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Junko Maria Furugori


Holistic Massage

The holistic approach to massage acknowledges the mind-body-spirit connection and the uniqueness of each individual person’s needs.

It involves the sensitive manipulation of the soft tissue of the body with the aim to bring relief to the areas of tension, affecting not only the physical state, but also thoughts and feelings.

The physical contact and attention improves both blood and energy circulation, stimulating the processes that eliminate waste products, and triggering the release of calming hormones that counteract stress.


Holistic massage is also a means to connect with our physical body and gives you a time-out from a busy lifestyle, giving you nurturing support.
Especially in today’s increasingly digital world where we are so often up in our heads, it is easy to forget our whole body experience - How nice it feels to be back in the body - grounded!


Benefits may include:

- An improved sense of overall well-being

- Improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

- Relief of musculoskeletal problems, including tension, aches and pains

- Reduction in the symptoms of stress-related mood, sleep and digestive disorders

- Stronger immune system

- Feeling more present and grounded

This treatment can be an excellent destressor for the mind and body.

What does a treatment involve?

Before receiving your first treatment you will be asked about your medical history, diet and lifestyle as well as any specific aches, pains or tensions that you are concerned about.

This confidential consultation will allow the therapist to understand all the factors that may be affecting your overall well-being and your main purpose for receiving the treatment.

The massage will be applied using a natural body oil and a variety of techniques: stroking, kneading, tapping, shaking and pressure.

The intensity of the contact will vary according to the presented condition.

However, please note that the holistic massage offered by Junko does
not include deep tissue work.

Main page Holistic Massage  | About Junko
Contact and Prices