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  Frequently asked


How frequently can I receive the Munay Ki rites?

In the Munay Ki DVD, Dr. Alberto Villoldo recommends that the rites be paced in such a way as to give the recipient enough time to assimilate the energy and grow the seeds of each rite into maturity. He also advised pacing the rites at once a week.

However, in these times of transformation ,some people are being called to receive more than one rite at a time. Your mentor will track you for your readiness. It has to be right for you and your mentor.

Can I receive the rites again?

Absolutely! The initiations do accelerate your healing journey. Each time you receive the rites, you enhance what you have received. The more healing work you do or have received, the deeper your container for the rites becomes.

What can I expect as I receive the nine rites?

The energy of each rite is different and each recipient is unique in response. Overall, however, many recipients report the following:

- Feelings of heart opening
- Sense of peace and joy
- Healing of old traumas and fractured relationships
- Feeling lighter and more free to be themselves
- Much deeper sense of purpose and connection to Spirit

Some of the rites, such as the Bands of Power and the Harmony Rites grant the recipient energetic protections. The Bands of Power, in particular, help to dismantle antiquated defense mechanisms. This is an important rite for someone who feels like an energetic sponge. With these two rites, our recipients have reported the following:

- Feeling less affected or inundated by the energies and   
  moods of others

Can pregnant women receive the Munay Ki rites?

We recommend that pregnant women wait until after they give birth.

Can children receive the Munay Ki rites?

We recommend waiting until a child is at least 8 years old (after the first chakra has matured). Of course, there are exceptions to this. The Bands of Power, in particular, are very helpful for children of any age, and they are the one rite that can be given alone. Get the parents written permission for any child under the age of 16.

Who can receive the rites?

They are available to all!

Is it really important to commit to the daily practices candle fires and breathing in order to grow the seeds of the rites?

Yes, the energetic essence of the Munay Ki rites come from a tradition of fire. We hold candle fire ceremonies and do achieve breathing practices (breath of fire) to bring the transformative power of fire to activate and help grow the seeds. The seeds respond in proportion to your love and devotion to these practices.

Is there another practice for growing the Bands of Power?

Yes, the Bands of Power are energetic bands woven into your luminous architecture. Each one represents an element. You may use your intention to link each band to its corresponding element in nature: for example, the black or earth band to the Pachamama (Mother Earth), the red band with the water element (rivers, lakes, oceans), the gold band with the sun, the silver band with the wind, and the white band to the pure light of Spirit.

Can the Munay Ki rites be given out of order?

We strongly recommend that the rites be given in a certain progession. Because, the first four rites (Healers, Seers, Bands of Power, and Harmony rites) are foundational in nature, we recommend beginning with these. The order within these four is not as important – with one very important exception. The Bands of Power ALWAYS need to be in place BEFORE the Harmony Rites are given. The Harmony rites are initiations of strong archetypal forces in each chakra and require the “container” of the Bands of Power.

When can I give the nine rites to others?
You may gift the rites after receiving all nine rites, growing the seeds of all of them, and learning how to gift them. We ask you to look inside and sit with Spirit as to your readiness.

What are chakras?

The word chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit. They spin three to four inches outside the body and link to our spine and central nervous system. The chakras are a direct pipeline to the human neural network. Each chakra has a unique frequency that we perceive as colors of the rainbow. As we grow older the color in our chakras may become dull. The trauma and loss in our lives leave their toxic residues behind. The sludge that adheres to a chakra does not permit it to vibrate at its pure frequency, and physical aging is accelerated. With healing work the chakras become clear. They spin freely and vibrate with their original purity again.


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