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Explanation Ascension/our evolution | What is lightbody?

Each stage builds up the frequency of the client and they have to be done in the following order:
Body Consciousness Realignment
 | Nephillim Removal
Etheric Crystal Removal
 | Divinity Threshold Removal |  Astral Devices

Higher Light Integration
 |  Etheric Crystal Activation |  Divinity Threshold Activation | 
Karmic Matrix Reabsorbtion and Activation


Astral Devices

   We put these in place in our energy fields just before incarnating in order
   to create our life experience and to block the energy and consciousness
   flow of our Spirit.

   Many of these devices come from past lives.

   Removing these devices unblocks your potential, frees your energy and body
   from limitation

   Body Consciousness Realignment
   Nephillim Removal
   Etheric Crystal Removal
   Divinity Threshold Recalibration

   Cost: £60 per hour (approx 2 - 3 hours)


Zoe comments:
This was an incredible session and it feels as though Sandra has been doing this work for a very long time – she is incredibly intuitive about the process and I felt very nurtured and safe throughout in her hands. Immediately I felt myself back in the now familiar operation room in the space ship, surrounded by medical beings – I could even hear their happy high-pitched sound at one point. I felt a constricted sense over the heart chakra and lungs just before Sandra removed the asthma band and great lightness as it was finally removed. We found another entity that has been with me since I was two and preventing me from finding love. Sandra helped release this with great love and understanding. I sense that this will make a big difference in my life from this point onwards. The head plates  I could sense very clearly – thin metal plates, they came out easily. I felt much clearer and lighter afterwards.
Most amazing for me is the chakra replacement. I could feel the 1st replacement – the throat chakra very clearly. An amazing sensation of power and strength and “cleanness” as it was put in. The medical corp instructed Sandra to let them replace the other chakras, it filled me with a special metallic, indestructible chakras, which I could and can still sense very clearly – actually they feel quite heavy.
I now feel as though I will be able to integrate vastly higher frequencies of light much more safely and allow myself to be in my body again, without damaging it. I had been feeling out of my body before, spending all my time with spirit, but disconnect from Earth. This is amazing work, and I’ am so grateful for your skill, Sandra. Looking forward to the next session! Zoe
Next session of Structure Removal with Zoe:
Lemurian Crystals were removed in this session. Zoe comments:
“Before we started working I suddenly felt very heavy, very tired and felt an intense constriction around my head – quite painful, really uncomfortable.
The Medical Corps Team now felt like very familiar and loving beings and I could sense their presence straight away. As soon as Sandra removed each structure, I could feel light pouring into the open wounds. The structures felt really nasty – painful, sharp thorns, spikes, sharp metallic blades, deeply wined into my system and very draining energetically. I felt absolutely exhausted during this work. Sandra then replaced my hand chakras which helped to drain residual 3D rubbish from one hand, which released a lot of emotion from my heart. It took a while to recover from this process which was the toughest yet, but now I feel much lighter, and feel that I will now have much more energy, will lose excess eight easily and I have clearer psychic and sexual functioning.
Thanks you! Zoe
One months later Zoe reports changes from the Lemurian Crystal removal.
”Since the Lemurian Crystals were removed I have experienced a quantum shift in my healing sessions with clients – they have become very powerful indeed. I feel very overheated during sessions (I am doing some integration work on it with Sandra today to sort this out) – and sometimes overwhelmed by the huge energies surges through my body. I’ve started yoga to help integrate this. I’ve also been experiencing extreme exhaustion – in patches and my mind has been going crazy- old issues have been coming up for final release This is interspersed with periods of overwhelming ecstatic bliss and awareness of Spirit in golden light.. Zoe.
Next session with Zoe:
Removal of Love Deflection Disc
This feels like an enormous relief to have removed the disc. I could feel it coming out and a lot of accompanying karmic stuff. I felt as though I had complex light and laser beams flashing and pulsing through my energy matrix while this was happening. I feel vast spaces opening up and a huge inpouring of Divine Love.
Sandra did some intense work to stabilize the process in my body. I feel peaceful, calm and filled with happy thoughts about a future free from painful relationship. Thank you. A big step forward – again! Zoe
She emailed me the next day saying:

I feel so much more peaceful after the lightbody stuff, by the way. Need loads of sleep to integrate, but my mind is  SO much less busy today. I had very powerful sessions with clients today – it seems my psychic centres have opened up even more. Thank you so much! Zoe

Jayne comments:

Removal of Love Deflection Disc with Jayne
”While sitting on the chair, the first sensation was of actual heartburn or indigestion. This feeling went away. The last feeling was one of when it had been out, and sewn up. The scar soon heals, with the outside visible scar healing far quicker then under the skin. I felt that if I was touched on my skin, it wouldn’t hurt but the scaring was still healing underneath.”
Three days later she emails:
"Commenced a college course, so emotions were high. Very excited on Friday, but a little flat Saturday morning through this did go by lunchtime. I felt the dynamics while doing all the group to be very different. People who I had previously met only once, zoomed in on me as did a majority of the group. I felt a lot of compassion for and with the group. There was very little that emotionally hurt or provoked a strong reaction within me.” Jayne

Harinder comments one day after session:
"My brain was complete mush yesterday! I was reading things and not taking in a word. My eyes felt heavy and sensitive to light and I felt a little ungrounded in the morning. I feel a bit more grounded today, I 've been wearing my crystal nad doirng the quadruple grid technique for personal which I will continue to do twice daily."
2 Weeks after 1st Session:
'I felt ungrounded on and off. I felt I was being forced to focus on my heart centre as every time I went up into my head (where I usually live!) I felt disorientated. When I keep my attention on my heart centre I feel well, relaxed and joyful. I feel more together and more grounded in my body. I have also experienced a new kind of deep sense of peace and joy. " Harinder
Comments after 2nd Session (about 2 weeks after the session):
"My whole attention is in the heart area. My head really hurts when I focus on anything other than my heart. I can't read. I feel nauseous if I try. Have had problems watching telly. I feel like I am being forced out of my head and into my heart. My brain has turned to mush! I feel like I am not really present. I feel muddled, incredibly tired. Can't even talk properly as the wrong words keep coming out of my mouth.  My eyes keep watering and my vision is blurry. There is a lot of activity in my 3rd eye area; like a spinning/whirring sensation. The only time I feel centred and ok is when I keep my attention in my heart area." Harinder
Comments after 3rd Session:
I feel a lot better than I have done for several weeks. My eyes have stopped watering. I can read a little now but still not for too long. I actually feel very different; much more centred, grounded in my body, peaceful and present. I feel deeply connected to myself which feels absolutely wonderful. I have been doing the Unified Chakra invocation and the personal and space grid clearing every day. I feel like the last few weeks have been transformative for me. It was uncomfortable at the time but I am really pleased with how I feel now. Something very deep inside me has changed for the better. I feel much more connected to Spirit than I have ever done before. I also feel a greater awareness of the higher aspects of myself. My meditation practice has deepened.
I am looking forward to the next session. I was really amazed at Sandra's ability to pick up the issues that needed resolving in my body during the Astral Device Removal part of the Lightbody Integration work." Harinder

Zoe comments after Chastity Belt removal:
While Sandra was preparing the room I could feel Spirit working already on my body. I felt a sharp pain in my pelvis - then more clearly felt a big rusty metal structure. Sandra removed lots of chastity belt devices and it felt like a huge relief as each bit came off - especially while I rescinded all vows relating to it. The most extreme device went right into the body and I could feel it coming out very clearly and release stuff. There was an extra plate in my head which Sandra also removed and it took a while to integrate - felt very spaced out after I came out. I have a new base chakra also! And can feel its healing spinning energy realigning my energy fields. Very excited about how this work will affect my life over the next few weeks.

Fatima's comments - Session 1:
"The clearing started 2 weeks before the session. My back, my chest and my lower back were hurting. I didn't know why until we started the session. Since I saw you, I have felt lots of clearing around m heart chakra, lots of sadness coming up to be cleared. I feel very tired. But the best in all of this - you cleared my throat chakra: now I can express myself where before I wouldn't speak. You cleared my base chakra by removing the blocks where my creativity was blockend and all the other chakras. Now I can see the life with different eyes. Now I am more grounded and conneceted to my Higher Self. It's the biggest clearing I have had in my life. Many blessings Love" Fatima

Fatima's comments - Session 3:
”Since I made the appointment with Sandra over the phone, I felt tired, lots of things started to move in my body. I didn’t know what it was. When I went for the session,  I realized  that there were my blocks that wanted to leave my body. Sandra did remarkable work because I now feel lighter and I can feel lots of light coming through my body. I feel like I am reborn. I can think more clearly and I am more confident. Many thanks, Sandra” Fatima

Astral device removal – session 1
“This was a very physical session, I felt very hot  one hour before the session. As soon as  I sat on the chair I felt extremely heavy and uncomfortable, very tired, too.  I knew in which parts of the body where the astral devices because needles, shaking and shivers pointed them out! We worked for a couple of hours before we had to stop, but we made good progresses and yet again I can’t wait for the next session, every time is like leave a burden behind!” Simona

Astral device removal – session 2
”A fantastic feeling around my heart area, integrating heart energy with upper body, then down the arms and the lower part of the body. My body felt overall more whole and integrated. I saw my heart, just nice with a ball of light on top of it, light in colour. Felt  I was compressed to feel left and right more together, felt slimmer and taller. Soul Resonance Suit felt like an armour made of light. Made me feel wonderful and glowing, complete and invincible. Felt white sunshine coming over me, could see Sandra’s aura after that clearly. My vision was much clearer, could see stars in front of me, floating in front of my brow. I feel very happy with myself now.” Simona

Astral Device Removal – 3 days after session
"Have spent all day today detoxing and woke up at 3.00 am and didn’t get back to sleep after."

Astral Device Removal – session 1/3
"I feel very perky, clear an light now". When she comes for session 2 she reports:" I feel a sense of achievement from session to session. I've been having hayfever symptoms but less severe than normal, my mental capabilites have improved, my memory is better, I feel lighter, clearer and I have more energy and stamina. I think the asthma band made the biggest difference. Changes come straight away now compared to last year when I started the work. I am coping better with my work." Elizabeth

Astral Device Removal – session 2/3
"All feels repaired and solid now - neat and in place." When she comes back for her 3rd session she reports: "I felt the energies working quite powerfully and intensely afterwards. I felt I needed to ground myself with housework,- this took 6 days, then everything came back into balance. During this time I stopped all energy work and just stayed on the physical level - this took 6 days. I now notice subtly that the devices are gone. I was aware of devices not being there. I felt I wanted to cover myself were armour was before and felt very exposed but I am ok now. I totally feel equilibrium and re-set. I feel moe open and lighter since the last device removal session. More spaces between molecules somehow." Elisizabeth

Astral Device Removal – session 3/3
"I feel I can bounce now." When she comes back for her next session she reports: I've been really good. Got a better job offer straight after the last session." Elizabeth

Astral Device Removal – session 1/3
"When Judy comes for her 2nd Astral Devices Session she comments about her 1st session: "Burnt myself out and had high temperature, running around, liver sore as a result. What we did last session gave me very high energy that is why I used this energy and then crashed. Really positive, incredible work I did on others as a healer after the session. I had renewed energy. " Judy
When she comes back for her 3rd session she comments about 2nd session:
"After my last session I had bada headache for 3 days – when this was lifted I felt like space was filled with cotton wool. Lasted for a week. Could not speak properly or remember things. A totally renewing experience. Real sense of a new speech and head - like being given a new head. I am still getting used to this, not settled yet but comfortable, the right time for this work. " Judy
When she comes back for more work she comments about the 3rd session of Astral Devices Removal: "After the device removal there was a lot of tiredness.  I still feel I have a sore back pain, a big problem but other than this everything feels like how it should be."

Astral Device Removal – session 1
2 days after the session she comments on the phone: "I could not think, spaced out., really inner peace that I have never felt before. I feel happy first time ever, don’t have to worry about anything. Really nice, contentment, satisfaction." In her written client comments one week after the session she mentioned that her head felt generally so much lighter and relaxed and her unconditional love towards everyone is going strong. Mini
When she came to her 2nd removal session she comments on her first session: "It took a while to fully integrate, she said she took it easy during this time. She says: “I can honestly say it really has transformed me at such a deep level. I feel really in a good place. Coping with everyday life is not a struggle any more.” She said she had also now finished a psychic developing course and to go forward for the mediumship course is next. She felt she had more confidence to proceed with these things, things just start happening…Mini
When she came to her next session she comments about what happened after her 2nd Removal session: She feels very good. Yesterday last bit is going (clearing/integrating). Used Selenite on 3rd eye for that, then felt much rested, very calm and peaceful. She said: “I feel like a lot of stuff has shifted. I am really letting go. Feel I have hardly anything left to go. I am in a really good place.”
"After 2nd removal session she said she felt great, full of energy, jumping about for 3 days, then felt she needed to rest with selenite crystal and was gentle to herself."
Comments when she came for her last removal session: "After the 2nd device removal session, the homework worked just as I said (as if she had the actual crystal on). She said: “I feel good. Cannot meditate still, I am not able to – just as you advised me to better not meditate at the moment and let everything just integrate. A bit restless last night. I feel exitement to come today. I feel great.”Mini

When she comes back for her 2nd Removal session she comments:
"I feels more hungry than usual after last session, more joy and lighter generally." Mini
Afte r2nd session feedback:3:nSleep not very deep, generally does not  feel sleepy in evening or during the day. She said she is feeling much clearer on the one hand but reactive to other people  on the other. Normally she would ignore them but not any more..Mini

Main Page (overall information on Lightbody Energy Integration)
Practitioner/Ascension therapies | 
Explanation Ascension/our evolution | What is lightbody?

Each stage builds up the frequency of the client and they have to be done in the following order:
Body Consciousness Realignment  | Nephillim Removal |
Etheric Crystal Removal
 | Divinity Threshold Removal |  Astral Devices

Higher Light Integration
 |  Etheric Crystal Activation |  Divinity Threshold Activation | 
Karmic Matrix Reabsorbtion and Activation