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         Raphael & The Angels of Money Abundance Pentagram                   Empowerment Distant attunement  

You will receive a manual and a symbol to use daily anywhere you wish - on yourself, especially on both hands and in and around your body, around your property, phone, into a space to shift the energy/feeling of lack into abundance whilst invoking the help of Archangel Raphael & the Angels of Money. You will be able to pass this attunement onto others. Client comment below.

Cost: £ 15 (standard price)
Client comments are at the bottom of the page..(very strong attunement)

Please ring Sandra on 020 8579 7230 to book your attunement
or email: info@alexandriahealing.co.uk

Manual and Artwork channeled and copyrighted by Linda Colibert June 2009.


The Attraction Magnet Empowerment Distant Attunement

The energies of the Attraction Magnet Empowerment will surround you with a divine bubble of universal light which will create a spiritual pull to all those things you are seeing to gain. This etheric magnet will also expand in an outward direction to pull the energies of Attraction towards you.

The attunement comes with a comprehensive manual including affirmations, concepts about abundance, management and ideas for changing your ways. You will be able to pass on the attunement to others.

Cost: £15 (standard price)
gentle attunement

Please ring Sandra on 020 8579 7230 to book your attunement or email: info@alexandriahealing.co.uk

The attunement was channeled by Jay M. Burrell

Another great way to manifest positive changes about health, jobs, relationships, financial flow, or anything you wish for with a focused positive intent is via a Reflections Session/quantum concept. Please click the below link to find out more:

Reflections Sessions

Please call Sandra Hermann at the
Alexandria Healing Centre on

020 8579 7230 or
email: info@alexandriahealing.co.uk



Raphael & The Angels of Money Abundance Pentagram Empowerment Distant attunement

"I felt a sense of peace when I was receiving it and I felt my body react. The next day I received unexpected money into my account which was a surprise, overall I would highly recommend and to continue to do more programs like this." Charlene

"The attunement was fantastic. Immediately I shifted two big things that I was not even aware of. I feel much lighter." Deeraj

"I found the attunement was very strong gave me an instant energy boost and filled me with motivation and ambition to make changes I needed to make. I also received an unexpected money boost the same week of the attunement." Alexander

"It was a very strong attunement. I couldn't sit straight as my head was moving in different directions: up, down and from side to side. I didn't see much but I felt that a very powerful energy was going through me. My head was very heavy for two days. I am feeling much better then I was a couple of days ago. Thank you very much for the attunement. Love and blessings" Natalia

"During my attunement my crown chakra was opening, which lead me to a closeness to Our Creator. Felt a lot of energy along right arm. Was left with a lot of positivity and energised for the day. This lead me to deal with all of my to do lists. Felt more encouraged, was told this morning that I was 'glowing' which was lovely to hear. Would recommend this to anyone wishing for that inner push that leads to new horizons. Blessings to you." Sandra

"I found receiving this attunement from Sandra a lovely experience. I lay on my bed at the agreed time and felt the energy flooding in. Since then I have used it when I wanted something to work in a particular way and to send some positive energy to certain situations. I have received small but welcome amounts of money from a few sources and several offers of healing from different sources. It is still early days but I would recommend it to anyone." Patricia

"I felt a relaxed feeling in my heart and a wamth in my navel chakra. My head felt tense and then relaxed at the end." W.

"I felt gurgling in my stomach in the beginning and then as the attunement continued I felt as if a template was being inserted through my energy field and then into my physical body. After that I felt tingling in my legs and feet for the duration of the attunement. I continued to lie down for another 20 minutes or so when it was complete as it felt I was to remain in that position as the whole experience needed to integrate. I couldn't voluntarily move until then. It was a wonderful feeling and I now feel that I am in a much better position to be able to manifest all that is good into my life." Harinderjit

"I felt a wave of Light energy coming my way at the time you were doing it. That day I wasn't in a very good mood, I was unhappy with my life, I just found out I may have to move soon, everything seemed so unsure... After the attunement, I felt much less depressed and now I feel actually motivated to start a lot of new things, like, for example, going to the gym, which I have not done in a long time. It may sound silly but I feel less lost and I feel I need to take actions and start doing some small things, even thought I am not sure how they will help me for now (re-organise my room, exercise, even start a healthy diet again)." a few days later she writes: "I feel different, it is like I am recovering from a convalescence and I am becoming normal again. I had a lot of emotional pain which was dragging me back, that I know. " Cristina

"Just before the attunement, I felt so excited. During the attunement, I felt lots of energies moving around especially around my throat. I felt peaceful. I felt the block moving from my body." Fatima

"I felt quite relaxed when it came to the time of the attunement. I then got a slight headache which disappeared quite quickly. After that I felt as if the insides of my body was being moved/shifted around, this lasted for quite a while. I felt very relaxed after the attunement. I have received some small amounts of money already and I feel more positive since the attunement." Angela

"Thanks. It has brought clarity to me. My power has returned. I felt it in the places written by you." James

"I would like to firstly thank you for your support and for your wonderful service for my first time. I have received the Raphael Money Abundance Pentagram and the Attraction Magnet Empowerment distant attunement. It’s been over 3 weeks since both attunements and I have great testimonies on how I have seen a change but most importantly watching the blockages leaving day by day.

My finances has increased and I have become a magnet to abundance. My life has not changed over night but my mind set has. This has led to new opportunities for abundance that I didn’t ever see coming. I have met new people over the last couple of weeks, that are great in regards to my industry I work in and we have already started to work together. I feel better every day and when I do have my down days I remind myself of the tools I can use to change the narrative and remove the blockages. I would highly recommend using these services and will continue to along my journey, Thank you once again" C

Attaction Magnet Empowerment

"It went well, I noticed very early in the attunement that I started to notice the positive things in my life and I felt grateful for them. That is quite unusual for me as I dwell much more in what I haven't got. I am going to write a list tonight of everything I appreciate and am grateful for. I have also noticed today that I am less negative about my money situation & my concerns with my move to Ireland & have been correcting any negative thoughts that have seeped in. I will begin from later today saying the affirmations that I need to work on most. I too had a pain/tingling in my foot (& a little in my left foot too) & right side of my body....I also felt at one time that my feet were rising up, even though they weren't." Angela

"I felt a lot of powerful energy around my head and my third eye which then moved down to my sacral and solar plexus areas, after feeling these for a good while my legs and feet felt as if they were pulsating. This lasted for a long time and I felt like I was in a vortex of extremely bright and vibrant light, this encompassed my whole body and I fell asleep. It was a truly amazing experience and now 24 hours later I feel very well and ready to attract all that is good for me, I feel empowered." Harinderjit

"It was strong. I felt really calm and relaxed. I did stay in the position for an hour or so. I could still feel the energy and didn't want to move. Thanks again." Laura x