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Dec 2019- Jan 2020

AMRITSAR inner city - on the way to the Golden Temple of Amritsar, very holy place...
Amritsar and the Golden temple, one of the main reasons we went to India.

The traffic and hooting is something else, on the way to the golden temple, lots of shops!

Red Carots!!
On the right women can go in and take a dip in a holy bath (too cold for Rae and me! We are trying hard to cope walking around barefoot!
Famous Golden Temple in Amritsar, energy was lovely inside! You were aloud to sit in the inside and meditate.
  Yes, there was a wait to get in...
  I was lucky there was some carpet for my poor cold feet, I am not used to walk in winter without shoes. It was India's coldest winter in 25 years!
Lovely serene energy.
Crematorium in Amritsar

The burning of the dead. First they get wrapped up in clothes and then placed in the fire, they burn for hours. Lots of women crying for the dead. Was not really a nice place to be in energetically but it was good to see this part of the culture.

Smell of burnt corpses..

Now we are going to a very very sad place where the Amritsar Masacre took place where 1000 people got locked up in a plaza and all shot! Piles of people thrown themselves in the water well. The photo on the left shows a memorial stature.
They are building more momerials there. Rae and me did energy clearing there. One reason why we wanted to go there.
We have just entered a women's temple....you will see why it's called like this in a moment...lots of mirrors also..


  Look closely!
  Ok, you can guess what this is representing..
Lots of different street food. Rae and me tried most things and stomachs are real good.

I am surprised as in London my stomach did not agree with the Indian food but here in India, no problem at all.

That was actually my only worry. Lately I cannot eat India food without a bad tummy in England. My concerns were unfounded, my stomach was loving the food in India!

Silver Temple Bird God in Silver Temple, Amritsar
We are going up North to DARAMSALA where the

It's seriously freezing there, remember, coldest winter in 25 years!

We find accomodation, they give us blankets but no heater!!

We keep begging for a heater,they bring one but too our horror they are just putting 2 bits of cables in the socket!! The plug is missing. We thank him for his efforts and off he goes again with his radiator. I guess the blankets must do.

Rae is wearing typical head for the region (just to try on).


Snow! No heating in room...
hot food and we are on the way to the ashram of the Dalai Lama..
Dalai Lama's personal house  
Dalai Lama's ashram  
Prayer wheels operated by Rae.
Now we are going down South again, little wormer in AGRA where there is the TAJ MAHAL. I suggest anyone goes and sees it once in a lifetime! All build with marbles, it really is stunning!

This is the entrance (not yet all in marble)

all marble
River Ganges, view from Taj Mahal  
Marble tower

We had a go at making a carpet, these workers where real fast.  
A Palace, I think in Daramsala...
  crystal inlays
This is actually a SHOWER!! SHOWER!!
Big bireds in trees
Crystal Inlays! How it is done, see preprepared pieces of crystals on right that need to go into it.
carnelian, malachite  
Jaipur, the pink city! Red and yellow sandstone mixed to create the pink!
  Unusual flower!
She makes rattles, I bought one.  
Outside Jaipur (pink city), temple complex
What is this?? MILK  

Freezing cold there Jaipur, pink city, pink because yellow and red sandstone mixed makes pink!
Cotton Floss  
Beautiful house
Jaipur water temple, 2 floors under water!
Elephant coloured for a celebration
fabric printing, typical to India, each colour different stamp  


Jantar Mantar

The instrument is intended to measure the time of day, correct to half a second and declination of the Sun and the other heavenly bodies. There were five Jantar Mantars in India, of which the largest is in Jaipur which features many instruments along with the world's largest stone sundial.

Qutb Minar, tallest stone tower, Dehli  
Dehli Gate  
  Airport Dehli


We are off to the Malidives, 2.5 hours from Dehli, cheap flight ticket. We stayed at a very small local Island.
We arrive in Mala and we take a boot to go to our chosen local Island....60 pounds per day for a double room only.

Maldives was not planned, we did not even know where Maldives where (or at least me), but all we knew was that we needed the warmth after cold North India! This was a complete present from Spirit!

Maldives are amazing and they are open for backpackers like us now!! So amazing so many little atols Islands. Truly stunning!
Leaving Male. Airport is in next Island, you drive over a bridge to Male. The Island with the many big buildings is the main Island, only one that is build on like this. You can walk from one side to the other in 15 min! No need for cards there!
Our Breakfast place, at the local Island, GURAIDOO Our hotel beach (actually the place we stay at is more a backpackers place.
Houses are built with coral (which literally killed all reefs, all dead, they killed the mother coral). However, very cool colourful salt water fishes.  
Crystal I am holding is only found in the maldives. Like an opal but apprently found in a shell??? Lovely Island, no cards and lots of lovely shops, all roads are sandy.
  Mainly muslems, no alcohol on Island therefore. No statures are aloud, our buddha stature we had was confiscated at the customes but given back to us when we flew out. I did say that I had one also in my suitcase but they ignored me completely...
The day of hour arrival we had a tour of the small local Island, stunning! That is a cheap back packer Island
  We stayed for 3 hours at this Island and we had lunch and free drinks for about 80 pounds each to pay.
Amazing or what!

Bat in tree
DAYTRIP to more prestige beaches in RANNALHI

Maldives has lots of friendly reef sharks near the beaches, turtles.
You can book a tour to swim with sharkes, saw a video that someone took from our hostel and there were no kidding 100 sharks at least they were swimming with! Rae and me swam with some turtles instead...

We booked a trip to Adaaran RANNALHI, amazing beaches, also not the top honeymoon location. There was a reef that dropped about 100 metres, see the dark blue! My friend had one of the friendly reef sharks swim 1 metre far from her. Holy Cow! (her words)
  see the dark blue, steep drop! reef sharks are there (friendly)
Honeymoon dwellings  
back to main capital Island in Maldives - Male, airport Island nearby  
Flight back to Amritsar airport hotel, newly opened converted castle! Market
Reception breakfast room
amazing choice! Our own breakfast corner
  cafe featuring home made chocolate
Another Cafe Another room with a sofa that goes from one wall to the other!!
  Back in the cold of India! This is me with Covid 19. Got over it but was painful over night. Bad headache and cheeks were very painful.
Flight home!