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                Multi Level Prosperity Reiki Series

      Abundance, Prosperity, Financial Understanding &
                                   Energy Attraction

The Multi Level Prosperity Reiki Series was channelled in 2009 by Reiki Master and Author Tawan Chester.

The System is designed to reach and move across multible dimensions - allow it to move as Divine Source intents.

This series of attunements consist of 9 separate activations which work together to help you address the energies that will work within your etheric background. The energies of Multi Levelled Prosperity are often ignored but they play a very unique role in what is manifested within the physical world.

- Multi-Dimensional Money
- World Money
- Galactic Wealth
- Universal Prosperity
- Cosmic Abundance
- Infinite Pathways
Divine Presence
- Infinite Flow

The attunements can be given distant or in person.

Below the contact details please find more detailed information on the individual attunements.

You will be able to pass on the attunements once you have been attuned to all and have worked with the energies.

for all 9 attunements and manuals and certificate which you will receive per email:
£65 (one in person, rest distant only)

For bookings please call or text

Sandra Ditta Herrmann
at the Alexandria Healing Centre on
020 8579 7230 or 077521 68159 (text)
email info@alexandriahealing.co.uk

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MORE INFO and to see the client commens...please see below..

Multi Dimensional Money
is the prerequisite for all other systems within this series Multi Dimensional Money Reiki The Multi- Dimensional Money energy is the first system in the Multi Level Prosperity Series. This system works to help you with all aspects of money. It is the only prerequisite for the remaining 8 systems in the series.

Helps the energy to flow between you and the Universe in a more productive manner and lays the groundwork to continiously expand and grow your abilities. It refines your knowledge concering money.

It works on 4 Levels:
1. Your vibrations are adjusted to work with the true     concept of money
2. Recalibrates your vibrations to all forms of money
3. Fine-tunes your receptors to detect all forms of     money
4. Lays a foundational network for building multi-
   dimensional concepts.

World Money Reiki
is the second system in this series. The energies work by adjusting and fine tuning the information that you have received concerning the many aspects of physical money and financial blessings

It puts you in tune with the various methods used of exchange.
It is especially good if you travel or work with moniers of different countries.
Money is also called currency. Currency flows like a current. There is a natural motion to them all. The money is acquired, it should still remain in a natural, flowing pattern.

Galactic Wealth Reiki
is the third system in this series. The energies work to help you expand your horizons, enabling you to obtain a much deeper understanding concerning money so that you can start to draw more into your life.

Manifests greater amounts of money. Important is that you must be willing to expand in every way (before receiving this attunement).

Universal Prosperity Reiki
is the fourth system in this series. The energies work by helping you tap into the vastness of all that is around you so that you are not limited to earthly abundance. You will begin to experience abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life.

Helps to excel in your life. It moves to bring all things into harmony for you. It focuses on all areas of your life except money. All things must work together in order for you to live a prosperous life.

Health, emotional and mental stability, family and jobs are just a few areas that add to, or take away from the overall prosperity.

When an individual is doing well in all areas of his or her life, than he or she is truly prospering.

Cosmic Abundance Reiki
is the fifth system in this series. The energies of this beautiful system work to address all areas of your life to bring all that you need plus much more.

Helps bring abundance to you from every possible place, realm, and dimension.

This energy is quite subtle and fine. The very nature of cosmic energy touches everything. Cosmic energy perhaps described as mist, fog, or vapor. Cosmic energy appears to be the DNA aspect of creating galaxies.

Being in abundance means that you have more than what you need. You would be able to give to others out of the excess that you possess.

Cosmic Exchange Reiki
is the sixth system in this series. The energies of this modality work to help you in making the most beneficial exchanges possible. These exchanges can range from financial exchanges to those which are also connected to love, relationships and friendships.

Assists in making the most beneficial exchanges possible. The energy has the ability to touch and interact with all things because its cosmic in nature

It will move all types of exchange (time, physical, monetary and etheric - so the best decisions are made concerning each exchange you engage in)

Infinite Pathways Reiki
is the seventh system in this series. The energies of this system work to create routes that allow money, wealth, prosperity or abundance to travel along in your exchanges. Sensitive pathways will be created and laid.

Divine Presence Reiki Divine
is the eighth system in this series. The energies work by allowing the presence of the divine to manifest themselves in all of your undertakings.

Brings Divine Source into all of your undertakings and to get assistance from Divine Source (you never have to do it on your own, important is that you allow it!)

Infinite Flow Reiki
is the ninth system in this series. The energies work to help you tap into the limitless flow (in any area you choose, not just physical) of all that is and all that will be. A flow to carry something away or to bring you something.

With your purchase you will receive:
The Multi Level Prosperity Reiki manuals (9 in total) and all 9 distant attunements
will be sent to you after you have read through the manuals and have asked any questions that you may have. This is to ensure that you have understood and assimilated all of the information that was given to you. Your distant attunements will then be sent to you using the call in (Chi Ball) method or at an appointed time and day or in person.

An emailed Certificate with hand signed signature and genuine lineage will be sent to you after you have received your final distant attunement.

Student comments

Drahomir comments after having received all 9 Levels:
"I feel great about it. I think since I started things got moving further in my life.I even achieved something that I didn't expect to happen. I'm glad I accomplished the attunements and practically experienced its power."

Galactic Wealth
"I felt huge amounts of energy." Regina

"Felt heaviness on the head to begin with then after a little while heaviness in my heart then it travelled lower. Felt energy in my stomach, my feet, then my left leg the energy was here most of the time. The left leg jumped a few times. Energy in my back I dropped off to sleep for a little while when I woke I felt as though I was being put back in bed. At another time I felt as though I had a blanket wrapped around my body for a little while then felt it lifted off and felt some release, too. My head felt heavy and my left eye had pressure in it and was painful. My stomach was making so much noise as though it was digesting loudly. Energy released from my hips and felt energy going down the back of my legs. My lower back felt sensitive for a while. At one point I felt as though my hands were held. 20 min after I finished my third eye was heavy and felt heat, too, my body felt tired the top of my head was still heavy. As I had water when it hit my stomach it feels sensitive. Twice I opened my eyes and the room was a light green colour. After this until the next day I had a neck ache and a headache." Supinder

Universal Prosperity
"Subtle energies flowing through my body again which took approximately 20 min." Drahomir

"Very good, gentle flow of energy. It's so enjoyable." Regina

As soon as the energy started I felt it in my neck felt some twitching. Energy was in my hips and felt a release in my Sacral and Base chakra. Release from my left leg a couple of times, lots going on in my left eye and my 3rd eye. My neck hurt. I had pressure on the top of my head. Lots of energy in my Base and Sacral Chakra. I could hear some sounds in my left ear. At one point my mouth went so dry and felt energy in my mouth and throat. Near the end I felt something release from the whole of my back. I sat up and felt lots of energy in my back. All day I’ve had tension in my neck and pressure in my forehead. Next day still energy in my Solar plexus." Supinder

Divine Presence
"When I started my attunement I felt joy and excitement , I felt like rays of light, different colours was coming down to me, inside me, connecting to my core. I had vision in my mind of Jesus Christ , from his heart was coming colourful rays of lights, the same that was connecting to me. I felt that I am always connected to Source." Bozena

Cosmic Abundance
"I experienced subtle tingling in my crown chakra and energy travelling through and down my body." Drahomir

"I felt light as a feather and went into deep relaxing state. I think I fell asleep, I could feel tingling, warmth on top of my head spreading throughout." Regina

"As I called the energy in, i felt it in my head, then it went through my throat, heart, and again lots going on in my Solar plexus and my Sacrel chakra. Felt so tired afterwards." Supinder

Cosmic Exchange
" I really enjoyed it, firstly, I felt the tingling feeling all over my hands, then head, then purple waves of light slowly moving, then yellow and purple, then I saw lots of patterns and symbols appearing, as if the light was pointing at them, love" Regina

Infinite pathways
"I felt it as a slightly stronger energy flowing through my left top of head, grounding in heart chakra and travelling down to the sacral chakra." Drahomir

As usual in the first few seconds after calling down infinite pathways I could feel energy surrounding me, my head, I could hear a voice within me saying "I am opening for a new pathway, I am open within me". There was yellow light surrounding me and made me a bit lightheaded, it was spinning pretty fast. I felt very deeply relaxed Thanks Love," Regina

Divine Presence
"I felt subtle energies flowing from the crown chakra down through my body." Drahomir

"It was a very gentle energy and slowly becoming very powerful, I could feel my chest opening up and the energy flowing through it. I heard voice saying "I am cleansing". Love" Regina

Infinite Flow
"The last attunement was much more visual. I felt the energy, it became very familiar, my eyes were closed but I saw very bright light. I could feel a presence of someone, I asked, 'is it you Tawan' and I heard yes. A very pretty person appeared and kissed me on the cheek. She didn't look like Tawan Chester, though. Then my body twitched and all went dark. I saw very deep green and purple color floating. I felt very fulfilled and filled with everything I needed. Then I received a message that I'm ready. Thank you for supporting me and introducing me to this. Love" Regina