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Other remote attunements offered: Purple Reiki (only after Kundalini Reiki), Gold Reiki (for anyone)
Life Force Attunement (for anyone), Full Spectrum Healing/Light (for anyone)


Kundalini Reiki by Ole Gabrielsen

Kundalini Reiki Sessions (three sessions)
in person
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Sandra Ditta Herrmann

Kundalini Reiki 2021

Three Sessions described (minimum 3 sessions)

If you choose sessions, please see the outline below (standard sessions):

Session I: Takes around 50 min plus integration time, most of the energies mentioned below will flow for around 3 - 5 minutes and then stop.
Cost for first session: £45 per session (standard payment). session 2 and 3 are £25 each.

Relationship Reiki and Situations Reiki (of your choice)
Diamond Reiki - strong, clarifying Reiki energy
Birth Trauma Reiki - trauma acquired in the act of being born may negatively affect people in many ways. This is a specific energy for the gentle release of this trauma.
Location Reiki - There exists a karmic bond between people and geographical locations, even the planet itself. These connections can weigh us down, negatively influence our wellbeing, and even effect our flow of abundance and ability to manifest.
Past Life Reiki - To correct energy problems left over from past incarnations
DNA Reiki - to repair inherited genetic defects and acquired genetic damage
Crystalline Reiki - Suppressed emotional or physical trauma causes the formation of troublesome crystalline deposits in our body. These crystallizations may be the "melanin-protein complex deposits" that Lymphologists and Naturpaths have referred to at times. The intention of this energy is to dissolve and eliminate these crystals, which should be successful provided the unterlaying emotions and problems are dealt with. (only this energy needs to run 15 minutes)
Kundalini Reiki

Session II: This session will take around 30 min Cost: £25 (standard payment)
Relationship Reiki, perhaps including Kundalini or Diamond Reiki
Situations Reiki, perhaps including Kundalini or Diamond Reiki
Diamond Reiki
Past Life Reiki
Crystalline Reiki (15 min)
Kundalini Reiki

Session III: This session will take around 30 min, Cost: £25 (standard payment)
Relationship Reiki, perhaps including Kundalini or Diamond Reiki
Situations Reiki, perhaps including Kundalini or Diamond Reiki
Past Life Reiki
Crystalline Reiki (15 min) - optional to do it for the 3rd time
Kundalini Reiki
I may also include Purple Reiki (useful for removing energy blockages), Gold Reiki (especially useful for anxiety, depression, and for any work on the two lowest chakras), Full Spectrum Healing and Full Spectrum Light (effective to move certain stubborn energy proglems such as emotional blocks, terrific mood elevator).

Kundalini Reiki has been channelled by Ole Gabrielsen through Master Kuthumi who is the protector of the second ray also know as Koot Hoomi and K.H.
Possibly the simplest healing and self-development system that exists!

By opening/strengthening the energy channels of the body, it is possible to channel healing Reiki energy to yourself and others, just by intention.

Kundalini Reiki Session comments

Fatima comments one week after her first session of Kundalini Reiki:

" We did the Relationship Reiki on "Relationships with men" and the Situations Reiki on "sadness" (always felt since childhood). After the Kundalini Reiki, I felt my sadness leaving me. I felt like crying, because I was never allowed to do so when I was young and I always held back the tears. This morning I just cried and I felt a release. I noticed that my relationships changed with others and myself in a good way. I have lots of energy. My body is lighter and freer."

After her second standard session: "The session yesterday was powerful. I feel clear. The sadness disappeared. My relationships are better in general. I've got more energy and I can say 'no' to people. It's amazing with just 2 sessions everything just got cleared. Thank you so much. I really recommend it for people who want to deal with issues that are disturbing. Having more energy in my body and mind, it's very good. Love xx Fatima"

Maeve comments after her first KR Session:
" I experienced seeing a lot of colours during the session. In the past life healing, the colours were very dark, in the birth healing, I remember there was an expanse of gold and in the crystalline healing I experienced a strong purple colour, like a pulse of light. I did not feel relaxed or sleepy at any time unlike my other experiences of reiki and was very awake and aware of what was happening. On several occasions, I felt panicky and had to control the feeling by slowing down and concentrating on my breathing. Also at one point, I felt as if I was observing my body from outside.

During the session, you said you felt your hand should move to my neck area and i think i explained that when i was born, the cord was twisted round my neck and the midwife panicked, which might explain that part of the treatment. During the rest of Friday, I did not feel any different, but on Saturday I had more energy and felt calmer and more centred than I have been feeling recently."

Maeve comments after her second KR Session:
"Unlike the first session, I did not experience seeing any colours. I was aware of the energy but it felt more dimensional this time. The past life reiki appeared like a close, pulsing energy, like a tunnel. On one occasion, I felt like an expanse of energy in the distance, like a sky landscape and other times it felt as if the energy was wrapped around me, at one time around the head and another time around the rest of the body. Unlike the first session, I did not feel any panic this time but I still felt alert and fully aware of what was happening. Towards the end of the treatment, my body felt a little achy and uncomfortable and I had a pain in the lower abdomen. When the treatment finished, I felt cold and shivery. I felt fine the rest of the day but felt very restless and ill at ease the next day (Saturday) and also Monday. Since then I have felt better, more at ease and feel as if I am being supported." Love Maev

Maeve comments after her third KR Session:
"This was the first session where I did feel relaxed and spaced out at times, Ii almost fell asleep at one point. I did also feel a little anxious and tense at one stage and felt a tenseness in my chest which you also said you were aware of. I wasn't aware of any strong colours this time.  You also mentioned a pain down my left leg and I have actually been having some nerve pain down that leg recently. I went for a walk in the park afterwards, as you suggested and felt more grounded for it.nThank you for the treatments, they have been an enormous help."

Anita's comments after all her three KR Sessions:
You should be aware that I am keen to understand more about complementary therapies, and have completed a reiki one course although I have not used this on others. I struggle to create the discipline to include this as part of my daily routine although on an ad-hoc basis I do self heal. I know that there is something in terms of healing through different forms for reiki however I am not sure if I allow myself to be as open to accepting the healing as I ought to be. I tend to be quite restrictive and have barriers arise however think or fragile they might be. For months now, something keeps me coming back to Sandra’s website and emails that she sends. One of the emails included information about kundalini reiki, and it sparked an interest, I was keen to see if I would feel any different or whether Sandra would pick things up about me that perhaps I did not. I am not sure that after my first kundalini reiki session, I necessarily felt any different, I do generally tend to be a positive person although I have felt as though there is more to how I feel or when I put myself into situations. If anything, I felt more aware of my surroundings. Our focus on was on relationship reiki with my parents. I do find that my relationship with my mum seems to have opened up more following this session.

Following my second kundalini reiki session, we focused on situations reiki whereby I wanted to be more open and not so restricted and controlled as I feel it’s preventing me doing what I really want to. Interesting as when I did reiki on myself, I would only ever see the colour purple however for some time of this session I was introduced to green. The past life reiki was interesting as it seems to trigger a tear in Sandra’s eye as well as a dull pain in my left arm. Strangely I have been feeling a pain in my left arm since. I do however feel more positive and open, and feel ready to allow myself to break some of the restrictions and barriers that I put up for myself.

My third kundalini reiki session felt like an eye opener, and during the session itself as well as relationship reiki where the focus was the lack of a relationship, Sandra did past life reiki, this felt quite different to the other sessions as the focus on past life reiki seemed to bring forth a trauma from my past life. It’s strange that Sandra mentioned that I was mourning for someone – that feeling seems to resonate with how I have felt through life in relationships. I felt pain in my legs, and somewhat cold with shivers. I have never felt like this before, it is a strange feeling and not one that I can quantify. I did however feel a strong flow of energy pass through me like a wave. It’s only been a morning however I have not experienced any pain in my left arm as I was doing over the last few weeks, could be a coincidence !

I have thoroughly enjoyed the kundalini reiki sessions with Sandra, the environment she works within, her passion and strength is quite something. All my love Anita x

Sandra, on a separate note, this could be coincidental however following the session yesterday, I did sleep fine however today, I have a terrible headache and also feel rather run down with a runny nose. Could this be the affects of the past life trauma trying to heal? (Sandra's comments: yes, could be a clearing going on, walk in nature, have salt baths and lots of water and sleep) Best wishes, Anita x

Supinder's comments after her first KR Session:
"Sandra worked on relationship and situation Reiki of my choice.
During treatment I felt something release from my back, my neck was stiff I could feel Sandra working on this. I had pain in my right arm and hand. I could feel energy release from my left leg and back. I saw colours: purple to begin with then orange and yellow.
At one point I could feel energy stuck in my spine between my shoulder blades and the top of my head. Sandra chanted and whistled and I could feel something release.
At the end there was energy moving all over especially down my legs. At one point felt the back of my head throbbing. I feel peaceful a little tired. I can feel some pressure on my third eye.
During treatment there was energy in my mouth and jaw. My heart was painful. I also found lots of energy in my 1st and 2nd chakra's. I felt safe with Sandra throughout my healing. She is such a gentle person.
Next day I felt peaceful and in my meditation I felt a stillness within me, but by the evening I had such a headache.
Thank you Sandra lots of love."

Supinder's comments after her second KR Session:
"Sandra did relationship healing of my choice. I could feel energy in my jaw.
During healing at one point I felt energy go down my spine in a curvey way down to the base of my spine near my hip then go to the right. There was stuff happening in my tummy. My right arm was stiff. Sandra did colour healing (Full Spectrum LIght) thought I would see some colours but I didn't.
My heart had been hurting throughout. Sandra helped me to work on my inner child which was just incredible. Sandra said I had a very powerful session although I felt the first healing was stronger.
She did work on my neck, felt some tension release. She chanted while working on my neck, I felt  the energy rise to the top of my head and took a little time to release. A couple of days later I felt some release from my lower back and my heart was hurting. My neck and right shoulder was stiff again.
Sandra is an amazing person. Thank you Sandra"

Supinder's comments after her third KR Session:
"On my third Kundalini Reiki  healing I had lots of energy at the base of my spine, felt hot throughout the treatment. Also there was lots of energy around my 1st and 2nd Chakra.
Sandra worked on my right shoulder, arm and neck again as they had been hurting. I felt pressure in my ears. While she was doing this I felt some pressure release on the back of my left knee. Felt energy on my left thigh. Sandra has a gentle way of working. I felt comfortable and safe with her while she worked on me. She gave more than is expected, I am grateful to her as I am sure she has worked wonders on me. She has a big heart. Lots of love"

S.'s comments after all her first KR Session:
"After the session of Kundalini Reiki yesterday I felt very light and full of energy. During the process I felt heat coming from my hands and legs.  Also my right arm was a bit heavy and there were tingling sensations through my fingers. I fell asleep at some point without knowing. Thank you for helping me. You were very thorough and I felt happy after the session. Love" S.

Lucia comments after her three KR Sessions:
"I had 3 sessions of Kundalini Reiki at a time of intense transition in my life, which helped me cope. I felt things were put together and I was supported in my journey. I felt much more at ease with life and able to face its challenges."

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Other remote attunements offered: Purple Reiki (only after Kundalini Reiki), Gold Reiki (for anyone)
Life Force Attunement (for anyone), Full Spectrum Healing/Light (for anyone)