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Please find below information on the following remote attunements
Training and attunements provided by
Sandra Ditta Herrmann




A person must be attuned to Kundalini Reiki 3 before they receive the Purple Reiki attunement. At least 30 days should have elapsed between the two.

I highly recommend this attunement as I found it very powerful for clearing energies/emotions that are holding you back.

The manual says: Purple Reiki is especially useful for removing energy blockages. It is practiced in the same manner as Kundalini Reiki or Gold Reiki.

Single attunement: £40

(consists of two attunements)

Gold Reiki II is considered to be especially useful for anxiety, depression, and for any work on the two lowest chakras (base and sacral).

Gold Reiki II is a wonderful adjunct to Kundalini Reiki, but it can also be used as a somewhat specialized stand-alone system.

Gold Reiki II is said to be powerful due to its association with the Gold Ray, which is well known for its purifying powers. This system of Reiki is thought to produce energy that is so pure, that it will raise the vibration of the client to the extent that healing can occur in the physical body.

Both attunemnts of Gold Reiki II are offered for the cost of £40.

The main intention of this attunement is to increase your own Life Force, and many of you will receive it for that purpose alone. This will happen just by receiving it, even if you do not actively use it.

I personally find it useful when I pass on Kundalini Reiki attunements as I need to surround myself with Life Force as preparation. I could connect with the energy very well and it immediately is felt strongly. I see this attunement as an extra. However, for who really needs this energy, then might find it very powerful. Are you drawn to this attunement? If so, then it's for you.

Single attunement : £ 20

Client comment:
"The attunement yesterday was profound. I have not had such a strong reaction to any attunement before. I literally felt frozen after it as a lot of energy/ blockages seemed to have left me, all around heart, solar plexus and base chakra. It feels great today. So thank you for that. Lots of love," Julia

(2 attunements)
Full Spectrum Healing (aka Full Spectrum Healing II) uses a 'broader' energy than Reiki making it more effective for certain stubborn energy problems such as emotional blocks. It can be a terrific mood elevator. This also goes for the Full Spectrum Light described below.

I found the attunement very physical - energy moving around, lots of stomach rumbling. Even months later I can still put my hands on my body and say "Full Spectrum Healing" and feel that I get the above - 80% of the time that I do it.

I have also received the FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT MASTERY which consists of only one attunement.

It works, in my opinion, less physical than the Full Spectrum Healing, on higher levels, depending on what you need. Perhaps have them both and see for yourself what the difference is.
I recommend the Full Spectrum Healing first, then the Full Spectrum Light but it's up to you.

If you want to try both ways, you can have them at a discounted price of £25 each or £50 for both (2 attunements for the Full Spectrum Healing and one attunement for the Full Spectrum Light).

If you only want the Full Spectrum Healing, it's £40 (2 attunements).

If you only want the Full Spectrum Light, it's £30 (1 attunement).

Both - Full Spectrum Healing and Full Spectrum Light, discounted price: £50


Full Spectrum Light Mastery
"I felt the energy even stronger than for the Full Spectrum Healing, initially there was strong white light then went into pale blue violet then green then pink then silver. Generally I felt the energy circulating round my body." Annie

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