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imone Mueller

- Intuitive Healing Sessions (Hawaiian
  influenced, intuitive scan)

- Life Coaching & Coaching Stress
  Management Sessions

- Yoga for self-nurturing



Simone offers three different modalities
(all are described below):

Intuitive Healing Sessions

Over the past few years Simone’s natural gift as a sensitive, healer and channel has awakened and she developed her own unique healing approach.

Simone has travelled widely to connect with sacred sites around the world. On her travels to India, Mexico, Hawaii and Cambodia she received energy initiations.

In her intuitive healing sessions, Simone brings in healing energies from these traditions.

What happens in the
Intuitive Healing session
After an initial conversation Simone will performs a body scan. As a result of this 'energetic check-in' Simone will be able to provide information on what she feels is happening in the clients’ physical and/or emotional body (without diagnosing illnesses, solely on an energetic level).

She is then guided to put her hands where needed and to channel specific energy for the areas that needs
'unblocking' and healing.

Simone is usually able to share intuitive messages with the client.

After the session she will also be able to provide guidance and support on what the client can do to enhance their day to day lives.

£ 45 for 1hour
£60 for 1 1/2 hours

                                              * * *

Life Coaching & Coaching for Stress Manageme

In her coaching sessions Simone utilises a combination of effective tools from both the East and the West. She has developed her skills over the last decade by studying with a variety of teachers.

Simone usually provides 'tools' at the end of the coaching session for the client to apply when faced with challenging situations.

She aims at inspiring her clients to find meaning in their
lives - independent of the circumstances.

£ 90 for 1 1/2 hours
£110 for 2 hours
Skype Coaching Sessions are also offered at the
same cost

                                                              * * *


Yoga for self-nurturing (asana - posture, pranayama - breathing technique, meditation)

A series of three consecutive Yoga classes

                Thursdays - 7.30 pm - 9 pm
                25th August 2016
                1st September 2016
                8th September 2016

£9 drop-in, £24 for all three sessions

The yoga classes will be focussing on replenishing the body’s energy.

Contrary to more dynamic yoga traditions the focus will be on a practice that leads the yoga student towards a more healing and recuperative experience.

The aim is to enhance physical, mental and emotional relaxation and to provide the yoga student with a safe space wherein reconnecting with one’s true nature is possible.

Making that connection through yoga postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation and deep relaxation restores the memory of this true nature as a radiant blueprint for self-nurturing.

Class structure
Generally, the classes will start with a set of gentle asanas. The asana practice aims at deepening awareness and preparing the mind and body for further introspection later in the class. The asanas will be followed by different pranayamas. These breathing exercises will balance and sooth the nervous system.

At the end of each pranayama cycle there will be a meditation to integrate the benefits down to the cellular level. The sessions will focus on different aspects, e.g. improving the quality of sleep or boosting the immune system.

Follow up workshop can be offered to customise the different yoga “practices” to the specific students need. This is to define a sequence of asanas and pranayama’s to be done daily as a 'self-practice'. This personal yoga sequence will be focus on addressing the specific challenges of a student.

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