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Sandra Ditta Herrmann

  Spiritual Spine Straightening -   
Distant Attunement
to create the 'Divine Order'

  • This is a cleansing attunement with very high energy, able to dissolve
    blockages and limiting and stressful thoughts thus replacing them with positive energy and activations.

  • The main course of physical pain (especially back pain) is often caused by physical, mental, emotional strains: feeling overwhelmed, worried, fearful, exhausted and under permanent pressure.

  • Some life influences e.g. doctrines, education, impressions, experiences, moods, manifested negative thoughts in the consciousness and in the subconsciousness can disturb the equilibrium of the stream of life and thus the balance. These disturbances hinder the power of self-healing.

  • The spine reacts to this permanent excessive demands and stresses. Symptoms are, among other things, a distortion or curvature of the spine, a pelvic imbalance and also a leg length difference. The spine is connected to all organs, nerves and glands. Blockages of the affected control centres and organs create a disharmony and inevitable consequences are symptoms in the form of various illnesses.

  • The healing power of Spiritual Spine Straightening liberates the psyche. This becomes also visible within the aura and the chakras (chakras are energy centres in your centre).

    The distant attunement
    - adjusts, cleanses and activates.

    - detoxes from pollution
    - improves energy flow throughout the body
    - helps to release stress, fear and depression
    - releases pain, including headaches
    - stabilises the immune system
    - creates harmony and an inner feeling of wholeness
    - helps to release rigid thought processes

    - provides clarity and centredness

    Now the ever-present abilities and strengths can work freely, also in the  everyday life. However, the healing is not done by the healer but by your own power of self-healing.

    The Divine Straightening encompasses the whole human being. The spine gets straigthened and even physical misalignments within the spine and pelvic area may be corrected... this process is divinely guided (whatever is needed will happen, your body will direct this self-healing process).

    A reprogramming of the energetic body occurs and the originally-intended complete divine program gets refitted.

    This is a quantum leap of spiritual healing of humans and animals. Humanity is about to make more conscious use of spiritual healing powers than in the past. Illness is caused through the accumulation of input we received throughout our various previous lives along our evolution. This information needs to be healed. All levels of the human being align themselves, and the ‘Divine Order’ establishes itself in the individual.

        This all-encompassing healing through the spirit is the foundations of
        God’s power (creative consciousness of the Universe) that nourishes
        and maintains us spiritually, emotionally and physically.

        During the attunment Christ /Ascended Master Sananda is called upon for
        the spiritual spine straightening. Golden light and a blue light is used.
       Then I will energetically cleanse every space between each vertebrae with
        light using a picture of the spine and stay longer in areas that need it.

Who can receive the spiritual spine straightening distant attunement?

  • Anyone that wishes to achieve inner strength
  • Anyone who would like to strengthen your spine
  • Anyone who wants to get rid of old burdens to create freedom and choice on their spiritual journey.
  • Anyone who wants to change, grow and improve.
  • Anyone that has tuned in and feels this is the right step for them.
  • Children may be attuned if it feels right to the parent(s) and practitioner and the child.
  • Also animals can be attuned, however the owner would also need to be attuned.

    The Originator of the Distant Spiritual Spine Straightening is Veronica Fink, Germany.

The first Attunement with notes sent prior to it, including "homework" after the attunement costs £60.

Every attunement after this costs £40

Three attunements are recommended.

If you want to be able to offer Spiritual Spine Straightening as part of your service you offer to others (for people who already offer healing and have already received all three Spiritual Spine Straightening attunements), then it's £160 including a teacher attunement and notes how to attune. I would also want you to perform three attunements on me. I will decide if I want to take you to the practitioner level!

Disclaimer: Sandra Ditta Herrmann has no formal training in medicine or psychiatry and is not a medical doctor. She does NOT diagnose diseases. Her energy work is not a replacement or substitute for appropriate medical care. The information that she shares with clients is not her opinion but comes from communication with Spirit. Sandra is not responsible for the misuse of her suggestions or comments. All suggestions are to be cleared through your own guidance and with your doctor. If you suspect that you have a serious medical problem, please see a doctor


Please call Sandra at the Centre on
020 8579 7230
email: info@alexandriahealing.co.uk

Mainpage | Client Comments