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Meditations as part of the SPR


"The spiritual restructure session was fantastic. During the session quite a few major issues were shifted. I feel more relaxed within myself and more in the now moment after the session. A lot of things have been corrected especially behind my neck and my breathing. Some of my previous psychic wounds have cleared as well. I would definitely recommend this to anybody on the spiritual path. Sandra was fantastic as usual." Deeraj

"My experience of the whole session was of excitement and joy. I felt each energy shift move through my body, which was very liberating. In my body, there were waves of energy moving up and down - deeply relaxing. Overall - there was a sensation of layers of GRIDS being placed over me by Spirit. The meditation "Parent, Child, God" was so beautiful in its simplicity and depth. Very powerful indeed. Sandra was gentle and worked profoundly with Spirit to achieve excellent results. I'm looking forward to observing the integration into my daily life of this wonderful Spiritual Restructuring." Judy

After having been working with different energy therapies for some time, a few months ago I had a look at the Alexandria Healing Centre website and was immediately attracted to the Spiritual Response Therapy link. About five seconds later, I booked a session with Sandra, which helped me clear some energy disturbances that were “hiding” quite deep. When Sandra offered Spiritual Restructuring, I thought I was more than ready to deepen the work we had started with SRT (this is what I call synchronicity!)

The sessions are enjoyable: you just have to relax and let Sandra do her work. The results for me have been subtle yet very profound. I believe the Spiritual Response Therapy is an excellent way of identifying unbalances that might otherwise go undetected. I particularly enjoyed the meditations and found them very relevant and powerful.

After 3 sessions I can say that I feel more balanced, whole and relaxed than ever, more at peace with myself, the world and the entire universe. I feel that I am becoming my true self and that I’m advancing in my spiritual path without the previous struggle and impediments in the way.

And for this I am extremely grateful. L. Solaz (PhD)

Session I:
“I had been experiencing high levels of tiredness resulting from acute flu in the summer. During the session I immediately felt energy coursing through my whole body. It seemed my body was “drinking-in” this energy for nourishment.
There was a noticeable new depth to my sleep, too.With my re-newed energy I was able to function much better.
Session II:
I asked to release obstacles which I felt was preventing me moving forward in my professional/personal life. The immediacy of the energy moving through my body was truly wonderful. I did experience some pain in my lower back – as blockages opened. I’m aware there is a “state of readiness”, for my body to release negative energies. SRT seems to determine and allow for this process at the optimum time.
Session III
Today’s session concentrated on blockages within my energy field ( I believe they are past-life related). During the treatment, I felt my lower back opened up and allowed the energy to move through me. The meditation at end of session served to anchor the SRT healing. Judy

After 1st SPR Session
”Felt completely drained of energy after the session as if a lot of work had been done. Went home and slept early because I was tired. Over the next few days my body felt a lot lighter and freer. Then I had a few emotional issues come to the surface. One in particular was very painful to experience but when it left and I no longer feel effected by it anymore”. Jake

Right after 2nd SPR session:
”Again, feel a lot lighter as if there have been some big shift. My head which usually feels heavy and busy feels softer and more relaxed. I also feel happier and more chilled out.” Jake

Right after 3rd SPR session:
”Very powerful session. Got to the core of many issues and felt them leave. Whilst during a rest period had a lot of energy whizzing around my body and I had the sensation of being on a rollercoaster before it finally died down (spinning forwards, back ways and sideways).” Jake


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Meditations as part of the SPR