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● Reclaiming authentic power.
● Healing trauma or inner child.
● Removing unwanted energies in the auric field.
● Healing energetic cords or attachments (unhealthy connections to people in the past
    or present you now want to move on from).
● Healing thought forms (recurring pessimistic thoughts or negative patterns caused
    by trauma, anger, grief etc. causing continued negative behaviours, depression,
    obsessions, or addictions).
● Removing negative directed energetic intrusions in ancestral line and present life
    (curse removal).
● Healing past lives and karmic patterns.
● Removing recurring negative family patterns in the ancestral line affecting you now. ● Healing ancestral illness (recurring in mind or body manifested in you or
     your family now).
● Healing ancestral land trauma (land displacement, land abuse, conflicts, war etc.) ● Breaking vows from past lives affecting you now (vows of poverty, solitude, silence,
    celibacy etc.)


“Working with Malcolm in only 3 sessions has been nothing short of transformative!
A natural understated healer who puts the client at the forefront of the healing process. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” Raj

“Malcolm was able to identify past life traumas which were impacting on this lifetime and he was able to perform rituals to heal those experiences in positive and peaceful way which left me feeling clearer.This helped link some of my experiences to subsconscious fears that I had previously thought were ‘irrational’ yet somehow still felt real. I found the consultation and treatment to be challenging, however Malcolm’s calm manner and knowledge of what he’s doing, along with the ability to get to the crux of the matters at hand held me in a safe space in which to do his work.The impact is still being felt weeks later and having Malcolm to ask for further clarifications as a result of this was met with helpful insights and practical ways in which to augment the healing.” Michael

“I have received several Shamanic Ancestral Healing from Malcholm and was surprised how strong my energy body reacted. It seems to go quite intense in the beginning of the session, strong energies just coming up by itself to be shifted. During the session this intensity is being cleared with drums and Malcolm working with his guides to help. His channellings have been very multi-dimensional in nature with me and really resonated to be totally true. He has wonderful guides with him and I encourage anyone to have a session with him." Sandra

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