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Three weeks in the USA
May/June 2016

3 weeks travelling down USA Eastcoast by car,
miles of driving

New York Car Park


Bull Wall street symbol  

Wall Street






Looking out of church...

Stature of Liberty  
Manhatten skyline That was beautiful, a carousel with lovely etheric music and lots of lights...magical, the fishes rotated around each other on platforms so you saw different onces passing. Great idea! Went on a ride with this.
This is where the Tittanic would have arrived if it had not sunk... They build a building called iceberg right opposite the street...and also Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet have a flat 10 min away from it (separately off course)
1600 flats, biggest appartment block ever More space in underground than in London...
I wondered what they were doing....when I passed the next day it took shape...  
Green walkway where they made a park out of old rail tracks which were set higher, iceberg building behind Madison Square Garden - Stadium
This is where the New York Times is based. Times Square - shopping
Low hanging traffic lights, don't get up ever when in a sightseeing bus, your head will get a knock Archangel Michael and a crab
  Green taxis on the outskirts, yellow in centre
Water tanks on top of houses  

  Centre park, took a bike and went for hours through it...a huge square in the middle of New York
  Life Music




Times Square by night, went to see a musical  
9/11 Memorial, where the twin towers used to be...very touching  
  9/11 memorial day - Boston
Bar Harbour, further North (5 hours from Boston) with Acadia National Park  
This is it. Lots of forest....my highways looked like this 80 % of my trip. Big trucks come up behind me all the time...
Little seagulls, never seen them before...new experience..  
  Niagara Falls
  Motel, there is no mirror by the way....
Mammoth National Park  
Buckwheat pankake with blueberry, was nice actually I stayed in one of those houses
Buckwheat pankake with blueberry, was nice actually  
Disney - Animal Kingdom part My kind of chair obviously
Nemo musical  
Savannah in Disney  
Komodo Dragons  
Miami Beach  
Everglades, Florida Airboat

New York
Arrived in New Newark ??(not New York? I was surprised), another airport 1 hour from New York. No problem to get into New York from there by taxi. Easy. What was not so easy is pulling my 20 kg suitcase up the stairs to the 5th floor of my hotel (no lift, only after 5 floors by law required). The room itself could only be described as a cupboard room or shoebox, nothing like the picture on website. But it was cheap. 22 rooms, 2 bathrooms which included the toilet. You have to hold it. The walls are like cardboard, you hear everything but most of the times people did not talk late at night so with earplugs it was ok.
My hotel (different from what I normal call hotel), is luckily very central and I have a good walk, on my birthday, “Little Italy” is an area with Italian restaurants are. I have some coffee there, etc. all good, sun is shining. My birthday day. “Soho” next to it then I am heading towards Stature of Liberty, got a ticket for a sightseeing bus, too. The energy in New York feels actually quite light, relaxed and not really as noisy as London.
Underground easy, you get a one way ticket for $3 an you can go wherever you like within the next 2 hours!
If you find on a restaurant an “A” sign on window, fine, anything less is no good we were warned on the sightseeing bus and could be a health risk.

The traffic lights are hanging very low and if you are in a sightseeing bus, you must never stand up during driving, you will hit your head on those!

Water in NY is very pure, from the mountains, tastes good as no calcium in it they say.

Also went to see a musical “Kinky red boots” which also plays in London and had good reviews. It was really good.

Had a good time in New York, off to Boston now.
Asked at my ‘hotel’ where J.F. Kennedy airport is which is where I will be picking up my rental car from. He looked at me very confused, as if there is no such airport around. Got me really unsure and I said I will check my rental papers again! Did I book wrongly my car rental?

Next morning I try another receptionist who does know J.F. Kennedy airport. Good, I am relieved. He says it takes $50 with taxi. I ask, how about public transport? He says ‘no (Chinese guy). I say, surely, there must be public transport also. Then I found it on the underground map on the wall -  J.F.Kennedy airport, the receptionist probably just wanted to give his relative who is a taxi driver a job. I did point out to him that I looked through his little lie.
When I picked up  my car, it was a red one, Ford Focus and quite all right, an upgrade from what I booked without further cost. Since I felt the whole USA journey is about fire energy, I was not surprised (transformation with fire). Fire red the car was!

Boston (further North)
The drive to Boston was awful. What should have taken 3 hours took me 8 hours. First, I realized that the idea to get the car at a place outside NY city was not helping as I had to go through NY now to get to Boston!! Imagine me in NY with a GP that is not working, lots of roadworks…lots of red traffic lights, drove over 2 red lights in a row because I was so stressed and also because there was one on every fricking junction…hundreds!
I arrived in Boston. I am determined to exchange GPS with Budget car.
Booked into ‘Hi Boston’, did not realize it’s not a hotel but a hostel and I am sharing room with others. However, super modern hostel, breakfast included, billiard table, very colourful everywhere, comfy sofas everywhere, lots of bathrooms, only one other girl in the room. No problem, 2 nights there (arrive evening, sightseeing daytime, sleep and off to next place further North)
Problem was that they said they had parking next door which is paid by me. Only problem it was $48 per day! So that added to the cost of my stay in Boston. Little surprises everywhere when you travel, you learn for next trip where you ask how much parking nearby would cost…
Boston was ok, mainly famous for freedom trail that goes through the town, you follow red paving..
Had to use my mobile street directions in the end to get to the place for budget car to get working GPS. Why did I not do this before? Anyway..another learning..I guess I did not know if it’s aloud.

Drive to Bar Harbour in North, another 5 ½ hour drive.
Town right at bottom of the “Acadia National Park” which was a must see in the lonely planet. It’s a park where you drive up to Cadiallac mountain or just generally drive through. More driving, hmmm
You can do whale watching there, seals, seabirds, puffin birds…relaxing place. I can see why Americans go there to chill. In term of exciting things to see, well,  I have travelled so much in the world, it’s nothing special there for me, but relaxing. Rented a motel, have my nice room. Invited to sit by the fire with other guests. I LOVE fire energy anyway, so I have a little talk there.
Do a boat trip to see puffins, seals and seabirds.
Ok, I should have remembered from my last whale watching in New Zealand that I am never good on boats…I suffer through the 3 hours with seasickness and being really cold. The puffins are about 50 metres away when we finally get to them, seals are a little closer and I get a little excited…

What I have noticed is how much forest USA has, you drive, get to a hill and really all you see is forest! Again and again! Problem is that there are a lot of deer running into the highway. Once right in front of me, cars spinning…I hoot, but luckily apart from some very emotionally frozen looking drivers, no accident…deer got away as well. No fences in North to shield highway from deers crossing. So you see lots of dead dears on the side of the road, plus all other wild animals that got run over, one big dog…It’s an experience on it’s own. I feel protected and always pray for safety. Do my meditations, stretches each day to go out when balanced…very important when travelling, always be balanced, so you are protected.

Niagara Falls
As planned my next destination is Niagara Falls which is West. I think it was another 10 hour drive, could not make it all the way there and went into a motel in the middle of the night which was quite expensive.
Booked a tour to see the falls on the Canadian and American side. That was really nice, I think I saw the falls from every angle and heard all the stories from people trying to go down the falls in Barrels and other made containers, a lot of them died. Once a year they allow 1 person to go over the falls. The candadian side no one ever survived when they went over so that is banned.
The energy in the Niagara falls is quite good, they say it’s the negative ions(?) and I feel strangely alive and alert in the evening although I had driven half of the night before. Decided to drive on to see how far I can make it now towards Mommoth Cave National Park (have no accommodation pre-booked as I did not know how long I will need driving). Another 10 hours drive! Endurance training at it’s best! Don’t do it..

Mommoth Cave National Park

Arrive late, booked actually over phone a place right at the Park (with expedia, they give you good prices), a little cottage. Problem how to find it. It is dark, I have exchanged my GPS but there is nothing, just a street, cannot see any hotel. Mobile out of battery, midnight. I am in the road, waiting for someone to help me find this place. Someone turns up and says the hotel is hidden behind the trees….I follow hi car for  3 min and voila. I am there. Finally I can sleep!
Because the park is very busy you have to pre-book the cave tours which I had. 2 cave tours that day, mostly underground on that day. Interesting caves, I like caves anyway..enjoyed it.
My accommodation for 2 days is in nature, do my laundry as there is a facility, sit in the sun…relax a little.
By the way deers don’t come out onto road when it’s raining, did you know this?
Another big danger on motorways but not so much for cars but deadly for motorcyclists:
Huge holes in highway! I am even scared with the car to break it or get stuck! Some of them as big as a football and they look deep.

Went from there to Great Smokey Mountain National Park.
Now there is really not much to see, two routes to dive to things to see, one of them is blocked by roadworks, the other one is a scenic route (really very mildly scenic it turned out) – BUT – I get to see black bears on the side of the road for the first time! I am excited…I am safe in car.

Ashville was boring (near the National park) and advertised as a must visit, yes, it was nice music everywhere but that was it.

Savannah which was hardly mentioned on the other hand and was my next destination (another 5 hours or more away) was amazing – at least for one day visit.
Old colonial mansions, mossy oak trees in the streets, all those old building with lots of details and lots of history, a river, beautiful squares everywhere. Lovely. It’s hot hot hot in Amerika. I like it. You can get a tour through Savannah as late as 10 pm! Tours everywhere still going then, either by horse carriage or walking. I don’t do it, need to chill.
Savannah I really like. Quite in the South already now, was a long hard journey there.
Did not feel at all lonely or bored yet. All seemed very purposeful and even the endurance training is meant to be.

Walt Disney in Orlando
I off course I will go to Disney world. Did not realize there are 5 parks to choose from. Upon recommendation I go for the ‘Animal Kingdom’.
I enjoy it. See even Komodo Dragons which travellers from Indonesia in previous holidays have described as a must see…yes, I have done it…they created a real Savanna and it does feel I am in Afrika on a safari. Exciting which animals will show themselves!
“Finding Nemo” musical was also on offer and really great…and other stuff to see there, anyway, luckily I did not get the park hopping option I was busy checking out the one, at 8 pm I am disneyed out and went back to the motel. That night was a bad energy I felt everywhere in the hotel and perhaps whole USA and I could not sleep most of the night...I did not notice this bad energy the night before…I thought I better leave this place as soon as possible the next day which I did…
(by the way they had swimming pool in the hotel which was nice in the morning to use).

When I switched on the radio whilst driving then (I normally would  listen to my kundalini yoga music)…I heard about the shooting in Orlando.. 2 days before when I was going into Orlando, I did some energy work for the 9/11 twintower destruction and the energy it has left everyone with, it was deeply touching to see the two big holes with fountains with all names ingraved where the trade center was. There was an energy in the whole of USA about this event, a depressed feeling and the emotional damage. I worked on it and then the Orlando thing happened with the 2 year old being snatched by crocodile, more energy work…I feel somehow it happened to get people out of the twin tower energy as strange as it sounds…there is a lot of love that they talk about and nothing about revenge really…so perhaps love will shift the Americans and the vibration of the 9/11.

Everglades National Park/Miami (Florida)
Last stop. Miami beach. Very hard to find parking near beach, almost impossible. Walked on the beach and then found offer in shop to go on a  Segway tours of 3 hours through the Miami! That’s my kind of stuff. Really enjoyed it (was in a group of 5). It’s very expensive here to do it and so cheap there.

Next day drive to everglades…-waterways, crocodiles and you go by airboat (my first).
Actually, that was a new experience to learn about a yellow flower that grows there on the water and it has a deadly spider inhabiting it…and stuff like this, plus I saw a really weird animal (see website), forgot the name..lovely mirrow images in the water a well.
We were looking for a specific crocodile in the area and it was hiding under the boat, when it came out, we screemed!

Esp. after the story that a 2 year old got snatched by a crocodile from a Disney resort…again, I was in Miami when this happened…
Did not do the key West as it would have meant another 8 hours driving and after 2600 miles I thought that was enough now.
Drove my car to the airport in Miami to drop it there and got the rental money back for the GPS. Then I had another 8 hours wait at the airport!!

Americans seemed nice, a lot of them have not seen enough around them, even if it’s a few hours away as it seems. They are quite chilled and not aggressive like in London on the roads or in general which was nice.
I feel all went perfect, even if it does not always go perfectly, it’s a training to be flexible, resourceful and dealing with new situations all the time, this makes you stronger. Different  countries, different experiences, that is my motto and I go for the experience, learning about different cultures.
I realized there was an underlying trust when I travel – stronger than normal …must have gained this on my last trip to France when I also travelled by car a lot under time pressure..it was a little preparation.
Overall I would say it was madness to do what I did in 3 weeks, even the Americans cannot believe I did this all by myself…

Apart from a few days of very bad headache I was well an enjoyed the sun.
In Florida the heat really intensified to almost unbearable hot.

I come back tanned and my nervous system has really strengthened. I need to sense of space and I think I downloaded it from Amerika. All good.

Lots of love
PS: go on website for matching photos if you like (see top of this)