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Meditations as part of the SPR

As the physical vehicle for Spirit, the human body contains within its every cell all that you have ever been and done, including all the pain and suffering from past life illnesses, injuries and deaths. However, it also holds all the wisdom, light and understanding of the Universe with its own innate intelligence and knowledge of what is needed in order to heal itself. SpR is a way of working with the body to free discordant energy, thus allowing the body's wisdom to engage and for healing to take place.

SpR can correct muscle imbalances which allow the bones, tissues, glands and organs to return to their proper positions. It can release stressful body memories from past lives, including psychic wounds and programmes held in the body. It is a non-invasive and a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Because your emotional and physical problems are often caused by subconscious beliefs, Spiritual Response Therapy is used as an adjunct to SpR. It is used to determine and release the beliefs, blocks, interferences, and programs that may have been stored in the areas being worked on.

Spiritual Restructuring enhances the effects of other healing modalities, both traditional and alternative, by clearing the negativity held in the cellular memory that allows a recurrence of ailments.

Try SpR if you would like to retune your body and clear the cellular memory which has
                recorded all the stresses you have suffered and their resultant diseases.
Try SpR if you have needed repeated trips to see an osteopath or chiropractor.
Try SpR if you need a physical realignment but have a fear of chiropractors.
Try SpR if you have chronic and repeated problems in an area of your body.

What makes Spiritual Restructuring the correct approach?

There are many approaches that work on one or more of the same systems as Spiritual Restructuring. The disadvantage of many of the other techniques available is that they take many sessions to treat the body, mind and soul and may not trace or eliminate the source of difficulties.

Disclaimer: Sandra Ditta Herrmann has no formal training in medicine or psychiatry and is not a medical doctor. She does NOT diagnose diseases. Her energy work is not a replacement or substitute for appropriate medical care. The information that she shares with clients is not her opinion but comes from communication with Spirit. Sandra is not responsible for the misuse of her suggestions or comments. All suggestions are to be cleared through your own guidance and with your doctor. If you suspect that you have a serious medical problem, please see a doctor.

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Meditations as part of the SPR