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I was given 6 sessions of massage as a birthday present and this included, Indonesian, Aromatherapy, Swedish Body, and Indian Head Massage and Reflexology.

I have always been a bit sceptical as to the benefits of massages and alternative therapies but have now been totally converted.

Isabelle found tight knots in my muscles from an achy hip and neck which I never knew existed. She knew just how much pressure to apply from very light to very deep.

The massage was conducted in a very professional way and left me feeling very calm and relaxed and with a great sense of wellbeing, and my body felt very good. All my aches and pains disappeared instantly.

I was given a diet to improve my digestive health which is the most sensible diet I have set eyes on. It is designed to stop sagging energy levels during the day. Isabelle is very knowledgeable about and able to help with all aspects of diet, exercise, lifestyle and mental attitude. She was able to advise me on ways I could improve my lifestyle to allow for enjoyment of the here and now. She has just the right temperament and personality for her job and a very nice manner.

Sessions with Isabelle would be a great present for a friend or loved one and I would recommend everyone to have a look at her we site and treat themselves to one of several of life's MUST experiences.

Jane E Mc Cartney 13/6/05

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