min walk from West Ealing Station.

By underground District or Central line tube to Ealing Broadway and then Ealing Broadway to West Ealing, Journey time is 3 minutes.There are four trains an hour (no trains on Sundays to West Ealing - use buses or walk 20 min.)

Mainline trains also run from Paddington to West Ealing. Journey time is 11 min. There are four trains an hour.

We are situated opposite the entrance of the Waitrose store in Alexandria Road.