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  Below is the probably the only one in the whole world:
Initiation well in the park of Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra.
This was not the only feature in the park, there also was a grotto maze! (didn't go in, was too late).

Below is the entrance into the amazing initiation well (noone know exactly what it was used for).

  You enter and fined the below! You walk down on staircase, round and round...

  Then at the bottom you can go out and find yourself in a grotto, partly pitch dark for 20 meters....
  You exit through stepping stones

Moorish Castle, Singra below..walking high up on the walls! Stunning views!
  My friend Wendy

Below is a great park with Palace:

Palace de Monserrate, Sintra

  Pena Castle in Sintra - fantasy castle!


Moving up to Fatima, Virgin Mary appeared to 3 children...

Look at our hotel! It had two chapels even!
  Hotel Chapel
  People walking on knees...
  They burn candles there, one for each person...
  or you can buy a wax organ that needs healing and put it in a box (I guess they will pray for you and then burn it?)

On the way South, a quick stop in EVORA for a famous stone circle!


Algave boat trip to 22 caves (some with beaches - lovely!)
  Face in rock!

We went up to a mountain village and found this church which such powerful energies!! We had to go in twice!

Still further up the mountain was an old monastry, an old man showed us around....Wendy wanted to live in this mountain town, she felt at home and said it was her best day of the holiday!!??