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Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Dec 2017

My hotel Stratorsphere on the
'new strip' with roller coaster, bungie jumping etc on top...no thanks!
Casino in hotel


  Ice Cream Dispenser
the New Strip hotels  
Luxor Hotel and Casino Inside pyramid hotel
  Venice in Las Vegas...another
   hotel the Venicien
Still inside the hotel, was sitting at a table listening to the gondoleurs singing, one was doing mickey mouse for a child, was very good!!


'Old Strip', you can have photos taken
with all sorts of people, dressed up in
all themes...the guy perhaps did not see
this coming!!! His partner had fun taken
photos...all sorts of embarrassing
I almost ate all of it, was fab pancakes!



Antelope Valley/Canyon

I say pictures of it and found out it was only a 40 USD bus trip from Las Vegas - but it was in another state and it was a LONG bus drive, and very cold there but worth it as you can see, totally amazing!!! One of the highights of the trip!

250 meter long, about 15 metres high. This is the Upper Antelope Canyon, there is also a Lower One.


Narrow passages at times...
My favourite picture
Amazed? You must be!!
We came out of the Canyon



Horseshoe mountain, nice little 20 min walk to get there from bus, great views.



Trip into the Death Valley

Another day-trip with a Jeep and 3 other tourists in the death valley, that was much warmer climate and with great company and driver, we had a lot of fun and saw amazing stuff....and we walked a little

Looking at SALT!
  MORE SALT....a salt field called the Devils Golf course.
Interesting shaped mountains out of mud.
Walking on salt
So, now we are in the colorado desert, I flew to California, Long Beach, to visit my friends!
Amazing there, too. My friends had a car and we rented a house in the desert and we heard the coyotes howling in the night as we are sitting by the fire, Christmas in the desert!...We have our foxes, they have coyotes, and they kill a lot of dogs each year, esp on campsites..
My friends, great to see them again. Sarah and Raymond
The house we rented in the desert.  
  This is a Joshua Tree, there is a Joshua
National Park we visited
This is in Joshua National Park  

I have also seen the Circle Du Soleil in the Belagio Hotel (was totally out of this world)

Artifacts musemum of the Titanic (what they had brought up from 2.5 km in ocean)
Did a Black out Dining - eating a 5 course meal in total darkness!! Was amazing, the waiters obviously gave some tips how to eat stuff....later on I saw menu what I ate..you can hear other people guessing what it is...
Very much recommended!!