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No matter what we achieve, our successes are hollow unless we fulfill the soul's yearning to bring higher consciousness into our daily lives. Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is much more than a system of physical exercise;

              it's a dynamic, powerful tool for expanding awareness.

An integrated and authentic system of exercise, breath control, and meditation that has been practiced in India for millennia, it's safe, comprehensive, and simple. It promotes physical health, stimulates the mind's potential, and touches one's innermost being.

                                 This is a yoga for householders
                            For people who have to cope with the
         daily challenges and stresses of holding jobs, raising families,
                                        and managing careers.

You don't have to leave your home, become an ascetic, or sit in a cave. Even spending three minutes a day meditating or stretching into a Kundalini Yoga posture at your desk provides benefit. Of all the technology and wisdom that Yogi Bhajan could have taught from his vast storehouse of experience and mastery, he chose Kundalini Yoga and meditation because it is so effective, comprehensive, and "do-able."

Kundalini yoga is based on kriyas, or specially formulated sets of exercises. This allows you to target specific benefits and work on exactly those aspects of yourself that need work at the current time. Any amount of time spent practicing - whether three minutes or an hour a day - produces significant benefits, and in turn, motivate individuals to dedicate more time to its practice.

Practicing Kundalini Yoga keeps the body in shape and trains the mind to be strong and flexible in the face of stress and change. It increases oxygen capacity, boosts blood flow, balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, and reduces stress-induced toxins such as adrenaline and cortol. The effect is a heightened self-awareness and vitality that allows you to harness mental and emotional energy. Individuals feel more in control of themselves, with enhanced peace of mind, concentration, and a deep inner calm and self-confidence. No matter what someone's age or physical capacity is, Kundalini yoga and meditation can have immediate benefits.

Student comments:

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Kundalini Yoga on Tuesday morning.  It was a totally new experience for me.  I didn’t know quite what to expect and was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises but was pleased that I managed them.  I particularly enjoyed the chanting.  The time just flew by and I felt such a peace and joy and loved the flow of energy. I am certainly looking forward to next class." Sue (name changed)

"Thank you for inviting me to the kundalini yoga class. I found it
challenging in places, but thanks to your encouragement I gave it my
best and was surprised to find I CAN do it (well, most of it).
Afterwards I felt really good in myself and so energised, I didn't feel
to go to bed until 2 pm." Regina

Kundalini Yoga class (comments the day after)
Thank you so much for the healing last night Sandra, I don't think I've ever felt so intensely effected by kundalini before.... At first I felt this clarity then all of a sudden some sort of unease and I started freaking out so so much, thinking that I had gone completely insane and that I was going to spend the rest of my life in a mental hospital. I felt this hugely strong energy in my crown chakra region so I stuck my attention on it and soon realised my whole spine and body was buzzing with this wonderful energy... Then all of a sudden I found myself the most relaxed I've felt in very long time, in awe of the energy... Have you heard of such kind of experiences? I just found it so strange feeling on the end of both of those extremes with such a strong all over energy (especially in the crown) it's really taken me over a bit how powerful this yoga actually is! Can't wait till the next class. Thank you once again
Sam xxx

"Thank you for last night I really loved the class. I felt very optimistic, peaceful and present afterwards." Karen

"Dear Sandra, I want to thank you for a lovely evening last night I had a great time at the yoga session, the energy in the room was amazing which is something I have never experienced, so thank you for my first real Kundalini Yoga experience!   Also, the folder you provided is very informative and made very interesting reading." Tanya

Hi Sandra,
"I am writing to say thank you so much for the Kundalini course and the effort you put into each class. I enjoyed the classes immensely and am relishing the ongoing transformation experienced as a result."
Many thanks and a big hug xEimear

"Very energising and totally engaging - I felt lost in the Kriya - even
when bits of it hurt! thank you" Joanne

"My first class in Kundalini yoga and I really enjoyed it and fell
totally energised" Mala

"Wonderful, peaceful and grounding" Amrita

"Really beautiful - thank you" Susan

"Quality Moments" Michael

"Challenging and energising - a journey and lots of fun. Would
definitely do it again." Joanne

"Very energising and conecting. Like the vibration ofthe chanting". Carmen

"Fantastic, invigorating, and wonderful" Ana

"Feeling very light weight and relaxed and energised. Body feels well
balanced throughout. Wonderful session. Thanks.

"I feel uplifted, energetic, mood feels improved, positive, feel the
Oneness with the Universe, great session, great atmosphere, great
teacher. Love, light and peace. Namaste" Shelly

"Very enjoyable, always different, feeling refreshed and energised as
always. Thank you." Regina

"A physical, mental and spiritual challenge. It was a tough but
rewarding experience. Putting me in tune with myself, my energy and
helping me find inner resolutions. Learning this ancient knowledge to
help with mind body and spirit has been enjoyable." Yara
next day Yara writes..
"After finishing the kundalini yoga course I left with a new found
positive energy and I felt that my sense of intuition and perception was
greatly enhanced. It was as if I had focused on the connection with my
spirit, helping me reconnect with myself and the world. My family and
friends noticed a vibrant diffence in me."

"Medicinal for mind, spirit and body. Really strong high vibrational
space (crystals and room) added to blissful energy that was created.
Hard work initially, however, foundthe mantras and focus on breath
produced great endurance and feelings of accomplishment" Martha

"When I left the class I felt like a blanket of pure stillness had been
thrown over me. The class was very energetic, yet I was not tired. I
felt like the chanting (or maybe it was the physical movement....?) had
filled my whole UCL with a really profoud peace. I could feel a
different sort of energy around me. The morning after the yoga I woke up
feeling blissfully happy and tranquil. The chanting carried an energy of
its own and stayed with me well into the next day. This yoga is unlike
any other I have done. It seems to work at so many levels." Harinder

"Each class is different and it just gets better and better. I am
looking forward to a regular once a week class. Love the chanting" Regina

"My first Kundalini yoga class with Sandra - and what a joy it was! All
the instructions were very clear. it wasn't sure how I was going to feel
and keep up but I am stronger than I think I am. Thank you." Harinder

"I had a very strong emotional release of fear, anxiety after my first
kundalini session. I felt I was visiting an issue from my past, I felt
teary and emotional. Then suddenly I just became calm, less anxious. I
find that I am more objective, calm and balanced. I was suddenly not
fearful anymore." Amrita

Comments after a 10-week beginners course:
Benefits/students were as to describe their experience to others, how would they phrase it:

”Clear connection to my breath. Exercises I can do at home to support myself. Feeling that I have shifted and worked hard in a fun way.” Joanne

“Kundalini course is about meditation combined with wellbeing exercises and finding yourself and connecting to your inner self and spirituality.” Barbara

“I thought it was an excellent course – the handouts were great and well prepared. I found my energy levels high and I feel more blessed and focused in all aspects of life. Love it!” Ritu

“I really enjoyed the course. The small size felt very safe. I feel that I have benefited from doing the course as it has equipped me with some basic knowledge of Kundalini Yoga which I can continue to do at home.” Mala

I would strongly advise anyone who has never dabbled in any forms of Yoga Not to dive into this course without some prior knowledge of this form of Yoga. The reason being it can become overwhelming and this may influence the disciple to lose interest prematurely. Having said this, I cannot, but highly recommend and praise this yoga enough. It is a must for serious Yoga seekers. Sailesh
(Sailesh has not had problems with this type of yoga and has also mentioned that he fond it very useful and is in the process of setting up a personalised program for sets of kiryas according to a timetable and he overall nearly enjoyed the whole course, especially the meditation at the end, but the kiryas that had raised arms he found extremely painful).

"Yes, they course met my expectations. I enjoyed most to hear the benefits linked to a particular exercise and that exercises were given separately in the hand out to work on a specific chakra as well as the focus on a specific chakra in each session . I also enjoyed the rests between exercises, restful exercises and meditation mixed in with the more energetic exercises. The class felt long, I wasn’t sure if I would last out to the end sometimes. It was a comprehensive course giving an insight into Kundalini yoga. The results of the exercises were refreshing and beneficial." Joel

5-week course:
“Yoga is energy. Weird feelings and sensations, interesting to explore. Quite different from many other type of yoga”. Guiseppina

"Just wanted to let u know I've been feeling really good after these sessions.
 I'm not sure what I would do without them!  I've also decided to resign from work so feel pretty good about that too.  All these steps are positive and feel I can deal better with any negative energies. I just wanted to say thank you, I know it's early stages but I definitely believe the kundalini yoga helped me take a fresh outlook on life. Lots of love"
Pam xxx

Kundalini Yoga – Beginners Course
"I most definitely found this course useful and it exceeded expectations!
I thought I was signing myself up for an exercise class, but this has changed my perspective on life. I enjoyed most the meditation and chanting.
Enjoyed least: Maybe when there were more than 6 people it felt a little tight.
Overall: I would thoroughly recommend this course to those who require a balance in life. For 1 ½ hours you are able to create so much energy and take this home with you and apply it to life. I ‘m so happy to have found something like this to help me reduce the stresses in life. Only this course made me realise how stressful my job was." Pam

Kundalini Yoga – Beginners Course
"I found the course very useful. The course has helped me to identify changes I can make within myself. I had no expectations before the course but was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed most the different movements. The course is well worth doing to
get in touch with yourself and to learn how one can make positive changes. It raised my understanding and knowledge of Kundalini yoga." Selvyn

Kundalini Yoga – Beginners Course
"A very useful course. I appreciated the physical exercise as well as the mental discipline. It exceeded my expectations and my outer life has been improving as I’ve gone through it, due to this course as well as other work I’m doing on and with myself. What I enjoyed most: It’s a lovely room – very gentle, supportive energy. Sandra knows her material well and the timing was always accurante and well planned. Sandra provides excellent support, water, help, encouragement and allowance of different abilities. What I enjoyed least: Not being able to sustain some of the exercise and some of the muscle-ache afterwards as I was introduced to work my body hasn’t done for a while!
I like the fact that Kundalini Yoga is described as ‘householders’ yoga, for the busy person fully engaged in life. It provides a balance in many ways – physically, mentally and spiritually. Out of it, I go the enthusiasm to continue –that has to be good! Thanks Sandra" Sally

Kundalini Yoga – Gentle course
I have had so much more energy since starting and have had a much more positive outlook on life. I now have a deeper sense of wellbeing than ever before and have become much more in touch with my body. What  I enjoyed most: How it has made me feel. Even when I had to drag myself to class, I have left wishing it would have been longer.
What I enjoyed least: There was nothing I didn’t enjoy, although I would have liked deeper discussion on explanation on how each movement effects the body, how to get the greatest benefits for various body parts.
Overall: This is a fantastically energising course and a great way to reset the body and emotions. I’m not ready to start really learning how kundalini can make me feel better and better." Eleanor

Physical Wisdom 10 week course  - comments from Tanja
Did you find this course useful?  Did this course help you to make any changes within yourself?  Did this course meet your expectations?

I found the course very useful and as a result I feel more grounded and relaxed within – my mind used to monkey chatter a lot but since starting KY I can now control it I feel more able to cope with daily stresses.   I have removed a few toxic friendships from my life and I no longer allow friends worries to affect me.  I feel more awake and conscious of happens around me I feel I am using my intuition more. The course exceeded my exceptions as Sandra has a wealth of knowledge about KY and other alternative practices.

What did you enjoy most about this course?
I enjoyed the entire course.  I especially enjoyed the music, mantras and the handouts which are given to recap on our learning’s in the class and for further use at home.

What did you enjoy least about this course?
Can’t honestly say there was anything about the course I did not enjoy!

Please give your overall comments about the course in a few sentences (how would you describe it to others, what did you get out of it, what do you think of it).
KY is my life line!  It makes me feel so good within I don’t think I could stop it even  if I wanted too ...I love KY I have learnt to  love myself as a result of it I found the real me through KY .  Thank you Sandra

"I am a woman" - 10 week course (for men and women)

"Learnt much more about breathing, started to realise and to feel my body. I feel much more confident about myself". Gatis

Main Page | Origin of Kundalini Yoga | Benefits/Student Comments | Useful info before your class
Schedule for Kundalini Yoga Classes
| Kundalini | Yoga for young kids and teenagers
Transition and Transformation from the Piscean to the Aquarian age with help of Kundalini Yoga
Other useful info - on where to buy Kundalini Yoga CD's, books on nutrition, etc.

Gong Therapy - one-to-one
| Gong Baths - in group