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Gong Therapy Session


Sandra will use a handheld wind gong to swing over and around your body and a small planetary gong on a stand as well as a 24" Venus Gong (that heals the heart). She may also use tuning forks, tibetan bells, Koshi chimes, wha wha tubes, rattles chanting, bird sounds from a card and meditation music to create a unique peaceful healing atmosphere.

You can give your attention to address certain issues and give intent for the gong to heal the discomfort in your body or life/ situation! You will be surprised what can happen in a short time.

The gong is the vibration of the Universe, which already knows what we need.

I will swing the gong over your body with different techniques that invoke different responses in the body - for 20 minutes. Other instruments are used before or after gong playing.

So all in all please allow for about 1 hour (including discussion and integration time).

Cost is £30.

Alexandria Healing Centre, 39 Alexandria Road, London W13 0NR

BOOKINGS: Please text Sandra on 07752168159.

Client comments:

Feedback from Rita after 10 sessions of gong therapy over a period of 3 months:

“It has helped me to release and heal many stuck emotions especially grief. I have also had some amazing insights during and after the sessions. The gongs truly put me in touch with my higher self and to be able to receive guidance and healing. When I first started I felt very stuck in my life. Each week I feel as if I’ve done a lot of clearing and able to move forward. Sandra is always loving and willing to listen and help you through the process. I would highly recommend it.“

“I feel much lighter in areas I felt stuck energy before. Very calm and peaceful there now. Big shuttle of light I got, whole body being cleansed. Heart is not beating as fast. Everything has calmed down. Much much freer and settled." Harinderjit

“I feel light now. I feel good. Feel more energy to see things through.” Sajeeda

“Was very relaxing. Felt I surrendered.” Jade

“I feel I will sleep well tonight. I feel rested. Don’t feel drained any more.” Josh

“Deeply relaxing. I feel a pulsing feeling, like air, wind. Those areas I wanted to clear feel different – a lighter feeling. Things feel a bit clearer. I am more calm and relaxed, at peace with my being. Very serene, deeply relaxed.” Anita

“I was in the room with elephants, flowers and bright lights. I feel very very relaxed.” Sabrina

“I feel I have space. I feel cleared and filled up. Really powerful. Heart blocks felt lifted and hot. Found it very effective.” Jade

“Relaxed, stress is gone. I saw black energy lifting and turning into gold. The black splashed like when you hit a puddle.” Lisa

“Really felt heart chakra relaxing. Throat chakra feels better now. I went quite deep. I was breathing through it. I feel a bit better than when I walked in. Have not got the tightness, feel a lot calmer.” Lesley

Biba had several gong therapy sessions (one each week):
"I felt warmth going through my body. My face was burning, now face feels it’s cooling down. I could not move. I now feel really relaxed, calm and happy. I feel a little bit lighter.” Biba

“I am completely phased out. I was in another dimension, felt a lot of pressure in my head and in solar plexus. I felt I was in a deep meditation, completely unaware of all around. Pressure in head is gone now. Solar plexus which was the focus for healing, tightened up during session but is better than before. It actually feels light now! Felt sick at one stage in stomach as if I needed to throw up for several minutes, then it cleared.” Biba

“I feel good, went off somewhere else. Feel lots of warm energy in my hands, I could sense a strong heart beat, now gone back to normal. It’s like travelling through space – such a nice feeling.” Biba

“What a fantastic experience, I left feeling very light and soothed by Sandra’s wonderful healing sounds. I came asking for extra energy and patience and left feeling I had more. She is exceptional.” Jane

“I feel clean. I was falling into sleep with random thoughts. Want to grind my teeth. I feel happy, relaxed and content now.” Ravinder

Andrew had several sessions: “I feel the energies in me are circulating. I feel I am new born. Good.” Andrew

“Saw flying pyramids in the sky. I felt as though pain was drained away through my feet. I am a little tired but refreshed at the same time.” Andrew

“I feel so much love and joy inside my heart. Very relieved. I like the bird sounds, too. I feel very light. My muscles are relaxed….After one week he comments further: “My heart really opened up, very relaxed now, had a great week-end. Thoughts were clarified.” Andrew

“My body feels very very light. I feel I released a lot of baggage I have been carrying. I felt contentment in my heart centre and a lot more focused in the 3rd eye….after about one month he comments: The next day after the session I felt a bit dizzy and unbalanced for 4-5 hours. I felt it was clearing. I am a lot calmer now, less anger definitely.” Andrew

“After gong session: I want to go to bed and sleep for an hour.” After I give him some more time to relax: I feel a lot more grounded now. My physical heart feels stronger, inner happiness.” Andrews

“I really enjoyed this. I am in quite a nice space.” Wendy

“I was going off with mind. I feel very relaxed now. Lots of activity in 3rd eye and colour purple. Felt body was moving.” Iracema

“I slept like a baby. Very relaxed and peaceful, rested. Felt energies in hands and body – buzzy. I felt really relaxed, like by the sea. Shoulders and neck much more relaxed now.” Henika

“I feel wonderful, very peaceful. Amazing how thoughts just washed through. Everything went and relaxed. Felt energy rising.” Vibeke

“Legs were heavy, energy pulled out, then they got light. Same with the head. Every time you went over my neck, I felt it pulsating.” Janice

“I feel emptiness, the feeling I had of wanting to vomit is gone. I feel very calm with myself”. Maria

“I felt I was turning, like being wrung out. I felt tightness of head, then releasing and tears, tingling in head. Chest does not feel so tight now. More movement in solar plexus now. A bit more peaceful and I know blockages can be removed.” Louise

“Was definitely relaxing. I feel I need rest. I feel I take more time off work.” Carni

“Lots of clearing in throat and head.” Malcolm

“Very good. I feel clear. I still feel it working. You are transported somewhere else. It’s amazing….after 10 min of resting….I feel very clean. Protective space. The gong holds you. I was transported, I didn’t expect this.” Malcolm

“I feel good, just calm and with myself, connected, just positive.” Aga

" Really powerful, felt that heaviness from feet onwards just lifted off. Where I had injury on ankle - I felt energy was lifted. Felt I went to deep sleep. Had images of my grandparents and uncle, which I have not thought of. Images of myself when I was really young - 6 or 7 years. Dancing. Dark shadow father came but I was silly dancing around. Dad stayed and I was outside planting but in my own space, walking through green. Plaited hair. I was pulled to him but walked anyway away from him. Something really strong on physical and spiritual level. I felt lifted. I feel very light now. Most tensions have left now. Things that were very tight loosened. I couldn’t resist to keep my guard up. Different instruments helped to go deeper.” Tas

“I had a lot of memories from childhood come up when I was between 3 and 5 years old. One after another of these memories came and went. I feel a door was opened and I could see my past in this lifetime. I felt the gong is the sound of the Universe and it goes into every cell of the body. Afterwards it feels that my consciousness is inside of the brain. I feel a lot of energy. I feel more wisdom is coming in. I feel like the film ‘Man in Black’ when they opened the alien brain and then find a person in the brain. I think it is the pineal gland. That is amazing to know that the stars and the Universe IS the GONG!” Erika

“I feel really good. I just feel so quiet. I felt silence, just the gong I heard. Felt I was pulled into earth, in a lagoon space in water, moving like a fish. Breeze with gong felt like it was washing me. Moving from different places. With rattle felt like being flushed out with water. It was lovely. I could sleep here forever. I felt I was collecting energies with Gaiety mantra in integration. Strange is you are focusing inside but also expanding inwards and into the Universe really. All tones just wash in. Felt tension in head during but now I feel detached from anything outside. Work rat race – I feel removed from it. I feel in a different place now.” Marcia

“I really zoned out. Sounds is nice. I feel tired (right after 1st gong therapy)…later in the week she comments: “I slept really well after the first gong session. I also feel more accepting, positive and focussed in the last couple of days”…..after 2nd session: I feel quite energised in stomach, pelvis and hands.” Anne Marie

“I feel really clear, shoulders and back are relaxed now. I feel composed and clear.” Bienae

“Felt the feelings coming up, Sandra stayed above chest, then they cleared. I feel quite tired, could fall asleep. The walking gong helped to break energy. Generally it’s a weird balance between overwhelmed if you accept it and then it gets relaxing. The rattle was like water, felt wind like movements and quite liked that. It felt like a fast track Kundalini yoga class. Lots of sensations, like KY but quicker. After a further 15 min rest after initial feedback: I feel more positive, I feel a bit lighter, had been feeling very heavy, now I feel 60-70 % lighter.” Liz T.

More in depth info on gong healing is below...


GONG BATHS A gong is an agent of transformation. When the gong is played, the body, mind and spirit change. The wave-like movement of peaks and valleys in the gong’s sound carries the listener farther and farther on the journey, much like the swelling tides of the ocean, always returning and building again and again. The mind becomes entranced and stilled and a deeply meditative state is reached. The gong has the ability to quiet the mind, to halt it in its tracks, and to overcome its hold upon the consciousness. The gong fills the body with prana (life force). The gong is the creative sound of the Universe.

The gong heals the emotional body, the sound of the gong often brings about various emotional releases. At the moment of silence when the sound of the gong stops, the listener is given the experience of oneness in the stillness The gong reminds the listener that the source of their existence comes from the eternal soul. When the gong is played, these nadis/meridians/energy channels can be cleared and the listener experiences an increased flow of energy into areas that may have formerly been blocked. The gong then fills the body, chakras and meridians with prana (life force) which increases your overall vitality levels. In addition, the freer movement of prana through the nadis awakens, balances, and strengthens the energy of the chakra system.

As the gong is played with its wide range of complex frequency patterns, the chakras begin to come into a natural resonance. It is as if there were a million notes being played simultaneously, until the perfect melody is struck for each specific chakra.
(Resource for info above: Gong Yoga by Mehtab Benton,
ISBN: 978-1-939239-02-0)

The gong class consists of: Tuning in, warm-ups, meditations – all as preparation to receive the gong, then the gong is played for 40 min, followed by a 15-20 min silence – to integrate, this is when the magic happens, tuning out.

Please see feedback below!

Gong baths will be held
every Friday from 6 pm - 8 pm
Cost is £15.

Please text to confirm on 077521 68159, garden fence entrance!

Venue: Alexandria Healing Centre, 39 Alexandria Road, London W13 0NR (West Ealing)

Please call or email Harjas Kaur/Sandra Ditta Herrmann on this number: 020 8579 7230 or 07752168159 (text)

"The Gong Bath has been an extraordinary experience for me, profoundly peaceful, loving, empowering and uplifting all at once. I am still feeling the gong's earthy vibrations pulsating through my body and mind. A beautiful moment shared with beautiful people." Dom

"Gong baths are exactly that - you are bathed in sound not water. You feel the effects from the top of your head right down to your fingers and your toes. It is relaxing and energising at one and the same time. Your whole body pulsates with the changing gong sounds. It is a unique experience and is strongly recommended." Robert

"It was healing for me, during the session I felt that the gong was clearing my body and my mind. It was fabulous, I felt sweetness and protection, too. That night I slept without any problem and the next day I felt relaxed." Erika

"Thank you for the profound gong bath experience,the energetic supportive quality of the sounds allowed me to truly lose myself in the moment. There is a moment of stillness which is normally hard to achieve, in a different way than a regular hands on healing session and it to me seems more broader in energetic scope. Post gong bath session I could feel major shifts in my field, very powerful and moving. I felt a massive clearing and stripping away of dense layers. I needed a few hours to be alone and integrate the changes. I will definitely be back for more!" Malcolm

Main Page | Origin of Kundalini Yoga | Benefits/Student Comments | Useful info before your class
Schedule for Kundalini Yoga Classes
| Kundalini | Yoga for young kids and teenagers
Transition and Transformation from the Piscean to the Aquarian age with help of Kundalini Yoga
Other useful info - on where to buy Kundalini Yoga CD's, books on nutrition, etc.

Gong Therapy - one-to-one
| Gong Baths - in group