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Practitioner/Ascension therapies | 
Explanation Ascension/our evolution | What is lightbody?

Each stage builds up the frequency of the client and they have to be done in the following order:
Body Consciousness Realignment  | Nephillim Removal |
Etheric Crystal Removal
 | Divinity Threshold Removal |  Astral Devices

Higher Light Integration
 |  Etheric Crystal Activation |  Divinity Threshold Activation | 
Karmic Matrix Reabsorbtion and Activation



  Have you experienced:

            A severe illness, accident, or deep depression
            A choice of whether or not to stay on the planet
           A nagging feeling that you may be very ill or dying
 Feeling like you are in the Void
            Feeling directionless
            Feeling abandoned or betrayed by Spirit
            Everything is over stimulating
            Feeling like you cannot cope
            Feeling like you need to run away
            Feeling like you have gone backwards
            Slogging through karmic stuff
            Reliving childhood traumas or decisions
            Dropping people and situations out of your life
            Feeling like it’s time to make a major shift and feel stuck
            Feeling a need to clear all the old stuff

           If you are having most or of these symptoms it may be time to have a Karmic Matrix
           Reabsorbtion/Divinity Activation.(KMR/DA)
If you are having the first four symptoms
           you may  have experienced a “Reincarnation in the Same Body” where your soul contract
           has been upgraded.
  • This technique reabsorbs into The Source specific and general karmic energy patterning from
    all of your lifetimes at once without slogging through and processing all of the third dimensional experiences.
    Your Spirit decides which patterns are to be removed and which orientations of Divinity are to be infused.

  • This technique powerfully affects every person you have ever known, in this incarnation
    and in any lifetime, Often, your personal relationships shift immediately.

  • Having a KMR session does not mean you can avoid engaging in your emotional transformation work. What it does is it accelerates and deepens it. So, meditate carefully about whether this work is right for you
          Effects from this work, which may occur, are:
  • Freeing up of specific and general karmic patterning that is holding you back
    from moving to your next step

  • Major shifts in personal relationships. If a relationship is karmically based it is
    likely to dissolve
  • Relationships based on Spirit will strengthen
  • Complete and sudden life shift, any relationship or situation can suddenly go
    into crisis, release or disappear
  • Experience of an enormous amount of change in a very short period of time
  • Sudden personality/identity shift as a lot of the released matrix is self-karmic
  • Breakthrough into a vaster multi-dimensional reality
  • Descensions of Spirit, very common after a KMR, often very intense, lots of
    physical manifestations as Spirit shakes out a lot of density, stuck emotions and
    closed systems
  • Deep sense of freedom and completion of the old game of separation from
    source, with a whole new level of vision and determination emerging as your old
    reality disappears and a new world is simultaneously born

       Body Consciousness Realignment
       Nephillim Removal
       Etheric Crystal Removal
       Divinity Threshold Recalibration
       Astral Devices
       Higher Light Integrations
       Activation and Recalibration (Etheric Crystal Activation/Divinity Threshold Activation)

      A Higher Light Integration needs to be undertaken at most three months prior to
      undertaking a KMR to ensure your Lightbody is strong enough to cope with the power
      that runs.

      Session lasts around 3 hours: standard price is £300


Client comments

Joanna's comments one week after KMR session
”I felt like I was low of energy and not very well. Sometimes I feel I don't recognize myself, spaced. I feel happy and excited. Need to sleep a lot. Dealt with a bully, communicated all I wanted to communicate. Then bully said "You are right". This was unbelievable. Not normal for me to act like this (was bullied by her in the past). I didn't care if people listened, normally I would. Wonderful feeling that lasted for a while after my success with that lady."

Joanna's comments one month after KMR session
"Process is still going on. I am mutating, changing physically (face, body - is slimming), feeling aches and pains, things work much faster when I use the grids (meditation given to her as part of the session), salt bath helps a lot. Skin is looking better really. I am getting much lighter. I can see light now with my eyes open, before I could see it only with eyes closed. Sometimes still spaced out. My body feels half of the weight as before. I sleep a lot, graving for lots of different food. Generally feeling happier, getting more detached from material things. Sometimes I don't feel like working at all. At times I experience headaches and sickness as if I was going to throw up."

Joanna's comments four months after KMR session
"I have been feeling good. Sometimes I still need to do the grids (meditation to clear field). Feel good overall. I feel more energy when I am giving Reiki sessions, could be from that or the effects of other energy work I have received. I still need a lot of sleep.

Fatima’s comments one week after KMR session
”The first 2 days after the session, I had lots of energy. Since the session I have lots of memories from my past coming up but after the grid (meditation given to her as part of the session) I feel better and clear. I really enjoyed the clearing and I feel free from my past.”
Fatima’s comments one month after KMR session
”Since the last session, I feel more peaceful within myself and relaxed.
I can feel the energy around me lighter.” 

Fatima’s comments four months after KMR session
”It helped me a lot! I feel more grounded now. My Higher Self and myself are connected.
I feel more peaceful within myself. I am calmer.” 

Sukjit's comments three days after the KMR session
After the session something weird happened with my grandmother, she was very different and I no longer hold any bitterness towards her. Also old memories are coming up, I feel tired, want to go to sleep, brain felt a bit weird, eating more comfort food, more tired then normal, can't think too much right now.

Sukjit's comments one week after the KMR session
Sleeping is a bit deeper. I've been feeling a bit upset and feeling ok afterwards, couple of old memories are coming up, wondering "Am I moving forward?". Ratty, Irritated and frustrated feelings.

Sukjit's comments one month after the KMR session
Now I feel much better generally - mentally and emotionally. Dreams of old jobs and school are coming up. Feel fed up a bit with digestive issue which is still a problem.

Sukjit's comments three days after the KMR session

Still do the grids for clearing sometimes. I feel more settled. My perception has changed a lot - I no longer get caught up in normal worldly stuff, I now know what the real truth and reality is.

Elizabeth's comments right after KMR session
I feel like a pressure cooker all day and my head feels like it is exploding.My throat was blocked up this morning and thicker. After the sesssion i now no longer feel the pressure in my head - all gone. I feel spaced out, calm and peaceful, like a blank sheet or canvas.

Elizabeth's comments three days after KMR session
I am ok. Slept 9 1/2 hours on the session night, woke up with light dull headache, like jetlag feeling or taken medication, disorientated with what is a dream and what is reality. Not being able to hold a thought or having a lot of negative thoughts. It was quite hell on Saturday. The energy in the spine now feels much lighter as if something was permanently removed.

Elizabeth's comments one week after KMR session
I am having a whole lot of problems with electrical equipment, especially computer at work and home. Work is just awful, worry I am ruinning my opportunities, feel low now.

Elizabeth's comments one months after KMR session
Noticable: Romantic relationship deepened, more closeness, lovingness and bonding - really nice. My flat is repaired, took a year before. IT problems still at work. Feel a little hopless at times. I had a really good time at a party the other day and it's normally not like me to go up and dance. I enjoyed it without feeling uncomfortable. KMR is probably the most profound work that I have done with any healer.

Elizabeth's comments four months after KMR session
A lot has happened. Colleague that was awful found another position and moved on which made a huge difference/energy change at my work place. Was made a permanent employee, became engaged. Had success with personal finance matters - the man who helped me with this case was heaven sent.

Judy's comments three days after KMR session
"Not great. I am very achy in my body, emotionally walking around like a bear with a sore head. Very emotionally angry. I am not able to do my work, able to deal with people. I have to remove myself from other people, finding them stupidly irritating, I am unpleasant to others. Grids are helping and I am doing them more frequently (several times a day) full of rage at the moment."

Judy's comments one week after KMR session
"The grids and epson salt baths are really helping. A lot better now - moods generally better and how I am feeling within myself. Not sleeping. Lots of very very old memories have been popping up, was quite interesting. Dealing with other people a lot kinder, not so agressive now."

Judy's comments one month after KMR session
"My last week has been the best. Thank God for the tripple grids. It has not been a normal month - so much stuff happened - deaths of people all around me, I do feel different though - a lot has changed for me. I feel so different about anything. Old karmic issues have started to move away. I am so gratefull, I am handling things better at the moment because I am lighter!"

Judy's comments four months after KMR session
"I had a bad flu, August and September was very difficult. Demands made on my time made it difficult. I live in a house that is too complicated energeticlally for me. The flu was clearing me. My mother suffers from dementia and I just feel I want to run away. With the KMR right from day one, my unhealthy cords with my mother that was draining me were successfully cut and stayed cut, however her "empty shell" now has tentacles that are still trying to hook into me...".

Harinder's comments 3 days after KMR session
" I thought I'd let you know that I am fine. Nothing major came up. There was a small issue with one individual in my wider family which came up for me and lasted a few hours, but it is all settled now. Apart from that there has been nothing except good feelings such as peace and connectedness. I feel like I have my energy and inner strength back. I have been doing the grids twice a day and taking salt baths everyday."

Maria M's comments 6th October - after KMR session
"After KRM I am feeling much better. I have more inner vitality. Feel grounded in general. Present. On the whole it was a very positive experience for me, very subtle. I think I had expected it to be a sudden overhaul of change, but it was not like that, which I was pleased with. I had been suffering from chronic fatigue which meant that even the smallest exertion would wipe me out for the day. I am now able to work without getting tired. I will be joining the gym today, this is something I could not have even thought about last year due to the fact I was not able to exercise without being totally wiped out.

On the whole my body is now stronger physically and energetically. Last year I really did not not know how I was going to cope with life. Each day was a secret struggle. The doctors said there was nothing wrong, but I knew it was not all in my mind. I felt no one believed me, so I didn't complain and just adapted. I had surrendered to the fact that my life was going to be a struggle from now on, I was wrong.

Previously I was effected by energies really quickly and would feel drained very easily. This used to lead me to feel angry and upset. I could not be around negativity for long without feeling completely drained. I feel it has led to a deepening in all my relationships and a greater peace. I have found I am attracting people at a time in their life when they need help the most.

Recently I found myself in the life of someone who was going through a bereavement and I was able to just be there physically and energetically and hold the space for her during a very difficult time. I felt as if the universe was allowing me to give this time and energy to her at just the right time.

I am also better able to deal with 'difficult' people. Previously I had to avoid certain people because they would completely drain me.

In fact I started seeing people as negative but now I am able to empower them to stand their own ground. I no longer have to physically get out of mutual space to protect myself. I had been suffering from a lower back pain since the KRM, which has been better for the last couple of days. I am grateful for the KRM experience." Manjit

Maria M's comments 3 months after KMR session (16th Nov)
I have found myself to be more assertive and grounded in my own energy. I feel stronger and more projected. I can see how I attract what is in my life, and always have. There is no blame or putting responsibility on anyone else. If I am not happy I need to work on myself. Forgiveness flows easily through when we are empowered.

Negative people have dropped out of my life, and any interactions I have with them have also changed to positive and mutually empowering. Other people who I thought were negative, I now realise they were not, and in fact the negative element was me. I was the one who created the chaos in my thoughts and had been projecting onto others.

This was a very interesting insight post KRM. I am more trusting of the universe and am able to stay in the flow more. I don't get irritated or angry, because I choose not to. I choose to live a life where I look after myself so that I don't get into a position where I feel overwhelmed. I take out time for myself without feeling guilty.

It's been really nice getting acquainted with the new me. I now know at even deeper level that you cannot truly love another until you can love yourself. Physically, I have had more energy and have been going to the gym regularly. The back pain has totally disappeared."

Natalia after 4 weeks of KMR
"The week four was very challenging. My shoulders were burning and by the end of week four a big burden left my shoulders. That was a big relief!! Also that week I was surrounded by very dark energy. I was clearing this energy with the grids and connection to the light. It worked at the end! I feel like a big layer is pealing off me every week. My body is lighter, I feel much calmer and confident. Love XXX" Natalia

Alina's comments three days after KMR session
I have been feeling extremely energised, enthusiastic and "alive". My body generally feels stronger and more energised. I am also getting less tired than usual, but I need more food, especially sugar. It was a bit more difficult to be organised as I was getting tired of "structured thinking" but even though, everything that needed to be done was done.
I was getting more irritated with people when they were talking about irrelevant stuff, just for the sake of talking, but it was quicker to connect and clearer to see when they were speaking from the heart or if they were just honest and true to themselves."

Alina's comments one week after KMR session
My body has much more strength and my skin has become more smooth, I rest and rejuvenate easier and generally have a lot more positive energy. I haven't noticed any extreme external changes, it's more subtle and delicate. I have noticed a change of attitude towards my ex-partner. Last pieces of hurt and resentment were replaced with gratitude, compassion and love towards him for being who he is and was.

I am also not getting entangled in hurt and victim stories with friends and relatives, I see patterns and "old stories" quickly and as if from a distance, and can consciously decide if I want to "play" in it again or change my attitude or behaviour. My body needs less food and I feel more satisfied with healthy food than before.

I have also noticed that I am more at ease with men and feel much more appreciation towards masculine qualities, have less expectations and more acceptance for who the person is. Generally I feel more peaceful, grounded and stable. Have more clarity about why I make certain decissions or why certain things are happening, and it's easier to change my attitude or actions when I realise that I react according to some kind of pattern. It's funny to say, but I feel more mature, and definately more self confident, and I am looking forward to notice and experience all the changes that are yet still to come

Sarah's (name changed) comments 3 days after KMR session
I had lots of family arguments with my brother. Some negative thoughts in my mind that I don't think are mine.

Sarah's (name changed) comments 10 days after KMR session
Doing triple grid. Social meetings with friends every day of the week. I had a thought about a homeopathy job I was interviewed for 6 months earlier that I was given but refused as I had taken an IT job prior to it. Now as I wasn't working as the IT job finished. A thought came to me to enquire about the homeopathy job. I was informed the job was still available if I would like to do it. So I have a 2 day a week homeopathic Pharmacy job now.

Marie's M. comments 3 days after KMR session
Since our session 3 days ago... I have immediately felt lighter and brighter...as if I have let go of a lifetime, or lifetimes of baggage! I really appreciate the safe and beautiful space you created to do this work. This is the breakthrough I have been looking for. Much love" Marie xxx

Marie's M. comments 7 days after KMR session
I felt fatigue, and some other ascension symptoms, a bit dizzy... and so I am feeling I’m being rewired...memory a bit hazy.... other than that feeling more like myself Thank you for your work. Marie x x .

Marie's M. comments 30 days after KMR session
"My life was very frantic up to this point and my vision was clouded. I felt very stuck.
After the KMR I felt my energies clear. I now feel lighter and clearer. Thank you so much."

Main Page (overall information on Lightbody Energy Integration)
Practitioner/Ascension therapies | 
Explanation Ascension/our evolution | What is lightbody?

Each stage builds up the frequency of the client and they have to be done in the following order:
Body Consciousness Realignment  | Nephillim Removal |
Etheric Crystal Removal
 | Divinity Threshold Removal |  Astral Devices

Higher Light Integration
 |  Etheric Crystal Activation |  Divinity Threshold Activation | 
Karmic Matrix Reabsorbtion and Activation