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- Energetic Path to Quantum Reasoning.
- Build bridges of grace in your daily life.
- The energy of the Quantum heart is extraordinary and is available to all.
- Channel the energy of grace and wholeness into your world.


Reflection Sessions
      by Sandra Ditta Herrmann


Peggy Phoenix Dubro has developed the EMF Balancing Technique
®. She has a special gift that we might call "Quantum Sight" coming from a space of unconditional love without judgement. She is reminding us of our very gift which is within each one of us and she encourages us to practice this gift through the reflection sessions.

Do you wish to accelerate your personal evolution & manifest your intentions with greater focus and clarity?
A Reflections Session let us experience what it means to channel more of who we are as we open up to the energy of grace and wholeness.

A Reflections Session can help to:
- Empower our ability to move intention into reality
- Make clear & informed decisions
- Become more mindful of how to use our energy
- Merge our intellect & intuition for deeper insight
- Change our world one decision at a time!

We have heard many times that the solutions to the challenges and opportunities we face in our lives will be met from a different level of consciousness. This level of consciousness can be reached through the Reflections in a surprisingly quick and profound way. Discover the joy and wisdom of thinking and reasoning in a Quantum way. The work is a great tool for personal insight!

These one-hour sessions offer a unique approach to personal energy assessment combined with energy alignments. These
assist each person to manifest the changes and intentions they choose as an evolutionary being. We are awakening to an ability to think and act "Quantum" in the new energy. With focus and clarity you will transform the energy of your intentions into the energy of conscious creation. Regain your infinite trust within yourselves and true healing will arise - with the acceptance that it may be different from our human preconceived ideas and expectations.

Each session includes a powerful and loving Reflections alignment that is designed to expand the intelligence of your heart.

Working with a Statement of Focused Intent (SOFI), we will create a unique energy pattern that increases your ability to amplify and manifest your intentions with focus and clarity. You will transform the energy of your intentions into the energy of conscious creation.

"During these times of change, we have the opportunity to make a difference in our future, personally and globally. Reflections is a unique energetic tool that enables you to use Quantum Reasoning to
empower your daily life and propel you forward
as an evolutionary being!"

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

My own experience with the Reflections Sessions/during training to become a Reflector:

"A few weeks before the training, I felt that even with all my other healing modalities I practise, I needed something to create some sort of link and fill some space inside of me - with the energy of wholeness and to somehow link everything together.

During the training with the originator, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, (also originator of the EMF Balancing Technique®) my head and body was very tight for two days, especially my brain and when I asked Peggy about it she tuned in and said my brain was "rebooting". It felt just like this - getting a quantum brain or what?? Coming back from the training all the tightness had disappeared. I am now using my affirmation for 33 days, Peggy said science states that new neuro-pathways are created in 30 days plus the extra 3 to create new pathways also in the heart! (she says this with a big smile).

When I use my focused intent that was used during the session every morning, I feel strong sensations when I anchor the intent in my feet and Centre Below, then with the intent at the Centre Above and Crown and finally with the intent at the Heart Centre. I feel fully supported and most positive with this energetic "back up". It's like being in the energy of a strong meditation all day to oversee the manifestations I am seeking.

Any subject could be addressed: work, relationship, moving home,
homelife, financial situation, health, etc.

I feel very excited to offer this simple but profound quantum healing tool to others. Group sessions: I like the idea of like minded people getting together and preparing the work together and discussing intents. Whenever people lovingly and purposefully share, a lot of healing is created as their electromagnetic fields mix with a positive and loving intent. I will show you a brief DVD explaining all sides of the Universal Calibration lattice which corresponds to the symbol we will use. I would then do the session with you one-by-one in a separate room, which mainly includes looking over your already filled out focused intent sheet and making possible suggestions, then we do the meditation together to anchor the chosen focused intent/activation.

Although it is not necessary, I highly suggest you to also attend the Universal Calibration workshop (UCL), which is the first day of the Personal Growth Training® (only £70 for the entire day and you will receive alignments and learn about the lattice - UCL - that we also work with in the Reflections Sessions. You will also learn a lot more about the your front, back, right and left and work with your lattice and understand your energy anatomy.)

UCL Workshop/Personal Growth Training link
EMF Balancing Technique
® Phases (sessions) link

I also highly recommend the sessions, called Phases, of the EMF work (see in main index under EMF Balancing Technique

Enjoy Peggy's gift to human kind, a gift for the New Human!"
With love and compassion

To book your Group or Individual Reflections Session, please see below...


Reflection Session setting: £60 (for my time spent) per session which might last up to 1 - 1.5 hour

Follow up sessions: It has proven to be useful to have a follow up reflection session on perhaps another area of your life - to bring the positive anchoring of your quantum intent into that area. These further sessions will be given for only £40 each.

Please see below for feedback.


            Please call Sandra Ditta Herrmann
     at the Centre on

020 8579 7230 or

Feedback after a Group Reflections Session:

"I was challenged by all the new concepts although I have taken many workshops before using different techniques. I feel hopeful that the SOFI will help me and I know I have benefitted from the positive energy of the group. Thank you!" Karen

"Sandra's Group Reflection Session came at the perfect time when I needed extra focus and clarity in creating intentions for the future. Having completed all phases of the EMF Balancing Technique, I am already familiar with the language and concepts used by its originator Peggy Phoenix Dubro. However, I thought this group session was a good complement and an excellent opportunity to revise phase XIII and set even clearer goals. The timing, set up and structure of the Group session was adequate for its purpose and it also provided the opportunity to share our intentions in a safe and nurturing environment that helped  improve and refine them. Afterwards I felt whole, happier, more grounded and clearer. I look forward to witnessing whatever miracles unfold in the next 33 days!" Lucia

"I would like to say, I enjoyed the group reflection session with you, I now realize that everything is possible.  I feel happy after that and I 've been feeling happy since.  I feel light in the moment of meditation." Erica