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Healing with Reiki tuning forks

Sandra Ditta Herrmann

Sabda - Soundhealing

Shabda or sabda stands for the word manifested by sound (verbal) and such
a word has innate power to convey a particular sense or meaning (artha) - Wikipedia.

I invite you to try it out.

Cost: At the moment a session is offered for £40 (special price). The actual use of tuning forks will vary from person to person depending on how much you are capable of receiving. 20 - 30 min is usually plenty.

Please allow around 1 hour for the whole session.

To book your session please

text Sandra on 077521 68159 or
ring 020 8579 7230
email: info@alexandriahealing.co.uk

Jane Edwards channelled the instructions to make some very powerful tuning forks. She called the treatment SABDA REIKI.

The tuning forks applied represent the vibrations of the four Usui Reiki symbols.

Chakra balance
Sabda Reiki is gentle and non-intrusive, yet powerful.
A session starts by me checking if your chakras are balanced using a pendulum.

These tuning forks give out very strong vibrations that penetrate your cells, however, you are still likely to fall asleep. The sessions are extremely clearing and balancing.

You can receive the session on your front or back (this will be discussed before we start the session).

At the end of the session I will check that all chakras are balanced.

Client comments:
"I feel quite still now and during the session I kept falling asleep and could feel the vibration. I felt I was absorbing the sound. It felt quite nice, I feel nice inside." Sukhi

"I feel lighter. It was lovely, reminded me of acupuncture where energies goes up and down your body." Tanja

“It is a fabulous experience. I felt congestion around my head and 3rd eye. The tuning forks reached into places that hadn’t been reached before. Felt vibrations throughout my body, waves of clearing throughout my body. I now feel much lighter and my system is more coherent. Having done the front I felt a difference between front and back. When Sandra worked on my back while I was sitting the energy went right though my legs and feet. Much more grounded when I stood up. Balanced and clear. Thank you.” Marie

“I am pulsing. I felt like being in an amethyst cave, body first going like in waves. Inner child came out to play. Lots of yellow sunshine. After pulsating and moving all over, lovely sensations, warmth. Mind was very busy but when I started to listen to the resonance, it went really really calm. All busy thoughts have subsided. Orange all over now, very still. Lower back is freer, not so stagnant. Pretty good now.” Usha

“I felt at one point it was too strong but then it was fine again. Had a message from Universe, old beliefs were shown to me and they started to leave me. I felt energies very soft but very deep at same time. I feel I know what to work on. I feel warm, chakras are more open and I feel I am connected to the Universe. Felt a lot of pain in right foot. Too much pain for humanity I am aware of. Guide said just let it go. I feel connected with my guides and the Universe.” Erika


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