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The ancestral shamanic practitioner will journey on behalf of the client and if appropriate use a divination board to bring back energetic information through visions or metaphors from spirit to help you on your healing journey.

Each session is therefore different according to the client’s needs, hence the type of healing techniques the shamanic practitioner intuitively chooses to employ for clients at the appropriate time can vary.

This could involve a tunnel healing, soul retrieval, reading a forgiveness statement, energy extraction, healing energetic cords, working through thought forms, sound transmissions, reconnecting your power animal to clients, past life vow breaks, inner child work or healing past lives.

As part of the session, the practitioner will use a rattle and drum and at times chant to transmit the healing energies to the client. During an energy extraction or blessing ceremony a feather and burning sage is used.

The client is fully clothed throughout the session. Shoes are asked to be removed, and after the consultation the client is asked to lay down on the massage table. Sage is burnt around the client before and after the session and at appropriate times, Agua de Florida cleanser spray is used to cleanse the room.

All new clients are asked to fill out a medical questionnaire during the consultation. This is mandatory.

Please inform the centre of any current or past mental health issues before booking a session.

Recreational drugs or alcohol is not permitted before the session. It is advisable to drink water after the session and conserve one's energy after the session.

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