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Vietnam and Cambodia Sep 2019



My first destination was SAPA, mountain region. They are famous for indigo dye from an indigo flower and they have the most beautiful ricefields.

I went straight from airport in Hannoi in sleeper bus.

This view I had from the breakfast room!
Arrived at night and in the morning a saw this! Nice surprise.
Walking tour through the rice fields! Amazing!
Round rice field in the middle! We only manages with the help of these lovely native ladies who took us by the hand as we were slipping with our wellies....
Coconut/Tofu - was yummy!  
Love waterfall  
Eggs and sweet potatos, in the bamboo they cook rice, dried fish on left.  
  Cat Ba village, 1 km from Sapa. honeymoon destination
With boat to Perfume Pagoda near Hannoi with Holy Cave, Pilgrimage place in Vietnam. Felt great, also the boat trip to get there! This was the TAM COC waterway.  
Holy cave  
The fingers of buddha... The Milk drops of the (female) buddha - Kuan Yin they say..
Mua Hang Peak  
Mua Hang Peak  
These monkeys in a rescue/conservation centre of the Cuc Phuong National park. They look dressed like humans but they actually have red boots looking legs, white tale, black pans and a grey jacket! Look at the beard. These onces are literally extinct apart from the last 50 or so. Waterbuffalo's, they wade around in the rice fields.
  Trang Ang near Ning Bingh region. Truly 'avatar' scenery by boat. A must see!
Famous people have their memorial stone but are not burried here, with tortoise on top.  
Pagoda in the Bhua Bai Dinh buddhist complex Inside pagoda, was allowed to take photographs there.
view from top of pagoda of the Chua Bai Dinh complex. Worth going for sure!  
  Graveyard of famous people.
Pomela fruit  

Had a driver to drive me from Ning Bing to a nature lodge in the Mai Chau Valley. Driver did not speak a word of Englsh but he kept asking people in Vietname about the accomodation using my booking form. He stopped twice just to have a cigarette. We kept driving the same roads over and over - for 1 hour!!!

I had to do some energy work and it came up the wording happy, so I knew spirit had a nice surprise for me. Finally he found a place where to buy a phone card and rang the number on the booking (I did not know he was trying this before, he could have used my phone...).

It tuned out the place that I booked 5 months ago did not exist any more but the phone number was still valid and the person who owned the place I booked picked up and was willing to put me up in the place with swimming pool!!!!
Sourrounded by ricefields!!! I was so happy - saying to myself "I am living the dream". I spend the rest of the afternoon walking through stunning ricefields!!!

It was only one night but that is all you need there, it's just the resort and the ricefields and a little village with friendly locals.
The next day I was going to the mountain lodge. All was arranged. The owner spoke perfect English!

Mai Tai area  
  up on the hill is the resort
Banana Flower Banana flower salad - cut up banana flower
  fruits, the green on left is actually an orange.
Has nice beach

From here I went on a cruise ship over night.
canoeing was actually more fun than I thought!  

Flowers made out of carots, cuccumber, raddish and chillies!!!!
They do have adable flowers on menu in restaurants but only on the cruise I actually got to see them. Amazying!!
Houses in Vietnam look like this. The front is made nice and the houses are all very narrow. If the family grows they just stock up.

Cambodia - Siem Reap and Ankor Wat temple

Typical sight here...




3000 temples, of which one is the famous ANKOR WATT, 900 years old

So many chambers to reach the middle of building. was to worship in each one as you get closer to the middle (no other purpose). Makes it amazing for photography.












Symbol for fertility, yes, it is what you may think...  
Sticky rice cooked in bamboo. Not entirely my taste.... Holy man burried here, middle of temple, to worshipped him.
I ate the fruit inside those mini coconuts. Was lovely. There was no milk in these but like a fruit. Unknow fruits to me (red), slimy with black pips inside, no thank you...
The rice in the leaves was flavoured fantastically. Did not eat snails on stick...grrrrr  
Village entirely on water!
My tuck tuck was behind this car. When the boot opened they were about 8 people just in boot!!! It was very funny.

Famous Pub Street in Cambodia, Siem Reap - lots of restaurants and shops.

Tha't it, hope you enjoyed it!