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                                           MEDITATION CLASS


MONDAY TO FRIDAY morning at 7 AM  - 7:40 AM here at the Centre

I strongly feel that I want to offer 40 minutes every morning with stretches/warm-up and a kundalini yoga meditation (with or without chanting).

The nervous system will greatly benefit and you will tune in and out as usual with the mantras and connect to the golden chain which truly is a blessing - to connect with everyone on the planet that does Kundalini yoga this way and the gurus.

Sharing Kundalini Yoga I consider sacred. Positive intents of you all to shift things and grow coming together, our electo-magnetic fields mix - we will shift stuff... and grow together.

We will also focus on feeling your body and observing self, concentrating on the 3rd eye for focus and on the mantra SAT NAM with all movements. Sat Nam means True Identity. You are not your stresses, you are not your worries, you are infinite and connected to universal energies. We can experience God through our body (bringing down Heaven to Earth).

I look forward to seeing you in the mornings.

Please let me know the day before you come on this phone number -
020 8579 7230 (leave a message on my answering machine any time until 11 pm). Let me know if you want to be put on a separate email list for people that will be informed in case the meditation class does not take place, so I can email you about it (you never know).

Cost will be £4.