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Baby name optimized with parents and relationships

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      Name change to optimized name/overlay name

Imagine there is a cake which is your birth certificate name and your overlay name (different from your birth certificate name that you are using) is the icing on the cake.

If we optimize your overlay name to help you to work through your karma and towards your goals and to activate your talents, we speak of an optimized name.

Overlay energies (the name/s you use) are pure frequencies. They are not karma, talent or goal. These energies have either a positive, negative or no effect on the birth name aspects.

Especially individuals which have talents in their soul contract chart that are not strong enough to deal with the karma or to achieve their goals really benefit from an optimized name. It can bring so much relief to them and finally they have enough fuel to work through their chart.

However, it is recommended to have an overlay name and get this icing that is optimized to bring out the best flavours of the cake!

If you wish to look into your overlay names you are currently using (names that are not your birth certificate name) and what benefits you get from them, please call me and I can check. However, I offer this service only to people who had a full soul contract reading and therefore understand this work. We than also have your birth certificate chart handy to compare it with and we know we have the correct chart.


Just to check if the name you are currently using is beneficial, just call me. COST: For this service I charge £10 (you need to call me back). Provided you had a full Soul Contract Reading with me beforehand.


Once you have decided you want to look into new overlay names (the birth certificate name/your cake stays the same for your whole life - unless you have a walk-in), you need to:

- meditate on the list of personal and professional goals. This will
  be important criteria for assessing the suitability as optimal name.
  What are you key theme/s? You will usually get all these details from your birth
  certificate name, from your Soul Contract Reading. If you just want to give me up to
  eight names to check (also initials can be used), I can also do this without you
  providing the themes.

- request potential name from Spirit or your guides so you need to pay
  attention to what the outer reality is showing you, e.g. if they see same name twice
  on a magazine or bill board, etc.

- give no more than 8 names per appointment. If less names there
  is more time to talk about the names that you feel best about and the numbers match
  well, too. We may also check the new optimized name for suitability with your
 parents, partner and kids - this may or may not be a second meeting.
  Cost: At the moment I offer this service for only £30 per meeting, including,
  if possible, sharing in person of the findings at no additional fee, so I really only
  charge for the preparation (£30).


Time frame to implement name:
Takes 6 – 12 months for the full name to take effect. You need to use your optimal name consistently on all documents, your signature, bankcards and introduce yourself with it.

If used inconsistently it will create confusion in their life as multiple energies are running in their field.

The longer you have an overlay/optimum name, the stronger it gets.

Lots of different names can mix energies up, scattering, better to be one person.


We have a “name alignment  process” once you have optimized their name. It takes up to seven years for the DNA to change over a new name. This process accelerates this.


Multiple name changes through time: this is important!
First ”medium power”, then more power, esp, if they feel they have outgrown optimal current name and less juice is running and it’s time to update the name to something more powerful in keeping with where they are heading.


The keys to optimal names – the soul’s hidden keys to find optimum name:
-  Current name may be optimal (rare).
-  The full birth certificate name which may have never been used in
   every day life (if in alignment where they are going in life).
   You may have had to go through different life experiences
   before and now take on the full power of the birth name
-  One of the many different names they have used may contain
   the optimal name.
-  Short for birth name, married names, names with initials.
-  Names that parents wanted to give them.
-  English pronunciation of non-English birth names.
-  Spiritual name,
-  Initial, example B. = bee


Additional info:
It’s not possible to reverse engineer a name by saying “we would like XXX type of energies, what sort of name contains these?” Name optimalisation is like detective work, somewhere in the client’s life experience are the keys to finding the optimal name that will serve them best in their next phase of life. The name will contain just the right balance of energies they need.


Numbers info:
Avoid same numbers in karma or goal so it does not cause rubbing/clash.
Goal locks or karmic locks with talent would be very good.
3 – 4 matches will do the job.
Recommended to check the effect on partner, make sure no goal or karmic clash, also effect on children – no clash.
If optimal name is very powerful you may meet resistance from those around you (family etc.)
There should be at least one link in number with birth name.

To be avoided as an overlay name are the following numbers (baby names are different).

5-5  - ungounded, hypersensiityivity,
          good for becoming psychic though.
12-3 – in the soul destiny position as it speeds life up too much
14-5 – anywhere because it creates too much emotinal intensity.
21-5 – anywhere because it creates hardship

The goal is to accelerate client’s movment into their next phase of their life.

Find a baby name:
To give baby best possible start:

Avoid in Karma and Goal aspect:

I will consider other family members and make sure there is no Goal or Karmic Clash with siblings or parents.

Please list all possible names for baby but no more than 8 (including parents birth names). I will charge £30 for this, including an in person consultation (special price).
We will look for a good strong flowing name for the baby. I will also check if baby's chart/name helps parents (you as parents need to have received a Soul Contract Reading so I can check this as well as to double check that there are no number clashes with new baby name (important).

Same Soul destiny creates feeling of kinship (good).

Perhaps we even find a goal lock.

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Baby name optimized with parents and relationships

Soul Contract Vow Breaks,
Energetic Imprinting Reabsorbtion,
Astral Karma Vow Breaks