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Client comment from Lothar Herrmann (next day)

“During my attunement I could watch my entire life like a film, only the most pleasant moments. It  felt I had an optimum life. This went on for the entire half hour. Afterwards I put my hand on myself to do Reiki on lungs, heart and stomach. When I had my hands on my stomach I suddenly got very strong stomach cramps to the point of having to run to the toilet with diarrhoea. I had constipation for 3 weeks prior to attunement and now all seems fine again. I feel fantastic and I have no back pain any more.”

Client comment from Asha

"I had my spiritual spine attunement with Sandra recently. The first time I had it done , I felt something warm tingling sensation started flowing throughout the lower part of my back. I noticed the same flow throughout my body at least 3 times when I was lying down. I felt as if some energy was flowing, I don't know, maybe I was receiving the treatment. Later in the same night I had two dreams, that scared me out, something related to my family. I feel all my insecurities or blocks were coming to the surface to leave me. 2nd and 3rd time was normal, I felt bit alright with my back pain after that. But this was the first time in my life I had witnessed something or experienced something powerful, as with my resistance it has been very difficult for me so far. Thanks a load to Sandra for such wonderful experience. I would like to continue with the treatments with Sandra. Many Thanks" Asha

Eldiyar's comments a week after:

"I am a Hypnotherapist by profession. I am from Kyrgyzstan. On the recommendation of a good friend, he booked the "Spiritual Spine Straightening" attunement. The results of this attunement surprised me - with joy. The first four days after the attunement, my spine was very sore, these were physiological processes. On the 5-6th day, the most interesting process began. Since I am a Hypnotherapist and Regressologist myself, I thought that I had no internal mental negative programs left. On the 5-6-7th day, all the darkness that was deep in me began to come out of me. It was very emotional. After that, I received the initiation of divine love and light (still from the Spiritual Spine Straightening attunement) which inspired me to new achievements and some other very powerful energy appeared. I advise everyone to go through this. I am very grateful to Sandra for what she does for people. With love and respect."

Thelma's comments a week after:

"As soon as you started the spinal straightening I felt the strength of the energy and it went on for ages. My crown was very warm almost throughout. I experienced warmth in heart and solar plexus and all sorts of other sensations in the body and, as you say, energy down the legs and feet. In fact I felt coolness in legs right at the beginning. There was a sensation of lengthening between lower abdomen and lower ribs (if that makes sense!) and also in neck. At one stage it seemed that my left side was quite flat but the right was really big, almost as if it had been inflated. Certainly felt that lots of stuff had gone from me by the end. Afterwards I felt a little dizzy for a while and it's as if there is more space between my shoulder blades, my shoulders are less tense and it seems that upper back is straighter. Also, I have been feeling more loving in some ways towards everything (?). I've tried to stay positive but have found this quite difficult some of the time. Given myself Reiki every morning except Thursday."

Feedback on Thelma's second attunement one month later:
"There was definitely something happening in my lower limbs as the left hip/leg opened out of its own accord (it was as if someone was holding it in position) and stayed like that for quite some time. There was discomfort in the right groin and this leg opened out slightly for a while. There was a sensation of someone holding me down by my arms for quite a while. I did feel lots of energy running through my body. Since the attunement I've had loads of energy and do feel more positive about things and physically my right foot is straighter now instead of being turned slightly outward which was the result of a broken ankle and a metal plate being fitted in it in 2004." Thelma

Client comment from Ditta Schlimm
(next day)

„My head became very hot, as if I had fever. Then I had a ticklish feeling down my back, like raindrops falling on it and running down my back.
After the attunement I found myself running to the toilet with diarrhoea and I also threw up. Now I feel well and have less back pain.”

Client comment from Molly (next day):

„It feels over and I feel a lot ligher in the spine. Quite a lot was happening in my limbs as well as in my back."

One week later more feedback from her: „I felt a lot of movement and change going on in the muscles around my back and t times a very tight feeling going on in my head. My back is more flexible now. It was fascinating. Thank you very much indeed."

Client comment from Yagi (next day):
" I found the attunement a great experience. Before the session I was wondering how I would know when it would be complete, but it was quite natural. I felt a lot of energy in my feet and legs up to my knees. I have suffered a lot of neck and shoulder stiffness and also a couple of back spasms in my lower back in recent times – this would align to the feelings that you had picked up around vertebrae that need attention. I have noticed some feelings of explosive reaction when confronted with difficult work situations but have managed to pause and reflect before responding. From a physical perspective haven’t felt the need to eat a lot but also have been urinating more frequently."

Client comment from Neyla:
The treatment was very relaxing. I lit candles, etc. and lay flat down on the bed. At 9:15pm precisely, I red the paragraph, and closed my eyes.
I felt nothing but peace for (what felt like) 1.5 hours. I slightly opened my eyes, and thought to myself "I think I'll get up now and go to the bathroom, as I think the treatment must be over by now". I was slightly disappointed at that moment, as I expected to feel the healing as it worked... The moment I began to move, I heard a voice (my own voice, but as a male? possibly one of my guides) say: "STAY DOWN!" in a very serious way. I felt like I was then pinned down to the bed, and couldn't move at all. I couldn't move my fingers, or toes, or even my eyelids! I was completely paralysed!! I became instantly terrified. I don't know why. I started to say to myself "Archangel Michael.." over and over, as I was calling for help. I then felt the most intense and bizarre feeling ever. It was as if every cell in my body- all 65 trillion of them- were vibrating at a ridiculously high speed & frequency. even the cells in my hair! My whole body was convulsing, as if I was possessed! I knew my cells were resetting. I felt the light going up and down my spine, over and over. It felt like it went on for 5 minutes, but it was probably only one or two. I was terrified for the first half of that. I tried to speak the words "Archangel Michael..", but I couldn't move my tongue or lips.. That same voice spoke to me again and said.. "BE QUIET, IF YOU MOVE, YOU WILL CHOKE". So I was just quiet, and trusted that what was happening was supposed to happen. After a while it faded, then stopped. I felt intense relief! My spine felt like a babies spine- brand new! No aches or pains! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! I think I did both!

If I didn't know you and trust you, I would have thought some dark forces were at work at first - it was so strange. It was like my whole body came apart and was put back together again, about a hundred times a second. That was the most powerful healing EVER. But scary! My first thought was "I'm never doing that again!!". But I was very pleased with the result. 

The next morning I felt new (about 95% of the pain is gone), and thought to myself "I need to be more flexible (in life & physically)". I need to retrain my muscles because I'm used to being stiff having tension in my back, neck and shoulders, and I don't know how to sit or stand properly. So I started doing yoga again. That afternoon, I became a little achy, as if the effect was wearing off a bit. That's because there is a lot of tension in my muscles. I know I need to have a second (and final) treatment soon (my guides told me). I also need to be more flexible in my thinking and keep doing the yoga stretches daily. I keep having the thought "I know the universe supports me", which is the affirmation to counteract the weakness in the mid back area. 

I have always had a lot of trouble with my lower back- lumbar/ coccyx area. That has gone. I just feel a little stiffness/ weakness remaining in my mid back (bra strap area), neck, shoulders, and the top of my spine (pineal gland area, I think).  I also felt a little sciatica (I have had this on and off for 15+ years) come back the following day, but not since then.

Client comment from Lisanne (a day after):
"During the treatment I felt some tingling sensations in my head, sometimes and for very quick periods that there were hands on me, energy going down the spine and at times energy going up the spine, severe tingling from the stomach downwards, at the beginning of the treatment it was my left side of stomach that had severe tingling sensations (like pins and needles) and then later on it was the right side of my stomach, severe pins and needle sensations and heat in both my arms. I
felt when my heart chakra was being worked on, that I wanted to cry but couldn't.
I felt at times that I was being strangled or that I couldn't breath.
Towards the end of the treatment I felt at peace, to be shortly replaced by depression after the treatment.
I felt -backpain, esp lower back pain, which I don't normally feel, very thirsty, light headed, unable to concentrate, tired, hot back after the treatment.
I listened to music all night, whilst lying down without a pillow, since it felt that I ought not to be lying with a pillow, I felt the energy was still working within me throughout the night and felt healing throughout the night, though it was not like during the attunement.
I couldn't sleep at all last night, but dozed off a few times and it was an uncomfortable night. Today, I feel tired, depressed, angry, emotional and weepy (I am just accept the emotions as they are and feeling them, as I know they are not permanent), very thirsty, lower back pain,-severe mind chattering. I am sure that the side-effects will go away in a few days, so not very worried about them."

7 days after attunement she comments:
Can still feel my spine at times. After the attunement I heard a lot of my joints clicking, it's now died down, however, my joints are still clicking sometimes, my hips, liver and kidneys ached a lot the first few days after the treatment but it's now fine, my lower back is still aching at times, whereas it didn't before the treatment, my spine feels straighter even when I'm stood up, sometimes I find it difficult to sleep with a pillow, so I just sleep without.

I am Christian, but have struggled to accept Jesus into my life, but for 2 nights now, I have the feeling of closeness and love from him.

Comments after her second attunement (1 year later):

"I felt this second attunement much less than the first one I had. I felt slight tingling in my head, and my upper body and feet. I felt the tingling the most in my arms and hands, especially my palm chakras and that was throughout the attunement. After the attunement, I drank some water and needed to sleep and I felt light-headed. The next day, my back was sore, esp my shoulders and my kidneys, but after two days, I feel nothing more." Love Lisanne

Client comment from Sarah (a day after):

It was amazing! Thank you so much. I felt really calm all day yet excited and knew that this was going to be a wonderful experience for me. I cleansed my meditation/healing room and prepared it carefully with candles, clearing spray and crystals. During the healing I could feel where your intention was in my spine all the time. I had no sense of emotional releases but my body became very twitchy and so I allowed this and did a great deal of ‘unwinding’. Also I was drawn to chanting ‘Om’ . More intense for me was the number of visions I had; colours and a strong sense of Sananda which was awesome. Also a female balancing energy intertwined with us. I stayed in my sacred space for about 2 hours altogether and the healing just kept on coming!! Eventually I really needed to go and eat but all night long I knew the healing was continuing and woke up feeling that I had received 3 complete healings altogether. Today I have felt tired but calm."

Client comment from Maggie:

My spiritual spine straightening experience was rather relaxing. I have had scoliosis since I was 14 (I am now 18), and have had chiropractic and osteopathy treatment since my family found out about it. I felt as if no matter how much I wanted to drift off, I was always on the verge of it but would always wake up just before I would fall asleep, similarly to the feeling when you’re trying to fall asleep in a car or on a coach or plane and the jolts keep you awake. In the first half hour or so I could really feel the energy entering my palms as they got hot and tingly. When I closed my eyes I could also see a light blue light swirling around my body, which I found quite cool. Towards the end I felt the need to stretch my legs and arms, and so I did from time to time. For a few days after the healing I had much more neck and shoulder pain than usual, which reassures me that everything is still working and moving around, making adjustments."

Client comment from Stanislaw:
First time:
"I have done the procedure yesterday. I felt the energy flowing through my body, back, in particular the palms became hot. At the same time traumatic mental material came up. Half an hour later it was all over. In the evening there was a surge of energy and a comfortable feeling in the back and all over my body. Today, in the morning, as well. But there is a slight pain in the upper back."

Second time:
"I activated the procedure last evening. Again there was a feeling of energy in the body, along the back, warmth in the palms (near 15 min). In the morning, there is a feeling of comfort and harmony in the body. The upper back ached again. I even crunched something there when I stretched."


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