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Student comments
Foundational Rites

Patricia comments after receiving the Foundational Rites (1 - 4 Rite, 2 days):
"I attended the two day Munay Ki workshop with Sandra and three others where we received the first four rites. All four rites were first clearly explained and demonstrated before we received them. Sandra transmitted the rites to each person individually and was very sensitive to any emotions that arose in each person and ensured that everyone was given what they needed to receive at that time. We then got the opportunity to transmit them to each other. The energies were really strong and completely different for each rite. It was a very nurturing and clearing experience and wonderful to spend a weekend with Sandra and three other lovely ladies. Although some of the emotions were very deep there was plenty of laughter as well. At the end I felt as if I had been on a spiritual spa break and reconnected with family from a previous life.
I am really looking forward to receiving the remaining five rites."

Fatima's comments after receiving the Foundational Rites (1 - 4 Rite, 2 days):
"Before the workshop I had a big argument with my parents. I tried to speak to them but they didn't want to. During the workshop I felt lots of clearing happening. Especially about letting go of the past and healing my inner child. "Being here and present" was the message I got. It was very intense. The second day was amazing. Especially with the power animals. I felt like being in the jungle with the animals. I didn't want to come back. The next day my body was still clearing the energy I didn't need. After I felt very very light. It's a big transformation for me. My parents called after the worshop and it went back to normal with them. The group was amazing too. Thank you Sandra and all the girls. Love & Light, Fatima."

Karolina's comments after receiving the Foundational Rites (1 - 4 Rite, 2 days):
"Amazing weekend with Munay-Ki energies. I found The First 4 Foundation Rites are strong and beautiful energies. These 2 days felt like being in a different realm of goodness, love and joy; and this feeling has stayed with me until now. I've met fantastic and fun people to share this wonderful experience of Munay-Ki with. There are many positive changes in me and how I perceive the outside world. I am becoming more understanding and compassionate toward others. I also feel very peaceful and happy. I very much look forward to our next gathering to receive the remaining 5 rites and to laugh more! Lots of Love and Light."

Erika's comments after receiving the Foundational Rites (1 - 4 Rite, 2 days):
"Thanks you!!!! I feel more connected with the Mother Earth (pachamama). I felt connected with the condor and my ancestors. I could see that we are one and everyone is here to help us"
Later in the week she comments:
"I feel that Munay Ki helps one to connect with the Universe and the Earth. I feel more confident and I can now trust my intuition more. It is a really a nice and lovely energy that one can connect with. I could feel that we are One and everything is connected.

Nicola's comments after receiving the Foundational Rites (1 - 4 Rite, 2 days):
You were right – Munay-Ki IS wonderful! Thank you, thank you, for sharing this gift with us over this weekend, it has been such a blessing. The energies are so powerful and loving, so different from anything else I have experienced through Usui and Karuna Reiki practice over the past 14 years. The course was beautiful; illuminating and joyous in every way. For me, the initial initiation into the Harmony rite was so powerful as instantly I felt my body “liquidising” and turning into pure, undulating lines of energy, expanding as the archetypes were installed and rooted within my being. Having the Seer rite reconfirmed by one of my fellow students who appeared as a “high priestess” of another form of being was incredible also. I have just reconnected for the first time with the unpacking and germination process since we finished last night and am sitting typing feeling this energy again abounding within me. I can’t describe how embracing and transforming this feels. Bless you always!

James's comments after receiving the Foundational Rites (1 - 4 Rite, 2 days):
I had a great two days with everyone. Lots of energy working throughout - in the heart a lot and in the head. Even now at 2 am after finishing the course at 7 pm the day before there is energy working strongly in the heart and really strong in the head too. It is intense but not unpleasant. I really enjoyed the opening and closing of sacred space - it was very noisy and fun. The Seer's rite on the head and heart has really expanded my visual capacity already. I have had little experience of such intense visual ability and considered myself not a visual person, but I am definitely open to believe that I am now, after the experiences I had during the course and now after coming home. Audial ability also feels expanded (great for me as a musician!) and of course the heart feels extremely expanded open and clear. It really feels strengthened and I really feel 'heart centered' right now. Lovely people and a great two days, thanks xxxxxx James

Neyla's comments after receiving the Foundational Rites (1 - 4 Rite, 2 days):

I found days one and two of the Munay Ki course very loving, gentle, and supportive. The mix of people attending was just right, and the feeling of love in the room was palpable. I very much enjoyed the rituals and the rites, and the experience was quite soulful & empowering. When I left on day one, I felt light in my heart, and I was overcome with a sense of loving and being connected to everyone else. After day two, I left feeling much heavier - I take this as a sign of whatever is no longer needed possibly shifting. Three days later, and I am still experiencing this, but my head is clearer, as is my outlook. I feel even more in tune with the earth, and the universe. I feel like my vibration is rising also. I am very much looking forward to the third and final day

Ella's comments after receiving the Foundational Rites (1 - 4 Rite, 2 days):
The Munay Ki two day foundational course was intensively relaxing, mesmerising and powerful. The venue adds to the intimate nature of the learning. Sandra, the mentor, contributes to that ambience. Mixed with the spiritual and Universal energies tapped in, all of which, allows the protégés to gently explore their potential in a safe, nurturing environment. This builds in a process like the stacking games of Jenga. After each initiation rite, the sharing, the witnessing of individuals deep spiritual awakenings, no matter one’s previous knowledge or experience, is something beautiful that I have no words for! No matter how much life tries to knock you down or remove a block, the protégé remains a stable structure. This builds confidence and excitement for the protégé to grow their potential. During the sessions I felt serene with waves of bliss mixed with acceptance that Munay Ki is like coming home after a long trip. Exhausted, worthwhile, glad to be back, welcome, safe, secure, supported, included, and significant to the wider life cycle. It all takes repetitive intention. For the following days after the foundational rites, I feel like I am more positive, focused, less judgmental on myself. Taking things slower, yet paradoxically able to achieve more in each 24 hours that I could before the course! Fantastically Invigorating. Bring on the next stage!

Cristina's comments after receiving the Foundational Rites (1 - 4 Rite, 2 days):
The rites were extremely powerful and healing, especially for past issues stored in our subconscious mind. After the first 4 rites, I was surprised how much I have healed from childhood issues. This is because I have focused properly on my lower chakras, which are usually ignored even by spiritual people, and that are vital for any spiritual progress. These rites helped me ground myself and release blockages from my lower chakras. I was surprised how healing the energy was. I am a person who rarely gets emotinal in public, but I teared up quite a few times during the rites. It is a very useful and unique experience that anyone can benefit from!

Lesley's comments after receiving the Foundational Rites (1 - 4 Rite, 2 days):
The two days were very powerful for me. I felt blockages in my heart chakra through the healing rite which was the most powerful rite for me. I realized emotions that I had been holding and maybe didn't even realize. It's very difficult to put into wrords how Munay Ki has transformed me already but all I can say is my partner said I have been transformed. I feel light and clear which I had not felt for a long time or if ever in this way. I can't wait for the final Rites.

Amarpreet's comments after receiving the Foundational Rites (1 - 4 Rite, 2 days):
"The first day of Munay Ki was a lot of energy to take in and it was great. I felt a lot more powerful. I felt more energy at the end and felt able to do more then I was able to do normally in daily life. I feel much better and a lot clearer now. Fantastic."

Malcolms's comments after receiving the Foundational Rites (1 - 4 Rite, 2 days):
"A great transformative workshop! Felt clear and light days after, a huge heart expansion and shift and crown activation. Amazing workshop!"

Helena's comments after receiving the Foundational Rites (1 - 4 Rite, 2 days):
"I don't have too many words, I'm still calmly waiting for this whole process to finish and see what happens. As you know I was feeling sick. I have been sick the entire week, I've lost my voice and I went to the doctors and they found nothing. Interesting. I feel good overall, and I know I am being healed. I know during my sleep I am being healed and the fact that I have no voice is part of the healing process. I feel good and I'm comfortably waiting for the healing to be finished, for my voice to return to normal. I am not worried, I am not rushing and wishing it to be completed asap, I'm just waiting and enjoying all this. I do know something though that I didn't know before: I have nothing to work on, I can just be me as I know every cry of my soul in this life was suffering from past lives. There is nothing wrong in this life I know that. I'll see you tomorrow at 9am....(then she writes)... I feel calm within myself. I rest awaiting for the healing process to be completed with no rush. I know all is being taken care of."

Fern's comments after receiving the Foundational Rites (1 - 4 Rite, 2 days):
"After the first day I felt very energized and happy feeling. In the evening, went to bed at 8:30 pm and woke up 4:30 am full of energy and did yoga and meditation and felt good all day. After the second day I was very emotional and sad. The day after I felt better, cleared and more centered, connected with nature."

Luke's comments after receiving the Foundational Rites (1 - 4 Rite, 2 days):
I attended the 2 days not knowing what to expect, but had a wonderful experience and opened up quite a lot more spiritually! On the first day the energy was strong throughout the whole day and the rites were beautiful experiences. I cleared some negative emotions and feelings and felt the first stages of opening up for a shift. The second day was an even more powerful experience and especially so during the rites themselves. The energy was very intense and I felt my whole energy shift. It's helped me to continue my path and learn lessons about myself and my gifts. At the end of the second day, the messages came though loud and clear, and the word "love" was mentioned several times by the animals. A wonderful and heart opening experience. Would recommend to anyone who needs a spiritual boost! Thanks!

Elizabeth's comments straight after the Foundational Rites:
"Interesting, insightful, enjoyable experience. Learned new techniques and connected with new energies. Felt rejuvenated and empowered. Looking forward to the next stage."Elizabeth's comments one week after:
"After the 2nd day of Munay Ki I felt absolutely shattered, could not concentrate on the basics, forgetful, felt almost like a jet lag. Had drawn the tarot card for grounding during the session and it became really relevant for me - the groundng effect of doing only day to day tasks, nothing spiritual, was very beneficial. About 48 hours after 2nd day, I felt I was back to normal with my energy levels returned. Felt strongly connected to the power animals (jaguar and snake) and could clearly sense their presence and movement. Could also clearly sense and see in my mind's eye the power bands and seers template. My husband and I touched foreheads and I felt the Seers template transfer to his head and heart centre, too, and I could easily visulaize this on him. Also had a sense of companionship with the stars/moon and heavens."

Emma's comments straight after Foundational Rites:
"My being before: lack of inner strengh, struggling with weak mind, no knowledge of inner power, unable to protect myself.
My being after: a greater understanding of my being in relation to the connection with the Universe, a balance in chakras, balanced mind, realisation of magnetism with Mother Earth." Emma

Deeraj's comments right after receiving the Foundational Rites:
"These four rites together were just amazing. The energies were very strong and soothing. The vibrations of the whole group were raised and the harmony rite was very powerful. I enjoyed the whole weekend and thank you lots Sandra. Keep on doing the good work. Love."

Harinderjit's comments right after receiving the Foundational Rites:
“I felt that the Foundation Rites gave me a great sense of support in every way. The Bands of Power, Seer’s Rites and the Archetypes gave me a great sense of protection and help in removing anything that I felt was not serving me anymore. I feel save and supported in every way with the knowledge and feeling that they are part of me at all times.”

Chris's comments right after receiving the Foundational Rites:
“The Foundation Rites was a lot of clearing, bringing up stuff I must let go of. Could feel a very ancient energy guiding me, connected to ancestors, also managed to clear a past life” Chris

Ingrid's comments right after receiving the Foundational Rites:
“The foundation rites were gentle but powerful energies which began to shift things for me. I felt and experienced a lot of emotions and coincidences and I was left with a much clearer vision of my next steps to move forward in my life.”

Sonia's comments right after receiving the Foundational Rites:
“I felt the energy a day before the course started. I felt a real shift by the end of the two days. I felt light and stress free at the end. Like nothing really mattered” Sonia

Laura's comments right after receiving the Foundational Rites:
“I found the foundation rites to be quite strong quite quickly. The Seer’s right was my favourite as I felt after that it increased my inner vision, which I’d previously found difficult to tap into. After the rites a lot of stuff came up quite quickly which needed to be cleared. I was surprised how intense and obvious these were. The only way through was a course to face it! I have been looking forward to the lineage rites to see if this helps draw a line under it.”

Repeated Foundation and Lineage rites, James:
“Munay ki has infused my body with lighting and the sacred geometric structures. As well as my relationship with Deeraj has helped me get closer to the present moment of which there is only one. I enjoyed all the spectacular of the course and obviously all that hasa come to me is intuitively so don't expect your experience to be like mine as it is different. The sharing and loving in the course, are too, valuable. As a repeater, the first weekend was very solid and the second one became lighter. With gratitude.”

Gauri's comments right after Foundational Rites:
"Excellent. It was useful meeting people who have done the rites before. Excellent healing experience. The atmosphere was brilliant and got better as we got to know each other. The time 10 am is a good time so we got time to meet and relax before the day.

Laura's comments after Foundational Rites:
" I had come to a part in my life when I didn’t know how to go forward, even though I had been on my spiritual journey for 10 years. The Munay Ki spoke to me as soon as I saw the leaflet. I resonated. At the end of the day 2 it has been such a journey – I have felt so much love, knowing and reconnecting to who I am, light and new beginnings that I can only feel and find it very difficult to think and do normal things. Looking forward to the lineage rights. The Munay Ki is just so much about LOVE – and it feels so beautiful. Connecting with the Power Animals was bliss."

Clara's comments after Foundational Rites:
"I found it really clearing and strong. I feel more in touch with myself and much calmer. It was a really lovely class."


Lineage Rites

Erika's comments after receiving the Lineage Rites (5 - 9 Rite, 1 day):
During the second part of Munay Ki, I could feel connected with Divinity, I felt in peace and my mind clearing. I felt strong a connection with the Jaguar. It was a really nice and great experience. Thank you!!!! After the Munay Ki course, I feel tired at times but I can move forward and everything is happening in the right time and in synchronicity with the Universe. Thank you Sandra, to show me this wonderful energyThe last day, I felt light and I had lots of energy. I felt I could flight. I was more confident and strong. Love xx

Sue's comments after all the Rites:
"There are no words to describe how I feel following the Munay Ki Munay Ki training workshops. This work is deeply, deeply powerful and very cleansing. Yet it is as light as a feather and subtle. The cleansing happens and it is only after some time has passed that you look and realise how things no longer trouble you, there is no longer a problem working with certain situations that have been a challenge previously and you are different and more relaxed and more compassionate towards others and yourself. Life becomes clearer, happier and joyful. It is a beautiful power that weaves around you, through you and stays with you, making everything possible.....this is the power of LOVE....this is the MUNAY KI. My heart is serene and peaceful. Thank you, Sandra, for sharing this deep wisdom and energy."

Fatima's comments a few weeks after her 9th rite - after receiving the Lineage Rites (5 - 9 Rite, 1 day):
Thank you Sandra for the lovely workshop. I got lots of clearing during the three workshop days and afterwards. I feel very light. My body got more flexible. I feel mentally and emotionally strong. Especially with my power animals. I know I can use everything I learned from the workshop in my daily life. Straight after the Lineage Rites workshop, the last day, I felt light and I had lots of energy. I felt I could fly. I was more confident and strong. Love x

Repeated Lineage rite only, Chris: “Repeating the Munay Ki was amazing. I had a very strong calling to come back to Munay Ki. The Lineage rites have been so blissful and a real honour to have experienced. A lot of shifts has been happening in my life recently and I felt this has gave me the extra empowerment I need to cut some old energetic cords. Overwhelming sense of love and gratitude.”

Gauri's comments right after Lineage Rite:
“Good experience, fantastic group and people, feel energetic and relaxed, Sandra is a very patient teacher.”

Laura's comments right after Lineage Rites:
“I feel energized, peaceful and excited. After feeling separate from my ‘shamanic’ side which was desperate to integrate with me. I can honestly say that we now have a good base to start working together from. I will go forward in my life with so much love for y Native American Side & love and confidence in my workings with Mother Earth and Father Sky, AHO!”

Clara's comments right after Lineage Rites:"Very powerful and energetic rites. I now feel supported to live my everyday life. I feel really much at peace and connected to the Universe."

Karolina's comments after receiving the Lineage Rites (5 - 9 Rite, 1 day):
I feel fantastic, everything is in harmony in me and around me. I feel very peaceful and optimistic. I am very present (it's here and now) and I'm not worrying about future (as I used to).
She comments more:
The lineage rites felt much more serious and responsible to me. I could feel the wisdom and responsibility bestowed upon me from Munay-Ki ancestors. I felt strongly connected with the Starkeeper's rite. When Sandra was transmitting this rite to me I felt a very strong connection with the universe. It seemed like I was pulled up from the floor. I also saw lots of light. I did not want to come back and open my eyes. It took quite a long time for me to assimilate the energy of the Starkeeper's rite. It was beautiful. After the course I felt very much at peace with myself and everything around me. I was very positive for many days after receiving lineage rites. I also saw myself positive in the future (that normally does not happen). I can't wait to be able to share these strong and beautiful energies with others. Lots of Love and Light

Patricia's comments after receiving the Lineage Rites (5 - 9 Rite, 1 day):
I found the second part of the Munay Ki rites, where we received the lineage rites, to be completely different from the first one. There was lots of energy in the room as in the first part but this time it felt a deeper more serious energy. I felt that receiving these rites felt both a huge responsibility and a humbling experience. At the same time it felt very natural and I felt a sense of things being how they were supposed to be. It was very nice to spend another day with the group. Thank you Sandra. Lots of love

Lesley's comments after receiving the Lineage Rites (5 - 9 Rite, 1 day):
I came with a heavy heart and many anxieties about stuff that is going on in my life (re-decorating my whole flat) to do with moving on. The Wisdom Rite was the strongest for me and we worked on this very powerfully. I was lifted from the space I was in to a place I forgot - everything was in the Now. I feel I have transfered my negative emotional feeling of anxiety into a stronger place of reliance, strength and letting go. After the course now I feel relief from any mental and emotional strain. I feel I am still in heavy processing in my brain and body.

Neyla's comments after receiving the Lineage Rites (5 - 9 Rite, 1 day)
"Day three of the Munay Ki course was my favourite day of the course. I found the remaining rites very nurturing, enlightening and empowering. Even more so than the previous rites. On the whole, I feel like Munay Ki has increased the love within me and around me. I am a much more open and loving person as a result. I delight in giving love openly, expecting nothing in return. This is a definite shift! I certainly feel a stronger connection to the wisdom of the earth, the universe and consciousness. I feel more guided and supported than ever. Thank you Sandra, for another wonderful course. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to be more heart-centered and wants to increase their vibration."

Nicola's comments after receiving the Lineage Rites (5 - 9 Rite, 1 day)
"The transfer of the lineage rites was an extraordinary experience and I am still now – some 6 weeks later – becoming aware of what this connection really means on a soul level. I have been tentatively exploring the unpacking of the foundation rites to better understand these, but last weekend (having taken a bold step and resigned my job after 12 years as it was making me more and more unhappy) called on all the lineage rites as well. About 20 minutes later, sitting quietly I could feel something strange shifting in my sinuses and aware of a real buzz in my ears. The effect is very difficult to describe but it was almost an out of body experience and surges of huge energy coursing through me, quite unlike anything I had experienced before. I went to bed but could not sleep and ended up standing outside looking up at the extraordinary cloud formations in the night sky, feeling completely connected with everything around and above me. The whole experience lasted about 3 hours. It has made me quite intent on sharing this experience with others I can impart these rites to, and also to spend some time (at some point in my life when it is possible) working with shamanic healers in West Africa to deepen my understanding and share these unbelievably powerful energies and better understand them. Thank you so much Sandra for bringing me here!"

Cristina's comments after receiving the Lineage Rites (5 - 9 Rite, 1 day)
"I was truly amazed to see just how powerful these rites are. The first ones helped me clear many of my childhood issues and my chakras, basically enabled me to transmute old patterns and blocks related to each energy center. Doing it in a group is great because you have the chance to share the experience with other people, to practice the rites with them and this makes it easier to go through the process of releasing old patterns. After the rites, I remember waking up one night and seeing geometrical patterns forming like a sort of matrix, which was changing on and on. I could see them with my eyes open, it was amazing. I later found out that these are Light Codes, which are being activated in your DNA sduring the ritual in order to become Homo Luminous. Overall, a great experience which made me go back to what needs healing and helped me transcend those aspects."

James's comments after receiving the Lineage Rites (5 - 9 Rite, 1 day)
"The lineage rites were fantastic again, this work is very deep and wonderful for those who are interested in it, there is much to be learned in this process of Munay Ki. This third day was even greater than the first two- we reached such a high level of lightness by the final minute and it was really quite astounding. It was so light in the room, we were all feeling fantastic! The lineage rites all held significant value in their ability to create powerful feelings within us all in the space. I felt the connection of the wise people, and the final connection to the Infinite, in the Creator rite. I can understand now my excitement during this rite, as I became so so SO excited when we did this, that I could hardly contain myself, haha. In the first few days after Munay-Ki I was processing a lot of feelings and had many periods of feeling great and deep trauma.This letting go has left me in a place of feeling connected to the Infinite in a way that is almost indescribable to me. I feel as though every second of my life experience is now catered to, and there are no boundaries for me. There is a whole world of wonder ahead of me it seems and I have connection in every way with the abundance of the universe. Beautiful feeling. Thank you so much."

Malcolm's comments after receiving the Lineage Rites (5 - 9 Rite, 1 day)
Many thanks and immense gratitude for the incredible workshop! I'm still processing the energies.The last few days I have felt extremely light and have an abundance of energy. The starkeeper rite was amazing. I have never experience such a profound and solid connection to Spirit and expect it to continue, with daily discipline of germination and unpacking of the rites. I have also noticed a strong energetic connection to this particular group this week. I generally feel powerful and more spiritually motivated to be and work with Spirit for service of others and look forward to where this energy will lead me. Again gratitude and lots of love."

Helena's comments after receiving the Lineage Rites (5 - 9 Rite, 1 day)
"Munay Ki course was so much stronger than reiki masters, it's a different connection, it feels a real blessing from every angel in the Universe and the Universe itself. When I close my eyes thanking for my connection with all rites, I still see myself dancing with the Earthkeepers and the Starkeepers. My connection with them feels ancestral. I am really enjoying this new moment in my life, after doing the unpacking and the germination yesterday I went to the park (and you know I am not a "park person") and I really felt connected with energies, with the Earth with the creator of life. I'm feeling very good overall, with a constant feeling of peace in my heart. I feel connected and illuminated. Thanks to all in the group for the amazing days, thank you Sandra for sharing Munay Ki with me, thank you Universe for choosing me for this amazing gift!"

8 months after the completion of the Munay-Ki, Helena emails:
I wanted to tell you what Munay ki has done for me, it's been 8 months since I have been connected by you to the Universe in a such a strong way... I know my path now, I find myself loving every little thing, I see the energy and I can listen to my guides. I can see the amazing world they live in and every time I connect with them during my meditations I am there as well. Thank you for bringing Munay Ki into my life.
I know who I am, what I want from my life, the role I play and the task I carry with me from the Universe. I see the energy, before if you remember, I couldn't see it. I feel my bands of power so big and strong...I also feel my chakras beautifully bright! And more is already coming, I know my future is bright and I thank all the angels and the Universe for the amazing healing I got and for the beautiful blessings I have in my life! Lots of love and light, Helena

Helen's comments after receiving the Lineage Rites (5 - 9 Rite, 1 day)
"I found the Lineage Rites really powerful, stronger than the 1st 2 days. The connection was really strong, I felt a lot of energy in room. I felt blessed."

Elizabeth's comments right after receiving the Lineage Rites:
"I really enjoyed the lineage rites. This was a very special weekend with high energy and a creation of peace and clarity and the receiving of many gifts with gratitude. Left feeling stronger, centered, more deeply integrated with Spirit. A space has been cleared for more joy and fulfillment in life. The creator rite felt the most profound of all with a loving feeling of losing physical form and becoming one with the entire cosmos. Any problems or issue being the size of a grain of sand. Of yourself loving all grains of sand unconditionally. Feeling the peace of oneness and wholeness."

Deeraj's comments right after receiving the Lineage Rites:
"This weekend was different to the foundational rites. The daykeepers rite was very nurturing and the other rites were just as powerful. The vibrations were raised to another level and a lot of things were shifting easily. The group was amazing and supported each other. Thank you Sandra again for this beautiful weekend. Much appreciated and very grateful. Love."

Harinderjit's comments right after receiving the Lineage Rites:
“Being attuned to these beautiful rites just confirmed to me what I was already a part of. The sense of reassurance and fulfilment was indescribable and after receiving them I felt a great responsibility towards being part of a better future for Earth and its inhabitants.”
Creator Rite “This was the most powerful of all rites for me and I felt truly blessed and honoured in receiving it. I feel immensely grateful for the privilege and for Sandra’s facilitation in gifting me with these unique and life transforming tools. May all those who receive these be blessed now and forever more. Sandra, you are a gift to all those who cross your path. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart.”
A few weeks later she comments...
"In respect of the Munay Ki, I feel that I am integrating everything slowly but surely so I won't feel the full effects of it for many months down the line. I can say though that I have moments where I feel very sad and end up crying but this is good crying because I feel I am releasing something and I always feel better afterwards. I also sense that I have so much more clarity in everyday life and have noticed that whatever I touch or do seems to always be in perfect harmony and I can complete it at much faster pace than previously. The biggest observation though apart from this is that as I go about my day to day business I feel like I am this magnificent white angel with huge wings. That is how I see myself and its an amazing feeling. I know that as I have said earlier I am still to benefit fully from these beautiful rights when they are totally integrated within and around me but it truly is a very unique and special gift and I feel totally blessed to have had the privilege to have access to them. Thank you."

Chris's comments right after receiving the Lineage Rites:
“Now energetic feeling through whole body, complete connection to all the rites, beautiful feeling of complete gratitude to have been attuned to these ancient teachings. Completely connected to Source.”

Ingrid's comments right after receiving the Lineage Rites:
“This weekend was very powerful and extremely moving…The way the group healed and supported each other while releasing blocked energies was overwhelmingly beautiful and left me feeling cared for, supported and loved. I feel a great shift has occurred and I thank you all and Sandra for sharing this beautiful healing experience with me.”

Sonia's comments right after receiving the Lineage Rites:
“This felt very powerful energy and I felt the presence of angels.”
“The Creator right was a peaceful energy, felt like balls of fire in my palms.”

Uzma's comments right after receiving the Lineage Rites:
"Over 2 week-ends we had a big spiritual course which gave us lots of energy in each and every path of life with responsibility. During the course it gave us the chance to get rid of all the blockages and negativity we have for a long time and fill our energy field with lots of positive energy. I am glad to be a part of this journey which leads me towards spiritual path of life with responsibility.” Uzma

"The Daykeeper’s rite was the most powerful rite for me which was a great start to the day as it gave some much needed strength. It’s a small group and we found the energy of the room to be strong and uplifting. It has been a really nice day and have finished feeling peaceful. The Seer’s rite from the foundation course really helped with the visions. Sandra has been a great teacher throughout and the handouts and info have been really in depth to help us continue the practice. Thank you, Sandra!" Laura xxx

Lothar and Siglinde Herrmann (Sandra's parents after receiving the Lineage Rites):
I taught my parents Munay-Ki over 9 days with at least one day in between to help them integrate the energies. My dad nearly died of a lung and bladder infection and one failed kidney because of it 3 weeks before and I felt the Munay-Ki would help him build up his strength again. After the 5th Rite I felt he was getting a lot stronger energetically. A few weeks after the training, my dad says that the Jaguar and Eagle are always with him and he feels he is getting better and better. My mum says the energies of all rites are constantly with her now! My mum is 78 and my dad is 82 years of age. They love Munay-Ki and they were deeply touched by it! I was deeply touched sharing not just the Reiki (Usui, Karuna, Lightarian) training but also the Munay-Ki with them.
Earthkeeper Rite: My parents loved the visualisation and the rite and when they shared their write ups on how the Earthkeepers came alive for them, they both cried and so did I. They were deeply touched by the energy of the Earthkeepers and the love they share with everyone – to dream the future into being that is their responsibility and now theirs, too. They both felt the energy strongly working on their heads.
Daykeeper Rite: Mum said she was already one of them and was even before the rite (nurturing mothering energy).
Visualisation Starkeeper Rite: Mum said it was especially important for her and that she connected with the Beings of the future and mentioned that these are the ones she usually communicates with anyway. My dad saw beings with white clothing and they felt like good friends of his and they gave him security.
Creator Rite: Dad’s comments: “Pure energy, it’s like an awakening out of a deep sleep.” The feeling awakens that I have turned into a Healing Being, who can give the world instructions for a good life. I never thought I would be equipped with such valuable rites. Everything will be good and stays good.” At the end of the course he comments: “I feel responsibility for the success of the world.”
Creator Rite: Mum’s comments: “My expectations have been met. I have felt very strong energies and love. Every part of my body affected by this, it felt partly like a waterfall, then like a harp playing."
At the end of the course she comments: “At the end of the course I felt myself like an angel – light and elated.”

After all the 4 days, Carmen and Joannas' comments:

"I felt blessed with the group, very connected, inspired and full of love." Carmen

"Thank you, I feel very grateful for the rites and the time we had as a group. I am now on my path just where I should be." Joanna

Marie's comments right after receiving the Lineage Rites:

"I feel much a sense of calmness and stillness that had been eluding me. I finally feel that I am "slotting into place" that I can connect with the still part of me without the incessant chatter of the mind. During the Munay Ki Rite I felt very protected and nurtured and I still do now. This sense of growing empowerment and release from where I have been - really stuck - is the gift that I am leaving with as well as the gift of clarity. The Jaguar is walking beside me now. I am honoured to have participated in this course. Sandra was an amazing facilitator and created a beautiful healing space for this process. I feel so much more connected to my higher self. It is a joy to participate in these rites and I am looking forward to passing on this precious experience onto others."

Rae's comments a month after receiving all the rites:

"The Munay Ki is wonderful in its simplicity yet super powerful, an initiation into ancient knowledge, it felt like a right of passage. Each level takes you on a journey bringing you deeper to experience more wholeness, self empowerment, mastery & celebrates your uniqueness. You are able to heal, harmonise & connect more deeply with your true essence."

Neringa's comments a month after receiving all the rites:

"The course was exactly what I needed in this phase of my life. It brought me immense healing and joy. I truly enjoyed every innitiation and I am excited about initiating my friends and family. Loved it very much."

Fiona's comments a month after receiving all the rites:

"I was very honoured to have shared the munay-ki rites with Sandra on a one to one in her lovely healing space in Ealing. Sandra is a gifted mentor, she holds your hand through all the rites making sure that you process each one before moving onto the next. Munay-ki rites are very special for bringing you back to home, sharing the love, wisdom with a few tears on the way. I am sure there is more to unfold for me. Can’t wait for the new me to evolve in the coming months. Can’t recommend Sandra enough. I will be back for sure. Munay-ki Sandra".

Patrice's comments after receiving all the rites:

"I truly enjoyed the Munay Ki sessions. They gave me such great feelings of belonging, of love and of courage to walk a fresh path. I feel gratitude and would definitely recommend these initiations to munay Ki."

Marie's comments after receiving all the rites:

"Munay Ki was an amazing experience, bringing up intense emotions and clearing. I came out feeling grounded, loved and in peace."

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