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Each stage builds up the frequency of the client and they have to be done in the following order:
Body Consciousness Realignment  | Nephillim Removal |
Etheric Crystal Removal
 | Divinity Threshold Removal |  Astral Devices

Higher Light Integration
 |  Etheric Crystal Activation |  Divinity Threshold Activation | 
Karmic Matrix Reabsorbtion and Activation


Body Consciousness Realignment

   Do you feel:

  · Scattered and off balance most of the time?
  · That you feel separate from your body and that it has a will on its own?

   Our Body's consciousness is a separate, sentient being in it's own right called the  
   Keepers of the Human Legacy. Their job is to maintain us in maximum separation  
   from God. This is to expand consciousness into unknown parts of Creation. This
   creates a conflict as our personality and soul are rising in frequency.

  Body Consciousness Realignment involves:

    · Establishing a communication channel with the Keepers
    · Changing the Keepers' orientation so that they align with
      the soul and absorb the Higher Light.

  As a result of doing this work you may experience:

    · Feeling more calm and grounded
    · Feeling more focussed and still
    · Spontaneous healing
    · Healing, meditation and all spiritual practices become easier

  Cost: 1 1/2 - 2 hours, £120 for the session

  Please see client comments below.

More info (which is recommended to have read before the session).

I would like to acknowledge Cheryl Merrill who developed the core vow breaks of this process which we have developed and refined into the form presented in this Training By Nicolas Ngan.

The Body Consciousness Realignment (BCR) process is a foundation stone designed to release core separation programs from the human energy system in preparation for emotional healing work and Lightbody Integration work.

The Body Consciousness holds the emotional blockages in place at the physical cellular level in the human body which is the reason why it is so difficult for people to clear emotionally.

For Lightbody Integration work it allows the physical body to more readily accept the Higher Light that comes in from the fifth dimension once someone's Lightbody is activated. Prior to this process the Body Consciousness will fight the light coming in, if the Lightbody work is undertaken, as it is out of integrity for it to accept light when its program is to maintain the body in separation from God.

What is the Body Consciousness?

The other name we use for the body consciousness is The Keepers of the Human Legacy. These are Devic entities that are the "consciousness" of the physical body. They basically run the body, regulating all the body functions. Initially, they were programmed to run the programs of separation, thus causing physical behaviours to run that would hold the personality in separation, e.g. addictions to low vibrational foods. They also prevented our fields from unifying, which prevents Spirit from coming into the body and the ascension process from taking place. They are the ones responsible for the feeling of being pulled in many directions at once. They also are the cause of the incessant"chatter" we experience, which distracts us and keeps us from focusing.

Once the body consciousness is realigned to Divinity, these little Beings become powerful allies in the creation of Heaven on Earth. The Soul can only fully integrate in the body with their cooperation. Heaven on Earth can only be created with full integration with the physical body. Hence, working with the Keepers is of paramount importance.

Building a relationship with the Keepers is basically set up by communicating with them on a regular basis. Just like any other relationship, it requires dedication and time to establish and sustain. They need to be talked to and listened to. If proper attention is given, they can be heard and they will answer questions on matters pertaining to the physical body, e.g. what supplements to take, foods to eat, colours to wear to maximize balance and harmony.

During lightbody mutational processes/walk-in integration/ change in life circumstances, the Keepers will experience fear and stress. They need to be talked to and reassured and the changes explained to them. In many ways they are like young children. They are hapy at heart and are easy to reassure, but need things to be explained very clearly and patiently and sometimes repetitively. They each have a "personality". Some will be fearful, others grumpy or with a real "attitude". They also have a Nationality and a language. So in working with a French client, the Keepers will speak French and have French attitudes. They can, however, learn another language. Keeping this in mind is crucial to the harmony of the Being as ONE.

When clearing old patterns from the Body, The Keepers' help can be invoked. They will release the old patterns from the cells quite happily, as holding patterns of separation requires more energy than holding Oneness. These little guys are very tired in most of us and will quite happily co-operate with plans for lessening their workload. Similarly, if the release process is so intense that the personality is going out of balance and is debilitated, the Keepers can be ask to decrease the rate of release so that it is more manageable.

Sometimes, the Keepers will actually ask for something which the Body needs, e.g. a massage, a bath, a particular food or drink, to stay in bed, to do some particular exercise. It is important to follow this advice. They will also be happier if the body is kept warm, well fed, clothed and decorated. They love scents, jewellery and shiny things.

Communicating With The Keepers

The Keepers' "headquarters" is in the Pelvic area, in the Sacrum. So placing a hand there or on the lower abdomen, during communication helps to build the connection. It is best to speak in their native tongue if they are not fluent in English. They can be spoken to out loud or telepathically. Usually, once they realise that the human personality they are an integral part of is trying to talk to them, they will try to establish a mode of communication. If the person is visual, they may see them as green or purple lights, light smurfs, little fairy-like creatures. They may see one or many. There are actually hundreds of them but they often select a "spokesperson". If the person is clairaudient, they may hear them speaking directly in their head. Otherwise, they will "feel" the Keepers's response in the body. A "Yes" is experiences as a pleasant, warm, relaxing feeling in the body. A "No" is experienced as a tightening, shivery, unpleasant feeling in the body.

What happens in the session?

Overview of the Body Consciousness Realignment Process

   1. Basically, there is a contract setup between the soul of the client and the
       Keepers. The soul, in coming into this Game of Separation from the higher        dimensions, offers the Keepers and energetic contract to hold it in separation        from God for as long as possible. This is so it can try to reconnect to God via the        personality expression's life experience.

   2.The Keepers take up this contract with gusto and do their best to prevent the       personality expression of the soul from waking up from the unconsciousness of       this reality.

   3.The BCR process involves first explaining to the keepers, via the client's        personality, that this is just a game of Separation from Spirit and that it's not real.

   4. They are then invited to release this contract and to start to work with the        personality and soul to go to the light, in the Ascension process, rather than        keeping the personality in darkness/unconsciousness. This may involve some        negotiation, as the Keepers can become very stuck in their old role of keeping        the personality asleep.

   5. Once the Keepers have agreed to change tack, we use the vow breaking and        infusion process to let go their contract or holding the client in unconsciousness        and to infuse a new one of supporting the client to go to the Light.

   6. Vow breaking and infusion involves asking Spirit/The Universe out loud to        reabsorb the old patterns/contracts to the Light and then to infuse new ones to        replace them which are aligned to where the client is going in their life.
       When we make these requests out loud, the energy of the Words, when said        with clear focus and deep feeling, radiate out to the Universe and create the        requested reality. This is very powerful, because once the Words have been        stated, they cannot be taken back.

   7. We also perform a vow breaking and infusion process on the client's soul's        invitation to the Keepers to hold it in separation from God in the first place.

   8. The result of all this is that the Keepers, the body, the soul and the personality        are all aligned for the first time in heading back to God. This allows for a much        more graceful integration of the Higher Light of the Oversoul when the higher        levels of the Lightbody Integration work are undertaken.

The session will take around 2 hours and costs £120
Vow Breaking

We take many vows of limitation (to go to sleep) as Spirit in order to create the limited experience of the 3rd dimension for ourselves. These vows sit in our energy fields. Karmic matrix which is a grey cob web like energy running through the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensional parts of our energy systems condenses around these vows along with astral devices and entities. This is required in order to create the experience of the vow in our reality. When working with a client you may become aware of these vows in their fields. The quickest way to remove them is to have the client undertake the vow break process below. In having them say it out loud, the frequencies of their voice radiate the energy out to the Universe in the request to declare the vow null and void. Once the words are said they cannot be taken back so they are made real and the vow structure, associated karmic matrix, devices and entities dismantle and leave having completed their job.

Client comments (Body Consciousness Realignment):  

Sukhi's comments after BCR (a few weeks after she comments):
"I generally feel lighter as if I am carrying less weight. I thank you."

Natalia's comments after BCR (on the same day of the session)
"Just to say a huge thank you for today's clearing.  I feel a bit tired but it seems that my keepers are having a serious party. I see the bottom of my body is highly lit up with a bright light and the keepers are so happy so that they are jumping, laughing and rushing inside of  my body. I would have never imagined that I could see that picture inside of me."! ... a few dates later she gives more feedback:

"I am feeling great. My procrastination has gone! I just do things without any resistance in my body. I feel truly connected to Spirit. This is new feeling to me. Also I manifest things quicker in my life and what is really important , I feel well grounded to the earth. The first time ever I can FEEL the connection."

Joana's comments after BCR
”The session was very straight forward and clear. I could feel and see what was going on, seeing the beings (keepers), saw an angel and a woman with bright eyes in the air, also a  floating blue angel. I saw the keepers as golden lights that seem to be  holding hands, also violet lights, all coloured lights really floating in my body. Then I felt very relaxed, pleasant and warm. Strong feelings in my pelvic area there – a mass of energy. Fizzy light and tingling all over my body – in all of my cells. Followed by lots of bright lights and also diamond shaped lights. The full spectrum of colours. When we finished, the lights were stronger. I felt very light and relaxed, clear headed, peaceful, more wholesome with lights in head and body. My aches and pains were gone. I feel pumped up with fresh energy.”

Judy's comments after BCR

”Before the session began, I was particularly aware of the energy in the treatment room. It was exceptionally strong, clear and clean. The connection to the Keepers was immediate, and there felt to be much relief all round this work was being undertaken. Following the session, I certainly felt “beyond exhausted” for the rest of the day. Slept deeply that night and was well the next day. But on the 3rd day I experienced flu-like symptoms – higher temperature, aching all over. This lasted nearly 3 days. I drank lots of water. Since then, I am aware of feeling so much more grounded and present.”

Harinder's comments after BCR:
"I had a Body Consciousness Realignment session with Sandra yesterday. Before the session I was a little anxious but this feeling cleared as soon as I arrived. Once Sandra started to explain the process I felt a warm tingling feeling in my lower abdomen. My body was really ready for this! The session itself was very relaxing. I was amazed at the images that came to mind during the process. When I was asked to address the Keepers of the Human Legacy, in my mind's eye I saw a whole room full of hundreds of little white beings with red hair or red hats. They were all looking really weary but very attentive to me and what I was saying. I was concerned that I would not be able to communicate with them but this was not a problem at all. I could tell from the expressions on their faces what response they were giving to my questions. In the middle of the session I saw them all take off these really heavy rucksacks full of boulders from their backs. They all looked relieved and much lighter.

I know something has changed. My evening meditation session was very deep and my regular practice of breathing in the Light took on a whole new energy. I felt light and happy all day yesterday - in sharp contrast to the usual feeling of weariness that I have experienced since the start of the year. This morning I have woken up with a headache but I believe this is part of the clearing process and will pass.

As always, it was a pleasure to spend time with Sandra and be in the energy of her crystal shop and healing room. I would recommend this session to anyone who wants to accentuate their connection with Source. Lots of love"

Sarah's comments after BCR:
“I came to the session with a really bad headache, but as usual Sandra made me feel really comfortable and the energy in the room helped me to relax.  The session was really intense once Sandra started as my head actually felt as if it would explode as the pain just kept getting worse!  Obviously I was shifting some big stuff!  Linking in with the keepers was truly awesome and even though my head hurt it was an amazing experience.  At the end of the session, Sandra helped me link with my inner child which was brilliant and my headache started to recede and I was left with a dull thump in my head as I left, however once I was home and had something to eat I started to feel much better and the headache went.  I have been linking in with my inner child ever since, especially when I feel a bit down.  The next day I felt fantastic!  I have been able to take in more light and have a much clear connection with my guides and higher self after doing this and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to move forward with the next stage of their clearing.  I also wanted to point out that Sandra never lets you leave a session until you feel okay (as the inner child work was not part of the session) and this shows to me how committed she is with helping others heal.  Thank you Sandra.”

"Hi Sandra,As promised I am providing you with feedback about how I feel about the BCR after one week. I genuinely feel different, especially when I meditate. I feel like I can connect with the Light so much quicker and easier. Before it would take me a good 15 or 20 minutes to calm my mind down but this last week I have managed to connect almost immediately. I also feel a lot lighter - less weary deep down. Love" Harinder

Simone's comments after BCR (after over two months)
“During the BCR session I really felt the alignment happing in my body. We also had some "interesting" conversation with the keepers and I am glad we could convince them to work WITH me (instead of AGAINST me! :-))! I continued talking to them for a few weeks after and lately started it again. This is a great tool to listen to your own (physical) needs. In general, I feel a lot calmer since the BCR session. Although I have been off balance in-between, it is a lot easier for me to come back to the feeling of "connectivity" within myself / with Source. It changed my life to the better as I feel deeply grounded and to a higher degree "self-secure". There is a
stronger layer of inner peace that I am now aware of - even in times of trouble. Thanks a lot, Sandra, for offering this gift to me!” Simone

Andrea's comments after BCR:
"Feeling very stressed, tired, and manic before the session, I had no idea what to expect. The session itself was very intense with very different feelings, however it would always come back to the same light and joy at the end of each segment. However, at the end of my session you are left with a feeling of such lightness, that it feels like you had been somewhere else entirely for the last 1 hour. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for ascension and moving towards
the light." Andreas

Mona's comments after BCR, experiences in session:
"Felt some of the keepers have died, gave them yellow and white. Some of them feel drunk or drugged. After giving the colours they are ok now. Got a sense of darkness. All darkness I felt over a year is coming now to surface or it has started, thoughts I mean. Sandra gave me the grids for personal space to do on my own in session. The dark thoughts left and my mind is quiet. I am full of space, quite clear headed now."

Jayne's comments directly after BCR session:
" Felt very conscious of my stomach, like there was a party circle going. Not conscious of other parts of my body. At the end of session, felt very cold. Both my top of the head and eyes felt sore". Jayne
One week after BCR session:
"First couple of days full of energy. Then five days after treatment, woke up with very bad headache that seemed to consume whole body. Do not often have headaches and if do so only for a short time, this wasn't a migraine but my head seemed to be the largest organ. Also on 5th day, exhausted, unable to even have energy to make a phone call. Lasted until day after. Slept and rested all day. After the BCR, I would still get annoyed at people/things but without the strong emotional charge behind it. The intensity of my negative emotions was greatly decreased. I did not use up energy to get annoyed or angry, the situation or conversation was diluted and quickly dismissed." Jayne.

Josephine's comments after BCR session:
"My experience was nowhere near as clear cut visually as Harinder's. I felt more like I was in a warm cocoon and with the exception of the one point where either I or the Keepers felt nervous, I felt all was well. I had no real visual, auditory or indeed other sensory information but I found the process of speaking and breaking contracts aloud very powerful. As you may remember one of the main reasons I came was because I was feeling scattered and I think that has lifted quite well. I definitely feel that my ability to speak the truth and say what is needed in the classes I lead continues to improve, and in that sense it is very easy to be present and to feel full of light." Josephine (name changed) 

Natalia's comments after BCR session:
"It was very intense and different to any previous sessions/treatments and I have really enjoyed it. At the beginning of the sessions when you started to talk about the keepers I started to feel pain in left side of my body and also pressure on top of my head. Later on my body felt very light like there was no body at all just arms and legs. Keepers showed up as orange and purple light and also a small dwarf...they seemed quite cooperative. During the infusion I felt my body physically stretching as if it would become longer than it really is.
The next day I was very emotional , tearfull, my whole body especially my spine ached. Luckily was off work so have rested and slept a lot. After that was back to my normal positive self , have felt a strong field of protection around me when in crowds, my dreams became more vivid with dolphins moving in spiral (like DNA code) shapes, signs of manifestations became more intense and frequent.
A big thank you once again, Love & Light
...she emails 1 week later... "Yesterday I went trough serious pain in my kidneys. I believe that this is to do with clearing of my root chakra. Also I have noticed that my solar plexus chakra is going through a clearing process. In my dream I have seen big steal rods were twisting in my stomach, making it very strong."

Carol's comments directly after her Body Consciousness Realignment session:
"The meditation sent lots of colours around my body and aura. Carol was resistant wanting to run away. By body was cold then hot. I felt halfway through as though I was floating in the universe. The keepers were small, 3 female fat faced children with a gnome who had egg shaped head and bit feet leading, the children were playing and following the leader. The gnome turned into a man and came back as everything I could want in a man. Full of love, consideration, gentle thoughtfulness. He is right through my being and here. Afterwards - emotional, tearful, but calm and full of love." Carol

Deeraj's comments:
"The BCR carried with it a feel good factor all along and this was so even before the session. It kick started a massive clearance in me and at times it was very challenging yet positive. The change in the keepers' orientation has definitely helped me on different levels. I am really grateful and as usual thank you Sandra. Love. Deeraj"

Simona's comments after BCR session:
"The session lasted a couple of hours, meanwhile I was laying down conformably we made contact with the keepers, they were replying positively at every question we were making and were more than happy to proceed and be released of their tasks.  At the end I was filled with beautiful turquoise/green light. I was quite tired but quite light and happy, confident that I’m following the right path!" Simona

Nadine's comments directly after Body Consciousness Realignment session:
"At the beginning of the session while the process was explained, I felt slight pains and aches in my temples and head. While lying down I felt relaxed. As soon as the first question was asked of the keepers, I felt as if my arms had lifted off the bed and were floating, then they felt tingly with a warm sensation creeping into my forearms. As each question was asked this feeling spread up my arms to my shoulders and head. I felt an awareness of others within and all over me but it felt comfortable and normal. At the end was a feeling of lightness and deep relaxation. My spine feels longer and almost as if a line runs along it and further up out of my body - tall (hard to explain). I look forward to the coming week to notice any changes and the next steps." Nadine
After one week she comments:
"Experienced nausea and acute headache in the centre of my head between my eyes, then at back of head. A few days after treatment, I felt positive enough to actually surf the net for course, something which previously I had been feeling to negative to do. Have enrolled on Naturopath Nutritional course. I was thrilled that I have achieved this. I made a visit back to my mothers house I visited friends some of whom are quite spiritual I found that when I could talk about my sessions here, I felt both joyous and excited, compared to the times when I could not talk to anyone about this I felt quite low. Have been dreaming even more vividly then usual. Also I have been "coming across" books which really help me to learn more." Nadine.

Zoe's comments right after BCR session:
”As soon as Sandra began the session, I had the very strong impression of lying on an operating table, covered in white medical sheeting and surrounded by special medical equipment on a space ship in a space operating theatre. There were medical entities all around carrying out various procedures. As soon as I heard the instruction for a ‘sterilisation’ tool, I could feel a wave of ‘anaesthetic’ rush through my physical and etheric bodies. Felt very comforted by the presence of Archangel Michael, Raphael, Sanada and Kuan Yin. Keepers:  instantly aware of exhausted and frightened  little gnomes, all carrying very heavy loads. They seemed absolutely beside themselves at being addressed and were even more delighted to finally rescind their vows to keep me in separation. I could see them bathing in heavenly golden pranic light and I could hear music – angelic choirs. As soon as I’d cleared my vows of separation, I could feel great peace and light flooding through me. My body now aches as though I’ve been working out solidly for a week. I am looking forward to the integration process and the next step of lightbody work.” Zoe

Denis's comments after BCR session:
"I was very much looking forward to my BCR session since I had heard about the procedure some time earlier. I was delighted when Sandra was able to fit me in for the once in a lifetime (literally) experience, Sandra explained in detail what she would be doing during the session and then we began.
As I initiated contact with the keepers I was having sensations around my lower abdomen I was intrigued by this and enjoying the experience . When we asked if they were happy to work with me instead of trying to keep me from the light I got uncomfortable cramp like sensations across my abdomen as a NO from the keepers, when I reported this to Sandra she explained that they were not happy about this change taking place.  After a little time with Sandra doing her work I felt a very floaty and content in the area where I had felt uncomfortable.
Sandra explained to me again what was taking place in that the keepers were now willing and able to make the shift in consciousness.
The energy in the room was very pure and I blissed out for a time.
 After the session I felt wiped out , but that only lasted a few hours after which I  felt so full of light that I couldn't stop smiling.
 I am already looking forward to future ascension work with Sandra 
 Thank you Sandra." Dennis

Thelma's comments after BCR session:
“What a wonderful experience it was and how much more together I am feeling as a result of it.  For the duration of the session I felt lovely warm sensations throughout my body.  The Keepers were certainly ready to retire from their previous role and take on the new one, and although I didn’t see them as any kind of figures I did see patches of purple light towards the end of the session.  During the different processes I had sensations of things lifting, found the Unified Chakra work exceptional and the reflective mirror actually positioning around my whole being was amazing. At the end I felt a great sense of peace and calm and could have stayed on the couch for ages just bathing in the light!  
Since then I have generally been much calmer and, although I have experienced some irritability, in the main I have been much more at One and my mind hasn’t been so busy!  I have found practising the Quadruple Grid Technique and Unified Chakra something very special.”  Thelma

Mini's comments 6 months after BCR session:
"Before the session I was feeling quite excited as to what was about to
happen and when Sandra started to explain the details I felt little
butterflies in the pit of my stomach and it was like my little keepers were
aware that something was happening that involved them.
As Sandra started the session I felt very relaxed and my crown chakra was
burning.  When we got to the stage of addressing my keepers,  I saw a stream
of smurf/goblin type small men and they were all standing to attention,
looking very weary and forlorn, as if they had had enough of the job that
they had been given to do.  When Sandra asked me to ask them that I wanted
them to work with me to reach the light most of them agreed with what I
wanted of them but at the back there were a few grumblings and Sandra told
me to talk to them personally. When I did this they were much happier and
agreed.  The whole session left me on a complete high and I felt that I
could now reach what my soul truly wanted which was to connect to the light
anytime/any day.
For the first week after the session with Sandra I suffered really bad
headaches which is unusual for my as that is not something I suffer with at
all.  I also felt generally very low and bad tempered, snapping at my family
for no apparent reason.  Although I was meditating at the time too, I found
that my mind was not fully there and I was not able to connect.  Exactly a
week after this experience my meditation was the best it had ever been in
that I was connecting straight away, I felt so whole, full of light and so
so happy and these feelings have continued.  I get clearer messages and I
have found coping with life's ups and downs so much more easier to deal
Thank you Sandra for a truly wonderful experience and for your help with
progressing me on my energy path. Lots of Love." Mini

Fatima's comments right after BCR session:
"Already a day before the session, my body started to clear stuff out without me doing anything. During the session, I felt old parts of me leaving because I no longer need them. The process was very speedy. I feel very light now." Fatima

Main Page (overall information on Lightbody Energy Integration)
Practitioner/Ascension therapies | 
Explanation Ascension/our evolution | What is lightbody?

Each stage builds up the frequency of the client and they have to be done in the following order:
Body Consciousness Realignment  | Nephillim Removal |
Etheric Crystal Removal
 | Divinity Threshold Removal |  Astral Devices

Higher Light Integration
 |  Etheric Crystal Activation |  Divinity Threshold Activation | 
Karmic Matrix Reabsorbtion and Activation