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  Radiant Child

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Sandra Ditta Herrmann/
       Harjas Kaur


Current classes offered:

FRIDAYS: 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm
1 hour class for mature kids and also for adults
Please ring Sandra beforehand - 020 8579 7230

In this one-hour class I will teach normal kriyas as for the adults, however the kriyas I have chosen are less intense, more playful and more suitable for kids.

If the meditation is not part of the kriya I have not always added a meditation or, if I have, I have kept it quite short.

I will allow plenty of integration time between exercises (depending on the needs of that particular class).

I have taught these classes to a 10-year-old and her father for 1 year and they both greatly benefited. I found that K.Y. works especially to help kids deal with the pressures of school, to learn, focus and relax better and the overall mood and energy levels are improved.

I highly recommend it for kids to get this support. With this class, handouts can be provided on request free of charge.

Cost: £7/person, drop-in.

Please ring me for enquiries: Sandra/Harjas  020 8579 7230.

Venue: Alexandria Healing Centre, 39 Alexandria Road, London W13 ONR. www.alexandriahealing.co.uk


FRIDAYS: 4 - 5 pm
45 min – 1 hour class for younger kids and their parents

Please ring Sandra beforehand - 020 8579 7230

AND also for anybody who wants to join this playful energy and class as an adult!

Young kids’ yoga classes with parent/s are imaginative and fun! Stories are played out in yoga postures, simple visualisations, short meditations, kids’ Kundalini Yoga music is played (mostly in English). Sometimes we will also be chanting along with the music.

For these classes, the parent will need to attend with their child. It brings them together in a very beautiful way when this playfulness is shared and this worked best in the past. Having this play time with the Kundalini Yoga was enchanting them for days or weeks afterwards. We all need to have playtime in our lives and this is an opportunity also for adults who do not bring a child but want to have some fun and to pick up the playfulness and energy of the kids and mantras. In the past the energy of kids and parents doing the class together has been magical, like rainbow energy at times.

Try it and let yourself be surprised by the effects and the healing through the playfulness and the Kundalini Yoga.

The relaxation time will be very short 3 – 7 minutes.

Handouts are not provided but I can tell you where you can purchase material and music from.

Cost: £7/person, drop-in.

Please ring me for enquiries: Sandra/Harjas  020 8579 7230.

Venue: Alexandria Healing Centre, 39 Alexandria Road, London W13 ONR. www.alexandriahealing.co.uk

Comments of mothers:

”Very nice, catchy songs. Well balanced. Relaxing at times, energising as well. Very positive, uplifting.” Agnieszka

“The story was interesting. Exercises well suited. The whole experience very positive”. Agnieszka
Agnieszka also mentioned that she was very surprised how open and outgoing her children were during and particularly after the class. Normally they are very shy.

Hanna (kid) comments:  “I felt lovely. I loved the candle and I liked the chanting. Felt really relaxed when we were lying and the dancing and I loved the breathing and relaxing.“Hanna

Mother emails later:
I am writing to say a VERY BIG “Thank you” for the kids yoga classes that we took part in last week-end. It was exactly what we needed! All 3 of us were in such positive moods after it – singing and stretching all weekend long. Both Hanna and Ala can’t wait to the next class.
Warmest wishes Agnieszka.

“The children’s yoga was a treat! For me as an adult I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the music. My children, Marcel 7, enjoyed being popcorn and my daughter Ruby, 5, enjoyed being a butterfly. The children had a lot of fun “being” all the animals, the bear, the elephant, the crab and the fish. Thank you Sandra for a really fun afternoon. X” Tameeza

"Sat Nam Sandra. I have Aydin (7 years old) beside me now and he would like to say that he enjoyed the yoga class very much, especially the bells and the singing. He tells me that he felt bright after the class" Dee (mother)