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Meditations as part of the SPR

  How is it done? - in person and remote sessions

The Spiritual Restructuring is done in person, or remotely with a connection made to your Higher Self. The tools used in this modality are a pendulum, some charts, and energy from Source. Research is done, using the charts and intuition, to facilitate access to a client’s cellular body wisdom. Once the systems needing adjustment are determined, the healing work begins.

Since many things are stored in layers in the body, some individuals may benefit from repeat sessions to identify and release residual stress.

       In Person sessions

If a practitioner is working directly with you, then normally you will be asked to lay, fully clothed, on a massage couch. By means of either finger-testing (kinesiology) or by using a pendulum, your practitioner will ascertain the areas of body which need to be worked on and, linking in to High Self and using either light tapping movements or the breath, will make the necessary bodily adjustments.

The method is simple, pain-free and amazingly effective. Many people experience pain somewhere in their body and this can be quickly alleviated.

       Remote sessions

If you are unable to travel to see your practitioner, then adjustments can be made remotely. To do this, your practitioner would use charts and a pendulum and dowse for the areas needing correction. Although this is a perfectly acceptable way to treat someone, most practitioners would prefer you to attend their clinic. The benefits of a personal, hands-on treatment are enormous and initially by using the kinesiology testing system, you will feel your body responding to the work.

The services available during a Spiritual Restructuring session may include:

Body Alignment – adjustment of the sacrum, vertebra, hips, head, etc. and any torqued or
                                   jammed joints

Muscle Treatment – Releasing tight or overextended muscles and moving them back into
                                     alignment with the bones in the body

Nutrition Information – Information shared about foods that support the various systems of
                                           the body

Brain Balancing – establishing communication between the two sides of the brain so that
                                   someone no longer need remain primarily right or left brained. This
                                  establishes harmony between the mind and the brain and will aid in the
                                   bringing in of Spiritual communication

Crystalline Restructuring – releasing, clearing and balancing of negative emotional
                                                    programming that causes challenges in this lifetime, Clears
                                                   and balance emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Meditation & Emotional Release – assist getting in touch with suppressed emotions so that
                                                                 they can be released

Spiritual Healing of the Organs and Glands – working with spiritual energy to establish
                            vibrational healing of all organs and glands. Organs and glands that have been
                            removed through surgery will be energetically replaced.

Clearing and Balancing of

Transformers, Cloacals, Lymphatic System, Chakras, Meridians and Auric Field.

Transformers are points in the body where spiritual energy is transformed into a more usable form for the body.

Cloacals are communication lines within the body. Imbalances in the cloacals can affect the messages being sent from the brain to the limbs. Balancing the cloacals may help reduce carsickness, coordination and equilibrium imbalances. The Lymphatic System runs through the entire body and serves to filter and purify the body.

Because your emotional and physical problems are often caused by subconscious beliefs, Spiritual Response Therapy is used as an adjunct to SpR. It is used to determine and release the beliefs, blocks, interferences, and programs that may have been stored in the areas being worked on.

Spiritual Restructuring enhances the effects of other healing modalities, both traditional and alternative, by clearing the negativity held in the cellular memory that allows a recurrence of ailments.

Disclaimer: Sandra Ditta Herrmann has no formal training in medicine or psychiatry and is not a medical doctor. She does NOT diagnose diseases. Her energy work is not a replacement or substitute for appropriate medical care. The information that she shares with clients is not her opinion but comes from communication with Spirit. Sandra is not responsible for the misuse of her suggestions or comments. All suggestions are to be cleared through your own guidance and with your doctor. If you suspect that you have a serious medical problem, please see a doctor.

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Meditations as part of the SPR